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  • 1. Mobile TestingRavindran AntonysamyQA Head,Nimbuzz Internet India@senthazalravi
  • 2. Overview – Day 1 Introduction to mobile application development / testing Mobile OS Market Coverage Mobile testing tools available in the market Challenges in Mobile testing industry How to make use of free testing tools (Robotium / Python) Mobile testing environment setup / SDK setup Using In-build SDK for testing (Ex: Monkeyrunner) API Overview (Android / iOS) Demo in Testing the app using any OS
  • 3. Overview – Day 2 Testing the app using the Tool identified Demo on Log capturing / Enabling (from Eclipse and from XCode) Screencapture applications Saving the Logs Monkey and Monkeyrunner GorillaLogic SeeTest TestPlant Python Monkeytalk
  • 4. Setup Setup adb as a global tool in the PC Setup Xcode 4.0 Setup Eclipse Pulser Setup Android Screencast Setup Python Setup Java Setup Sikuli
  • 5. Intro Why mobile testing
  • 6. Mobile Smartphone Coverage
  • 7. OEM Coverage
  • 8. Android !!!!Android accounts for a total of around 99million units sold, captured 64% of thesmartphone market for the quarter, comparedto 43.4% a year ago. Samsung’s Galaxy countsfor a total of half of all Android sales, reaching45.6 million units sold while Apple’s iPhone saw atotal growth selling nearly 29 million units. BothSymbian and RIM saw a big drops hoveringbetween 5% and 6% market share, whileSamsung’s Bada and Microsoft’s saw anaverage….
  • 9. Market Places Google Play Apple App Store / iTunes OVI Store for Symbian Blackberry App World Windows 7 Marketplace GetJar (MIDP) Appia / Softpedia / Intel App store
  • 10. Google Play
  • 11. Windows Phone Marketplace
  • 12. Itunes Store
  • 13. Android ToolsMonkeyadb shell monkey -p com.example -v 500MokeyRunnerRun the Python ApplicationAndroidScreencastJava Applet, a rooted phone is required.RobotiumNote Pad example.Monkeytalk (Android / iOS / Flux)Run the monkey talk application and show Android / iOStestingTelerik for iOS
  • 14. List of Mobile Platforms / OSJAVAMTKMstarBadaAndroid (1.6, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 4.1)iOSBBWPPalm / Pocket PC / Web OS / Symbian / Lenaro/ LIMO/ Meego (Deprecated)
  • 15. Standards / Organizations3GPP3GPP3GCFPTCRBFCSGSMAITU-TIEEEBluetooth SIGIRDA AssociationNFC Forum
  • 16. Development SDK’sAndroid: Phone:
  • 17. Other tools / Web iPhone configuration Utility Putty Flurry
  • 18. What is required to do mobile testing AppStore User ID / Password (Apple) Windows Phone Dev Account Android Developer account (to see Crashes)
  • 19. Development tools Android SDK + NDK Xcode (MAC) BB SDK Visual Studio 201X + Silverlight + .Net
  • 20. Android Architecture
  • 21. iOS Architecture
  • 22. Browser testing toolsiPhoney ( An excellent free iPhone tester, iPhoney isn’t exactly anemulator, but allows developers to create 320x480px websites for use onthe iPhone. It allows you to test images and code in a pixel-perfect Apple-Safari-powered environment, with all the normal features including Portraitand Landscape modes, fullscreen, zoom and plugins.W3C mobileOK Checker ( checker is a web-based automated validation tool that checks to seehow mobile-device-friendly your website is. The tests are checked againstthe W3C mobileOK Basic Tests specification developed by W3C.iPad Peek handy web-based tool allows you to see how your websites look whenrendered on the iPad. It’s recommended that you use a WebKit-basedbrowser such as Apple Safari or Google Chrome to have as accurate asimulation as possible — or at the very least, a CSS3-capable browser thatsupports transformation properties (like Opera) because it uses them torender the page in Portrait mode.
  • 23. 4. Modify Headers Add-on for Firefox( An excellent free iPhone tester, iPhoney isn’t exactly anemulator, but allows developers to create 320x480px websites for useon the iPhone. It allows you to test images and code in a pixel-perfectApple-Safari-powered environment, with all the normal featuresincluding Portrait and Landscape modes, fullscreen, zoom andplugins. The mobile user agent of the phones needs to be searchedand it can be used for testing.5. Adobe Device Central CS5( As part of the latest Adobe Creative Suite, Device Centralemulates the operation of mobile devices on your desktop allowingyou to test HTML and Flash from the comfort of your desktop.6. Google Mobilizer Google Mobilizer is a simple web tool that lets you input aweb page address and then makes the page mobile-web-friendly bytrimming the content down to its bare essentials. This is an excellenttool for seeing where you can make performance optimizations onyour site.
  • 24. iPhone Configuration Utility
  • 25. Eclipse logcatAdb log cat also can be used.
  • 26. References (AndroidScreencast)MobileQAZone.comMobiletesttech.blogspot.com Best Practices for Mobile Web: Memory Test Code: Forms Script:
  • 27. ToolsHTML5 in Mobile Devices: Mobile Profile 2 : Usability : Compatible mobile website : http://www.taptu.comTo Test HTML5 : Canvas Support : Touch test page : Touch Events test Page : tests :