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Productivity 3.0



Presentation I gave at the Business Fundamentals Bootcamp (March 25, 2011) hosted by Supporting Strategies and Acceleration Partners at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

Presentation I gave at the Business Fundamentals Bootcamp (March 25, 2011) hosted by Supporting Strategies and Acceleration Partners at the Cambridge Innovation Center.



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Productivity 3.0 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Productivity 3.0Using technology tobuild a more productive and secure organization
    The Lorenzi Group
  • 2. Who is The Lorenzi Group?
    Data Security & Digital Forensics Consulting Firm
    Focus on digital forensics & data security services for litigious situations for past 5 years
    Digital Forensics practice primarily consists of:
    Obtaining, reconstructing and analyzing data for parties involved in litigation or criminal trial.
  • 3. Why are WE talking about Productivity?
    Employment litigation and disputes make up the core of our business
    We have been analyzing and reporting on employee usage for years!
  • 4. Don’t believe us, trust the experts…..
    US businesses deal with $994B/yr = 7%GDP
    Fraud schemes typically last 2 or more years before being detected
    Median Loss = $175K, 50%+ = $1M
    Organizations w/ Anti-Fraud controls average only $70K/yr in losses
    Data for this slide came from ACFE & FBI websites
  • 5. More
    Small businesses suffered highest median loss of all groups
    The media loss for businesses w/ less than 100 employees = $200K/yr
    Everyone is involved including AcctingDepts (29%) and Upper Mgt (18%)
    Fraudsters are typically 1st timers
    Data for this slide came from ACFE & FBI websites
  • 6. And more….
    Top 2 red flags:
    Living beyond means
    Experiencing financial difficulties
    Family, Friends, Business Partners, and Vendors are all in on the action
    Data for this slide came from ACFE & FBI websites
  • 7. W Edwards Deming
    “Lack of knowledge – that is the problem.”
    “If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.”
  • 8. Knowing IS half the battle!!!!
    The first step is to better understand how your organization uses its technical resources
    What is your technology telling you?
  • 9. What are the options?
    Turning Security Information
    on its Head
    Re-analyzing available data to make money
  • 10. Did you know?
    Productivity in front of a work computer is at a measly 70%
    Most workers do not even realize it!
    Psst: Workplace productivity is going down
  • 11. Porn
    Pornography is so common in the workplace that if we don’t see porn during our analysis, it’s a red flag
    29% of employees view porn regularly at work (Neilsen – 2010). This number is increasing.
    NOTE: Although men are the leaders, women’s ranks are increasing rapidly.
  • 12. “Active Network Monitoring”What is it?
    Software tools installed on your network allow it to be monitored & archive data usage of computers in your organization
    Proactive Assessments
    What does it monitor?
    • Everything!
    • 13. Email
    • 14. Websites
    • 15. IM
    • 16. Documents
    • 17. Ports
    • 18. Network
  • Knowledge Abound!!
    Document Tracking
    Web Filtering
    Real Time Alerts
    USB Storage Logs for tracking file transfers
    Email and messaging archiving
    Detailed reports
  • 19. PRODUCTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!Leverage this knowledge
    Internet Usage
    Which sites are most visited?
    Which users are Productive surfers?
    Bandwidth Consumption
    Where are the bottlenecks? Why?
    Application Usage
    What’s being used? How?
    Do some employees need more training?
    chat, webmail and Email Usage
    How are these tools used?
    Security risks?
    Search activity
    Looking for Jobs or looking for Clients?
  • 20. How much productivity are we talking about?
    15 minutes a day
  • 21. 15 minutes a Day
    120,000 minutes/work year (2000hrs)
    15 minutes/day = 3000 minutes/year
    2.5% of Annual Revenue
  • 22. How? Part I
    What tools already exist?
    Windows Login Info (Employee)
    Firewall Logs (Web-time & Employee)
    A/V Software (Employee & Frequency)
    Specialized Software Tools
  • 23. How? Part II
    Explain the rules of the workplace
    Provide weekly feedback to users
    Send “reminders” to get back to work if too much idle time or web surfing time
    Identify Best Practices
    Improve the workflow process
    Reducing dead weight
  • 24. Spector
  • 25. And your HR Department & Lawyer will love it!! … (so will your Accountant)
    Data to backup an Employee Termination
    Data available pre-litigation
    Harassment claims? No problem
    With all data being archived spoliation risk is lowered significantly
    Avg Cost of Employee Lawsuit = $40,000
    Avg Monthly cost Active Network Monitoring (25 computers) = $375
  • 26. Top Questions Asked
    Does fraud really happen? – Yes… and it’s on the rise.
    Can we do this? – Yes.
    Is it illegal? – No, in fact many organizations (financial/medical/identity/etc) are required by law to be doing this. Ask your lawyer (or ask ours!).
    I want to trust my team. Do I have to see everything? – No. We can set it up so you only see what you want to see.
    How much is productivity increased? On Average, expect to see 5-10% increase in Workplace Productivity
  • 27. FIN
    The Lorenzi Group
    Rob Fitzgerald
    866-632-9880 x123
    Mark Inda