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Mouthpiece of Youth For Equality

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Yfe Crusader September 2008 Yfe Crusader September 2008 Document Transcript

  • WELCOME TO YFE YFE Crusader I S S U E 1 I , S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 8 YFE Crusader Vote India: An Initiative For Change !! enters its second issue !! YFE Crusader - Voice of We believe that India map interface provided Hope for the deserves to be in hands of 3. Enter your contact details. VoteIndia.IN campaign Anti- people who are capable of is a completely free service, Reservation leading it. Good governance With these simple steps, designed in the surge of patri- Movement starts from voting—for the you become a registered user otism with no intentions of Join Youth right people. If we take up of VoteIndia.IN making profits. Help and con- For Equality this responsibility towards tribution in any form from today government, the government Now comes a question, your side is always wel- is bound to take up its respon- comed. Fight against sibility towards us. Reservations The Team can be reached at Hence, we have come up wakeupindia@voteindia.in, with this initiative where we contact@voteindia.in want to inculcate the impor- tance of politics and the im- - Ankit Shrivastava portance of voting, within the masses. INSIDE that how shall this help the THIS ISS UE: About the project: nation? The project is non- Vote India 1 profitable, non-charitable, The answer lies with the politically neutral effort initi- innovativeness of the cam- Terrorism 2 ated by a group of young citi- paign. Before the elections & Kashmir zens who wish to bring a you shall receive an email Editor’s Pick ! change. delivering the entire details of Amul– Voice 4 The aims of the project the candidates of your con- stituency, thus making it sim- Writing on the Wall !! of India are as below: pler for you to decide the Racism in the 6 right candidate for your own 1) Increasing the Voter turn- constituency. And once smart “Reservation on the Classroom out by encouraging and assist- people like you start electing basis of caste will To De- 8 ing users. smart people for individual not only divide the Essentialize 2) Encourage people to con- constituencies, we can soon country but also the caste sider quot;Good Governancequot; as a have smart people at the cen- criteria for choosing their ter making smart rules for the hurt the self-esteem Has Educa- 10 candidate. nation. of the people.” tion made us more self- The registration process The main intention of -- His Holiness Sri Sri is simpler than applying for a VoteIndia.IN is to encourage Ravishankar of The centered ? credit card. All you have to do the educated masses to pull up Art Of Living Letters to 11 is: their sleeves, and go out and the editor elect the candidate of their 1. Visit www.voteindia.in choice based on the criteria of 2. Pin point your home on the quot;good governancequot;.
  • PAGE 2 Terrorism & Kashmir Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd.) A CRPF Inspector General trouble. Terrorism in valley cordance with the Newton‟s was transferred from Srina- flourishes and thrives or law, which enunciates, that gar, on 13th August, 2008 remains under check, in every action has an equal after an uproar in the Kash- direct proportion, to the and opposite reaction. Oth- mir valley, led by the terror- political will and strength to erwise, how hordes of peo- ists and their supporters, deal with the same effec- ple led by the terrorists, against alleged excesses by tively. could start a march towards the central para-military Pakistan for crossing the force. He was also allegedly It commenced, with the border. The Government denied a Police medal, for kidnapping of the daughter should have come out, with fear of controversy and of a former Home Minister, the statement, that those likely protests in the valley. who is also a former Chief who cross illegally, would Minister of Jammu and not be allowed, entry back There is nothing new, in Kashmir. To get her re- into India, without the In- this kind of approach, as the leased, the Government of dian Passports, as is appli- decisions makers are safe in the day, released five cable to all Indians going air conditioned atmosphere dreaded terrorists. It em- abroad and returning home. somewhere else. The people boldened them, leading to A series of misconceived ―22 % of seats in facing dire situation of life their much applauded free- policies, or so called people and death and standing be- dom, possibly with some to people contact, have the lower house of tween chaos and order, are ransom, money, though brought about this situation. Parliament & State on the spot. The former there is no confirmation of Otherwise, how could a judge and some times pan- this report. It was enough, partner in coalition plead legislatures are der to the local sentiments to start a series of chain for the Pakistan currency to by sacrificing the people on reactions in valley from be allowed to be used in reserved for the spot, hoping, that it will 1988. I am an eye witness J&K. Lack of clear policy buy them peace and retrieve to that part of the history, as and molly coddling, has Scheduled Castes the situation. It is, simple I was working at that time cause the present chaos. application of band aid, as Inspector General of the & Tribal groups‖ where a surgical operation Central Reserve Police It would be wrong to say - Reuters is called for it. Force, in Srinagar. that transferring 39.88 hec- tares of forest land to Amar- (April 2008) A Former Governor of J&K The tendency to under nath shrine board and its had lost his job, in 1990, for play, has led, to the terror- reaction in Jammu has led taking a tough stand against ists to openly dictating the to the present situation. the anti Indian and anti na- people , about using of Pur- tional elements. Neither his daha by the women, closure The terrorists have been transfer did, and nor the of beauty parlours and cine- going, all out, to create dis- transfer of the IGP CRPF is mas houses, and raising pro turbances and problems as going to normalise the Pakistan slogans. per the following report of situation and convert the J& K Government which anti national elements and The Prime Minister has says; terrorists into normal citi- given a laudable call, from zens. On the contrary, it the ramparts of red fort on “A total of 42,147 people, will encourage, such ele- 15th August, 2008 to shed including 20,647 militants ments, that they can do any- communalism. But unfortu- and 5,024 security person- thing and get away. nately, the whole agitation, nel, were killed in the state General in valley is based on the between Janu-ary 1990 and Wherever the Government communal lines. However the middle of February Category of the day, has fallen for and how much we may 2007… Violence left appeasement and compro- wish, communalism of one 33,885 people, includ-ing mise on the basic values, it community generates com- 12,124 security personnel has invited more and more munalism in others, in ac- and 21,659 civilians, in- YFE CRUSADER
  • ISSUE1I, SEPTEMBER PAGE 3 jured during the same period in The highest number of 613 se- it is impossible to get any kind the state.. curity per-sonnel were killed in of evidence to prove anybody‟s a single year in 2001.” anti national activities, as no 11,221 civilians were killed by witness would be willing to militants and another 1,678 lost Now the question arises, as to come forth to depose, even if a their lives in grenade and Im- what can be done. Also whether witness protection act, is there. provised Ex-plosive Device what is being done is sufficient. Infact, at present there is no explosions, while 173 civil-ians In 1990, the midnight protests witness protection act available. were killed when they were were sparked off, by the calls Margret Thatcher used to say caught in clashes between mili- given by given 1100 Mosques, the publicity is the oxygen of tants. A total of 3,404 civilians which had installed loud speak- terrorism. Any kind of publicity, were killed in cross-firing inci- ers to call the faithful to prayers. which eulogizes terrorism, dents between security forces Loudspeakers in mosques, then should be discouraged, if not and even now are being em- exactly banned. ployed, to give calls for anti national activities and asking Terrorist leaders, their support- the people to gather in the ers and sympathizers should be quot;CM of Uttar streets or at a particular spot. immobilized by using the pre- The then Governor had ordered sent laws and detained outside Pradesh the disconnection of the loud J&K. The Government has an- tentatively speakers, which itself led to nounced pension scheme for the protests. families of the terrorists, on the extended lower grounds that it is not their fault, and mili­tants…The highest It is a fact that many if their children have become caste job quotas number of 1,438 civilians were terrorists take shelter in the reli- terrorists. This approach is killed in 1996, the year elections gious places of their respective fraught with danger and sooner into the private were held after a gap of seven religion. During my recent visit it is given up, the better it is. sector‖ year. While the highest number to the USA, I was told that the Why only Kashmiris should be of 3,602 army and other para- police had installed CCTV cam- selected for this government - in Feb, 2008 military per-sonnel lost their eras in mosques to monitor any munificence. Such people in lives fighting militants, Jammu such possible activity, with the Punjab, Chattisgarh, Assam and and Kashmir police lost 537 per cooperation of the Muslim com- other North Eastern States, have -sonnel since January 1990. As munity and their religious lead- similar claims. It should not many as 438 Special Police Of- ers. This is to prevent any alle- become a scheme to help the ficers engaged by police in the gation of forcible entry of the anti national and traitorous ele- counter-insurgency operations Police, which may cause dese- ments. were killed.127 Village Defense cration. Committee members were killed Many so called intellec- fighting militants in the state. In a situation like this, which tual talk about referendum in has been highly communalized, valley. (Contd. next page) EQUALITY RACE IN DELHI By YFE candidates Contested for Delhi University Student Union elections View slide
  • Terrorism & Kashmir (continued....) PAGE 4 With Pakistan having 576.24 in 1992-93 to Rs hijacked the anti national 1,137 in 2000-1, that of the It is reported that the bene- elements, any referendum Kashmiri spiralled from Rs fits of central funds have or election will be irrelevant 3,197 to Rs 8,092. To get a remained confined only to at present. The first priority perspective, translate the about 150 families in Kash- is to drive the Pakistani numbers: this cash, man- mir and the rest of the terrorists out of the valley aged by the state Govern- money has disappeared or and send them to the coun- ment, were to be dispatched not spent or improperly try of their origin. The Gov- by money order, each Kash- spent or drained off. The ernment should stop all miri family (with five mem- benefits of Central aid have talks of dialogue, with so bers on an average) would not reached the common called militants, who are get Rs 40,460 every year. man, who has not devel- nothing more than front oped a stake in India. The men of Pakistan. Only a In 2001-2, the state spent Government priority num- Civil Society tough approach will send Rs 7,516.6 crore of which ber one should be to root Organizations — the right signal that Govern- Rs 4,577 crore-or 60 paise out corruption. With these ment means business. The of every rupee spent-came steps, it should be possible Saviours Government is spending from the Centre. The state's to send a right message both much more on Kashmir non-development expendi- to Pakistan and its hench- than on other States. ture was Rs 2,829 crore men and people in the val- including a salary bill of Rs ley. A Kashmiri gets eight 1,193 crore while its own ―Positively, my times more money from the revenues were barely Rs The Author is former Di- Centre than citizens from 1,095 crore. The state could rector Central Bureau Of social philosophy other states. While per cap- not have paid even the Investigation, INDIA may be said to ita Central assistance to wages of its employees other states moved from Rs without the Centre's help. be enshrined in three words: AMUL— The Taste & Voice of India !! Liberty, Equality Civil Society Organizations like “Youth For Equality” are the „Voice of Hope‟ for millions of citizens in India, who know that they are being discriminated against, but do not know & Fraternity ‖ how to fight for their rights. YFE voices the concerns and plea of these people. - B.R.Ambedkar In this noble venture, we have been consistently supported by Voices from Corporate India, who know what it takes to reach to the top. Industrialists like Rahul Bajaj & Narayana Murthy have always been quite vocal about this. But no voice seems to match the VOICE OF AMUL in terms of impacting the general public. Since 1967, Amul has been playing the role of a social observer. It is indeed a great support for YFE initiatives when Amul decides to talk about Quotas & Reservations !! YFE CRUSADER View slide
  • ISSUE1I, SEPTEMBER 2008 PAGE 5 Imagine the impact these Hoardings have on the general public. People love them and they become the favor- ite topic of discussion for the whole of the week. They are almost a part of our culture. I have seen an old lady make an album to amuse her grand children !! The right dose of social awareness laced with clean fun. For 40 odd years the Utterly Butterly girl has managed to keep her fanatic fan following intact. It is the long- est and probably the most successful campaign in the world. And it rightfully is vying for a place in the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the long- est ad campaign ever. The establishment of Amul is known as the White Revolution. White Revolution is but a small part of the Amul Legacy. A Social Revolution has been the mainstay of the legend of Amul !! Ravishankar Duvvuri, MBA-2nd Year, Narsee Monjee Institute of Mgmt. Studies, Mumbai Hunger Strike Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi
  • PAGE 6 Racism In The Classroom The much hyped The current reser- cated theories about repres- proposal of Shri Arjun vation policy aims only to sion and backwardness. Singh's caste based reserva- increase the number of cer- They can not be treated as tion system in higher educa- tain caste and communities honest and impartial think- tion is not the correct and which are connected with ers and academicians. Ma- proper approach to solve the numerically powerful jority of them are ABCD the problem of socio- vote banks. Low represen- ( American Born Corrupt economic inequality. All tation of groups in higher Desi ) category. This pol- the right thinking nationalist education has no co-relation icy is socially and culturally people have been very with any type of backward- divisive. This system has strongly opposing this divi- ness. The real disadvan- destroyed the multicultural sive idea of reserving quo- taged and backwards are fiber of our nationalism. tas for OBCs in all the insti- those who cannot even tutions of higher learning. dream to visit a primary or Moreover the con- secondary school and they stitution guarantees the After getting the belong to all caste because right to equality to all the nod of the cabinet and the they cannot afford any type citizens under law. It is the Supreme Court of India, of education. Hardly eight responsibility of the state to Mr. Arjun Singh is now in percent of all Indian youth enact such policy that does his full colours. No body go for higher education, not distinguish between its has got the guts and courage Remaining ninety two per- citizens on the basis of caste to tune the quotas on the cent belong to all caste and and religion. But in prac- casteless and secular lines communities. Hence quotas tice, the country's governing or to speak against the caste in higher education cannot system is the most racist based quota system. Now era di ca t e th e soci o- system, which has con- the Human Resource Devel- economic inequality. Quota verted the nation into an opment Ministry can be system has only increased ethnic-state, where caste renamed as Human Reser- the divisive trends in the and communal identities are vation & Division Ministry. country. Caste and religion the most powerful tags. In based reservation system is all walks of life our system Need of the day is a fraud in the name of so- practice apartheid policy. Mid-Day Cartoon to implement on alternative cial justice. - Mid-Day is a affirmative action policy, Implementing af- popular daily tabloid whose benefit must reach In the country no firmative action should not in Mumbai genuinely deprived sec- honest study has been con- compromise the institu- tions. This policy should be ducted to decide and objec- tional excellence and im- sensitive to the all type of tive case study of reserva- portance of merit in public backwards and disadvanta- tion policy. The data used life, but now a days excel- geous people whose base is by and cited, have got no lence or merit is a curse. not limited to caste and scientific basis for such an The current reservation communal considerations important policy. Moreover system does not clearly alone. Another thing must most of our sociologists and adopt even the requirement be kept in mind that the historians are also con- of any minimum standard standard and excellence is nected and linked with the or entry criteria. not compromised or diluted vested interest groups who at any cost. have floated false and fabri- YFE CRUSADER
  • ISSUE1I, SEPTEMBER 2008 PAGE 7 Provision of fixed quo- ciety. Need and demand for and thinkers who are not aligned tas is also an attack on the merit based education is bound to any interest or pressure autonomy of institutions to fix to grow as the nation enters into group, to look into the entire the minimum efficiency stan- an increasingly knowledge issue of affirmative action. But dard level which openly negates based world. It will be highly seeing the fact at the moment, the overall working environ- unjust and discriminatory to fix nation is badly fragmented on ment and classroom excellence. quotas for one group and deny caste, communal and regional For example new and advanced equal right and opportunity to lines resulting in plethora of syllabus may not be covered as another group of people who are political parties, who have no these sections of the class may otherwise more deserving and other developmental issue ex- not be able to cope. Very re- meritorious. cept this quota madness. If this cently University Grant Com- suicidal policy is not mended, mission abolished the require- Indian education sys- the coming days will be very ment of NET for lectureship tem has won world wide recog- torturous for the nation. ―In the end anti- because SC/ST category stu- nition because of brilliant and black, anti- dents find it very difficult to meritorious students of all - Dr. Y.K. Sharma, clear the NET. So national SC/ castes, religion, linguistic and female, and all Delhi University ST commission recommended t ethnic groups who are embed- forms of abolish the NET. Similarly Na- ded to the high pursuit of tional Minority Commission has knowledge. discrimination asked the HRD to abolish Eng- are equivalent to lish at primary and secondary But the present UPA level, because minority (read government which is highly the same thing– Muslim) students are generally castist and communal in its ap- Anti-humanism very poor in their understanding proach is bent on dividing the of English. society on caste and communal —Shirley lines, only to consolidate the This type of quota sys- vote bank. As a result of this Chisholm (the tem damages the institutional greed of vote banks, all the po- first African – excellence and a negative and litical parties are trying to beat inferiority syndrome is devel- other in this quota madness, to American oped in the psyche of reserved include newer and newer groups woman to win a category sections that without in this quota race. Now in some quotas they cannot survive. states like Tamilnadu and Kar- seat in the Disadvantage groups should be natka, nearly ninety percent of United States encouraged to raise their stan- the total population is in the grip dard instead of being depend- of quota. One fail to understand Congress) ence on the clutches of quotas. any sane logic for this quota race. Arbitrarily lowering and favoring the admission stan- It is the duty of the dard for one caste over other government in national interest group of citizens as has been to preserve and respect the done recently in IITs, is highly autonomy of institution. Gov- unfair and it creates discrimina- ernment should constitute an tory inequality and offends the impartial commission, consisted idea of just and merit based so- of genuine and honest scholars
  • PAGE 8 To De-Essentialize The Caste essentialise this orthodox caste based organizations. It is support and system which has often The population figure pro- active participation of the been a divisive factor. We jected by each of them educated youth of India that also uphold the point that if when added up, far ex- enables YFE to continue its further caste-based reserva- ceeded the total population struggle against the discrep- tion is allowed it will not of the state. During presi- ancies of the caste-based only be detrimental to the dent rule in the state in reservation policies of the society but will also be dis- 1988, the Vanniyars were government. We are mak- astrous for the integrity of excluded from the list of ing attempts to explore the the nation. most backward class. Later issue from its width and the Vanniyars gave ultima- depth and to analyze differ- Friends it is neces- tum to Karunanidhi who ent aspects of reservation sary to understand why it is came in power in 1989. policies with the guidance detrimental to organize on Finally Karunanidhi gov- Lalbaug cha Raja— of sociologists and experts. ernment announced 20% the basis of caste and how Mumbai’s most caste based reservation poli- reservation for the most popular Ganapati We always wel- backward castes, including cies gives wrong incentives come intellectual inputs, t h e V an ni y a r s. Ka - idol in Mumbai to the society to perpetuate suggestions and questions runanidhi‟s caste was also the caste as an institution. from all of you and we hope among the most backward While the examples are that all these discussions pervasive, here we are cit- castes. will contribute towards clar- ing a few: ity of concept and realiza- The above exam- tion of our cause of building 1) In Karnataka, the ples explicitly indicate that an Equal Nation and a bet- Havanur Commission re- the incentive of caste based ter tomorrow. As has been moved Lingayats from the reservation how often has described in our pamphlets list of backward-classes. drawn the ugly figure of of 18 & 19th June 2006, Venkataswami Commission division on the face of soci- there is need to take af- removed the Vokkalingas ety using caste lines. Ironi- firmative actions to uplift too. Violence followed. The cally it was muscle power the deprived sections of the government restored both to and not the deprivation that society. has been the real determi- the list. Ironically these two castes are among the most nant of the backwardness. But at the same Whichever caste has got powerful, always holding time the proposed Multiple organized, whichever has political power in the state. Deprivation System (MDS) gained clout has got itself has clearly noted that one 2) In Tamil Nadu, anointed „backward‟. should not incorporate the Vanniyar Sangham caste. All the possible dep- claimed that they constitute Secondly the num- rivations that can be associ- fifth of the state‟s popula­ ber of backward castes thus ated with caste and which Visarjan –Immersion tion and hence deserved anointed has continued to can hold back an individual exclusive reservation of swell. Studies, records that of the idol from social, educational and 20%.They launched violent the list of backward castes economic progress have agitation in 1987. This trig- in Tamil Nadu grew from In full Pomp and been accounted for in MDS. gered off a fresh wave of 11 in 1883, to 39 in 1893, to Simultaneously efforts Splendor !! similar demands from other 46 in 1903, to 122 in1913, should be made to de- YFE CRUSADER
  • ISSUE1I, SEPTEMBER 2008 PAGE 9 recommendations. But we are Friends we believe that being to 122 in 1913, to 131 in 1923, not surprised that it did not ex- the common citizen of India we to 182 in 1933, to 238 in 1943, clude those relatively forward have all right to question the to 270 in 1953. The Mandal castes/tribes. The Bill was re- wisdom of the highest authori- commission listed 288 for that ferred to joint parliamentary ties of the Nation who have au- state. The Mandal Commission committee and afterwards the thored and sanctified the present itself shows that castes have Bill was passed during 1976 policy of caste based reservation gone on being added to lists of with many changes but NO EX- and the consequent fissiparous OBCs not because successive CLUSION as recommended by incentive structure it generates surveys have chanced upon the Commission or JPC. in the society. castes whose backwardness was ―The doctrine hitherto unknown. New castes Unfortunately as the country is - Article by have had to be included because of equality ! progressing as proclaimed by they have acquired power and successive governments, more Jagadamba Prasad, Ph.D. There exists no clout and more castes keep becoming Environmental Science, backward and there is little hope JNU, more Similarly, examples can be cited that the same would ever be- as how deeply the caste-based poisonous come forward if the existing Prabhu Prasad Mishra, incentives perpetuate in the po- incentive structure continues, Ph.D. Internacional Trade litical system that it can hardly poison; for it however on the other side there and Development, JNU be revised or excluded. In 1965 is every possibility and indica- and seems to be B N Lakur Commission was tions that the system is moving formed to review the list of SC/ from protective discrimination Narendra Sahoo, Ph.D. preached by STs, and it was decided that 28 to reverse discrimination. It is Environmental Science, Scheduled castes and 14 tribes justice itself, true that caste system has been a JNU have achieved relatively for- reality with unpleasant conse- ward status and they should be while it is the quences but it is hypocrisy to removed from the list. A hue say that this can be removed by end of justice‖ and cry followed. In 1967 a Bill using the same (caste based was introduced to amend the list reservation) as instrument. according to the Commission‟s - Friedrich Nietzsche PROTEST MODE Human Chain Chennai
  • PAGE 10 Has Education Made Us More Self-Centered? THE DICTIONARY reaucracy for everything, which is emerging from the defines 'education' as the act but does not vote. Why? economic liberalisation and or process of imparting or globalisation is that money acquiring general knowl- What was your reaction has replaced every little edge, developing the pow- when you saw a blind man thing today. You study ers of reasoning and judge- on the roadside waiting for cases of depression in the ment, and generally prepar- someone to let him cross country and you will notice ing oneself or others intel- the road. You were in your that in majority of the cases lectually for adult life. The car with your friends and money is the main factor. definition sounds very good you thought of helping him Education has made us but seems to have lost its out but something stopped more animal friendly and meaning today. What I have you, isn't it? What was that environment friendly, but observed and felt in the last thing? You might have has taken us away from the few years of my life is that thought that getting out of human values and from most of us have become the car just to help the blind acting for something which Blast from the past indifferent towards the soci- man will not suit you. And we believe is correct. ety and nation as a whole. you told yourself that some- As I tried to find the rea- one will definitely help the There is so much furore sons behind it, one thing blind man. when a pug is made to run “You have taken the was for sure that the prime after a bus but we turn a country to the edge of reason is 'education'. There was a protest/ blind eye when a group of caste wars .. strike in the wake of some people parade a woman It is true that education wrong policy of the govern- naked in a village. We have problems if is of great importance and ment. The group heading caste is defined to we cannot move ahead in the protest requested you to - Rishabh Srivastava, enshrine this highly competitive come down and join hands casteism in our world without education, for the cause, which was Mumbai country. but when this education definitely not their cause makes people indifferent, alone. But you relaxed in We have problems if the meaning of education your drawing room watch- the weakest amongst ceases to exist. When a per- ing television and told your- the classes are not son starts his education, he self that I am getting my helped and if the is more affected by the hap- bread and butter, I can af- weakest among the penings in the society and ford the education of my minority religions are tries to resist the wrong children abroad and this not helped. things. Eventually, educa- issue is not going to have its tion makes him analytical. impact on me. The Congress cannot He analyses all the prob- stand by and watch lems and takes action only So let it be! Why to this nation being when something bothers sweat out for others? divided for the him. Unless that matter political convenience concerns him, he is happy. Many of us don't want of one individual.” to join defence forces, gov- - Rajiv Gandhi, How many educated ernment jobs, civil services. people vote today? Not Why? The reason we tell Lok Sabha, 6th of enough and that is why this ourselves is that there is section of people does not hardly any money, politics, September 1990 feature in the list of strate- lack of opportunity (though gies of political parties. I doubt it) etc. This group blames the gov- ernment/organisation/ bu- One dangerous trend, YFE CRUSADER
  • ISSUE1I, SEPTEMBER 2008 PAGE 11 It‟s indeed a matter of immense fight against caste based reser- The editor can be reached at pleasure to introduce you to the vation. editor@yfemovement.com second issue of YFE Crusader. I am delighted to share the re- As a part of our awareness cam- sponse of our readers, which paign against ill effects of pre- motivates me to increase the sent reservation policy we have frequency and dimension of this taken this initiative, where we paper and I am confident that, welcome the scholarly contribu- this initiative will lead YFE to tions from all the well meaning achieve the Goal of making citizens who oppose caste based India a true knowledge based reservation. This e-paper will be society. made available on our website. Articles can be mailed to YFE I hope this e-paper will be of Crusader at help in making people aware and updated regarding our ac- yfemovement@yfemovement.com ―YFE wishes u tivities and efforts in the direc- tion of EQUALITY. Write in to YFE Crusader and a Peaceful & make your voice heard by all. - Editor Prosperous I appeal all like minded citizens of this nation to join hands to Ganesh Chaturti‖ concession tracing back to the geneal- are willing to instigate the students of Voice from Chennai ogy of some unknown deprived forefa- BHU Varanasi. - Meenakshi thers. We realize that YFE is a very subtle CREAMY LAYER OBC STU- force in this region and we wish to DENT GETS THROUGH IIM-A infuse new life to this movement, by UNDER OBC QUOTA involving an immensely capable and educated youth brigade of Benaras Sir, Voice from Varanasi Hindu University - Sudhanshu Thakore If an annual income of Rs.7 lakhs is LETS BE THE CHANGE !! the upper limit to fix the criteria for Wish to instigate this movement in reservation, then who would be ex- BHU cluded from availing these benefits? Sir, What is more surprising is that a student with both parents in high Myself Sudhanshu Thakore, and my income white collared posts availing friends, students of IT-BHU Varanasi, www.yfemovement.com