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The Seriousbusinessofiphonegaming
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The Seriousbusinessofiphonegaming


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Games are big on iPhone, and certain to get more prominence on other mobile platforms too. In this meetup, we'll discuss the various aspects of game development on iPhone. From the original idea to …

Games are big on iPhone, and certain to get more prominence on other mobile platforms too. In this meetup, we'll discuss the various aspects of game development on iPhone. From the original idea to design issues to the core technical issues and potential, we can discuss it all.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • Transcript

    • 1. iPhone Developers/Entrepreneurs meetup! Rama Krishna SV
    • 2. Number of games when Trism was released: Around 1500 No. of games when FireDrop was released: 2070 No. of games in App Store today: 29777
    • 3.
      • Which kind of games are downloaded by people
        • Simple, repetitive actions
        • Short playing sessions
        • Casual, yet engaging
      • OR
        • Hardcore games, ported from other platforms
    • 4.
        • Frequent updates
        • Build Twitter / Facebook sharing into the game
        • Engage social media!
        • Use lite version to promote the paid one
        • Get Apple to use your game in their TV ads!
    • 5.
      • Things to note while creating games
        • Simple -- not easy to play but simple and easy to use controls and UI
        • Short plays with score updates
        • Return to game quickly
        • Spend minimum time socializing, creating avatars etc.
        • Need to keep user interested
        • Time-to-market.... don't delay releasing the game for want of more features, you can always update. And updates play a crucial role in pushing your game to the top.
    • 6. Chipmunk SDK available for Windows, MAC, iPhone Linux, and Wii Used in games like Schrodinger's Rat, Tap Tap Bobo we built for our client's and in house games Other games: Dungeon Defense, Crayon Ball, Hangman Sim Integrated with the game engine Cocos 2D, which is popularly used for 2D iPhone games. Easy to learn and use. Newton Game Dynamics SDK Free but not open source, available for Windows, MAC, iPhone and Linux Authors and reviews claim its priority is accuracy over speed, but the latest version seems to have improved on performance too Has a tutorial Wiki, and a few sample projects. Used in games like Future Pinball, Mount & Blade and Penumbra series Used in game engines like Quest 3D and Leadwerks Bullet Used in: GrandTheft Auto, TrialsHD, and movies like 2012, Hancock and Bolt Developed by people who worked at Sony Online Entertainment Will compile for all gaming platforms including XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Windows, MAC and iPhone etc. Very extensive and therefore complex Has just one or two examples provided by them, so can't really walk through all the features that this SDK provides.
    • 7. Cocos 2D Very easy interface to creating games in 2D Supports chipmunk and box2D physics engines Has many examples to showcase the features and functionalities it provides. Free and open source PTK Game Engine This is a game engine developed by the people who created Parallels Desktop -- the utility that lets you run Windows and MAC at the same time This is a paid SDK Very little is known about this Used in games like Atlantis Sky Patrol from Big Fish games and many more games from Phelios themselves Torque From GarageGames Supports and provides both 2D and 3D game engines Is a paid game engine, but provides source code to integrate with third party tools Also provides a WYSIWYG editor to design games Unity Provides WYSIWYG interfaces to create scenes. Scripting support for all actions including acceleration, .NET based java and c# scripting A complete 3D game development engine Easily import meshes, vertices, wireframes and objects created in Maya. Uses NVIDIA's Physx Physics engine Has a network component which simplifies multiplayer effort needed for the games SIO2 Free and open source 3D engine, integrates Bullet for physics Lets you manage multiplayer network based games. Full source code with 2D/3D assets for a few games which were developed using SIO2. Oolong Is a free and open source 3D game engine. Integrates Bullet for physics This is used in iTGB, the WYSIWYG game builder from GarageGames Has openAL and ENet libraries built in Drawback: Too programmer oriented. You will have to make openGL calls from within your source. No documents or tutorials.
    • 8.
        • Performance
        • Threading
        • Memory
    • 9.
        • Collision Detection
        • Layering and Alphas
        • Rendering -- UIImages and UIImageViews
    • 10.
        • OpenFeint
        • ScoreLoop
        • ngMoco:)
        • TapJoy
    • 11. Mentions of game engines and tools on Apple's website... 1. Power Game Factory -- 2D Side scrolling games 2. Torque Game Engine -- Both 2D and 3D 3. Unity -- 3D 4. Game Salad Creator -- Originally for the World Wide Web 5. PTK Game Engine -- Similar to Cocos2D. To develop 2D games with some 3D functionality
    • 12. Thanks!
    • 13. Event Sponsored by