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Prepositions of time
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Prepositions of time






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    Prepositions of time Prepositions of time Document Transcript

    • PREPOSITIONS OF TIMEA. Look at these time expressions. Some use in, some use on or at. Put them in the correct column. in on atB. Put in the correct prepositions: in, on or at. 1. Dinner is usually ______ 7 o’clock. 2. We have long holidays ______ summer. 3. When have we got Biology? - ______ Friday mornings. 4. There is a school party ______ 31st January. 5. We are ______ the 21st century. Your nline English Class – http://youronlinenglishclass.com.pt
    • 6. The game is ______ 9.45. 7. Is there a party ______ your brother’s birthday? 8. Where was he ______ the weekend? 9. Where is he ______ the moment? 10. Your teacher isn’t here ______ present. 11. There are usually a lot of parties ______ New Year’s Eve. 12. He wasn’t there ______ the end of the concert. 13. Where are you usually ______ the evening? And ______ night? 14. Do you get any presents ______ Christmas Day? 15. He was born ______ 1999. 16. We usually go there ______ weekends ______ spring. 17. He phoned me ______ Tuesday. 18. He gets up ______ 7 o’clock ______ weekdays. 19. She was in hospital ______ that time. 20. The school party is ______ June 8th ______ 8 o’clock ______ the evening.Remember: IN ON AT- parts of the day in the morning - days of the week - hours in the afternoon on Monday at 9.30 in the evening on Tuesday, … - religious celebrations except at night - dates at Christmas on the 5th May at Easter- months of the year on November 7th in October, ... - meals - special days (specific) at breakfast- seasons of the year on Christmas Day at lunch, … in (the) summer on my birthday in winter, ... - specific time at the weekend- years and centuries in 1984 in the 20th century- in a period of time in ten days in five minutes Your nline English Class – http://youronlinenglishclass.com.pt