eDiscovery is dead! Long live eDiscovery!


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The eDiscovery market is in a bubble. Customers are about to be left "holding the bag"if they don't manage their vendors correctly. How did we get here and what can be done about it?

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eDiscovery is dead! Long live eDiscovery!

  1. 1. eDiscovery isDead!Long LiveeDiscovery!The Lorenzi Group (c)2012 All Rights Reserved The Lorenzi Group
  2. 2. eDiscovery Then Making electronic data available and accessible for fairness in litigation Reviewing electronic documents to help prove a point in a legal matter Examples:  An email was sent  A website hosted porn  A document existed (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
  3. 3. eDiscovery Today Making electronic data inaccessible andunavailable in litigation, by driving costs up, to gain an advantage Reviewing electronic data to prove something may have been tampered with Examples:  Explaining away an email  Exploiting the lack of understanding of viruses and malware  Insinuating that an innocent user had mal-intent  Inundating opposing counsel with needless data (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
  4. 4. The Cost of eDiscovery 20122002 (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
  5. 5. Where is eDiscovery Today ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
  6. 6. Oh-oh… Why a Bubble? eDiscovery costs are too high, they are no longer sustainable eDiscovery companies are being over-valued and bought up (see HP acquisition of Automony) There are a LOT of TERRIBLE (they can’t even be classified as bad) players in the market Buyers are still VERY uneducated in this space – even after 10 years The eDiscovery market has been “exploding” for 10 years Vendors are not finding ways to reduce costs, they are looking for ways to shift costs, while increasing them (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
  7. 7. So, what’s next? Real-time Preservation is the rule Companies stuck with high-cost, legacy technology eDiscovery vendor collapse US R&D, Sales, M&A lags due to lack of funding (spent on unnecessary eDiscovery technology) Security Analytics & Data Analytics vendor explosion (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
  8. 8. What can companies do?Implement Continuous Monitoring solutions like Lorenzi ROAR Utilize mutually beneficial cost management plans for eDiscovery like Lorenzi SHIELD (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
  9. 9. Questions? Robert Fitzgerald The Lorenzi Group 866-632-9880 www.thelorenzigroup.com info@thelorenzigroup.com (c)2012 All Rights Reserved TheLorenzi Group
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