Nightlife in goa – simply irresistible


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Bask in the thriving nightlife in Goa that pulsates with great music and a groovy atmosphere. Dance away the night to different genres of music at Goa’s famous beach parties and nightclubs.

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Nightlife in goa – simply irresistible

  1. 1. Nightlife in Goa – Simply Irresistible The nightlife in Goa is buzzing with action and fun. Besides the loads of fun things to do in Goa during the day, Goa tourism also promotes its happening nightlife, which attracts tourists not just from India but from all over the world. Goa tourism is perhaps one of the few destinations where the nightlife is sometimes even more happening than the day activities for tourists. During the day the beaches are filled with tourists enjoying the sun and sand and frolicking in the waves or enjoying several water sports. But at night the same beaches come alive to the sound of buzzing music of all genres emanating from the various shacks lining the beach. Those who rather prefer partying all night long will find Goa the ideal holiday destination. It is one of the few states in the country that is known for its active nightlife scene.
  2. 2. The nightlife in Goa is focused on the party scene at the various discos and shacks. In fact during the New Year celebrations, the entire Goa may be seen on the beaches, watching the sparkling display of firecrackers or enjoying at one of the many shacks. Parties aside, Goa is also known for a famous Saturday night market at the Baga Beach. The market has a carnival like atmosphere with vendors selling all kinds of wares from antiques to fish and clothes. There are several food stalls here selling authentic Goan snacks and food. If you happen to miss the famous Wednesday market at Anjuna, this night market will more than make up for it. If you wish to try your hand at gambling, visit one of the many casinos in Goa and see if luck favours you. These casinos are mostly located on huge boats docked at the Mandovi River and feature most of the popular gambling games. The nightlife is also bustling with festivals held throughout the year. You can also participate and enjoy in one of these festivals. For those who want to try something special, take a night cruise into the sea. Various companies are offering romantic night cruises under the star lit sky.
  3. 3. The nightlife in Goa is happening all year around but is at its peak during the tourist season from October till January. This is the best time to visit Goa as the weather is pleasant and one can enjoy the beaches during the day and other activities during the night. The only drawback is that during peak season, the prices in Goa escalate a lot. So that can cause a dent in your pocket. During the peak seasons, you will also see many foreigners around as people from all over the world head to Goa at this time. Hence goa gets very crowded at this time and it is advised to make prior bookings of hotels. No matter what time you visit Goa the spirit of celebration is always alive in the State. In Goa the party spirit is not a one time affair but a continuing phenomenon. You will only realise it once you are a part of all the fun and celebrations of the nightlife in Goa.