Recruitment & Selection at Yahoo!


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A small ppt on the recruitment and selection practices @ yahoo with focus at the entry level as also how the process works in places which need constant creativity

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Recruitment & Selection at Yahoo!

  1. 1. Recruitment & Selection Ravishankar Duvvuri – MBA HR, 2007-09
  2. 2. Jai Veeru
  3. 3. Poor guy! Even if I take a nap, he can’t catch up with me.
  4. 4. Why did I lose the race?  Fast & Consistent  Relentless pursuit of the goal
  5. 5. How to beat the hare? Hmm… a What different to do ?! route
  6. 6. I desperately I have an Need idea !! One Ye dosti…. …tera saath na chodenge
  7. 7. • One of the Largest global Internet companies – So not many places to find ppl with bigger or better experience – Need to identify & hire foundation skills & attributes – Train People on specifics of surfing & production • Fun & Cool Place brand recognition – Lots of Unsolicited Resumes which don’t fit • Higher Risk/Higher Reward environment – Cultural fit • Hiring needs are vast – Ranging from a Kindergarten teacher for Yahooligans to a very technical qualification like PHD for Research
  8. 8. Source: Kirk Froggratt, VP - HR, Yahoo! Book : “Hiring the best & the brightest”
  9. 9. Clock Wise or Anti- Clockwise ??
  10. 10. If u see it moving a) Clockwise – u r right brained b) Anti-clockwise – u r left brained Left Brain Functions Right Brain Functions Uses Logic Uses feeling Detail Oriented quot;big picturequot; oriented Facts Rule imagination rules Words & Language symbols and images Present & Past present and future Math & science philosophy & religion Can comprehend can quot;get itquot; (i.e. meaning) Knowing believes acknowledges appreciates Order/pattern perception spatial perception Knows object name knows object function Reality based fantasy based Forms strategies presents possibilities At Yahoo ! .. .Soon u start using ur whole practical impetuous brain !! safe risk taking
  11. 11. Yahoo feels - Selection Process Engineering students generally make good: • Technical Yahoos (Engineers) Techies: • Quality Assurance Yahoos (Engineers) •Written test (MCQ) • Research Scientists •Technical personal • Web Developers interviews (2-4 rounds) •Programming test MBAs are generally a good match for: (online) • Marketing •HR Interview • Product Management • Business Development Non –Techies: New college graduates are generally a good fit in: •Written Test (MCQ) • User Experience Design •Technical interviews • Product Management •HR interview • Customer Care • Sales Operations • Surfing
  12. 12. Inclusive Merit Diversity Workplace Top Priority Global non-discrimination Pioneering Policy efforts 2004- Prohibits employee discrimination on basis of Sexual Orientation 2006- Added “gender identity” to global non-discrimination policy to protect Transgender Employees 2006 onwards – Leveraging GLBT sites to market products to GLBT- Gay, Lesbian, Bi- this valuable consumer segment Sexual, Transgender 2008 – Scores 100% in Corporate Equality Index
  13. 13. Thank u !!!! • References: – Hiring the best & the brightest – Sherrie Gong Taguchi – html – – aking-strides-with-pride – Understanding Yahoo Spirit - Various employee blogs, career help sites and employee forums searched & researched for a change through YAHOO SEARCH ENGINE !!!