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Copy Fox Media Ad Heat Ad Spill Eng Final Version
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Copy Fox Media Ad Heat Ad Spill Eng Final Version


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Do you have a specific target or just shooting around ? Precision in Advertising
  • 2.
    • Who are we?
    • A non conventional advertising agency established in Ia şi, at the end of 2008, which inserts on the indoor advertising market, an innovative concept:
    • AWA (At work advertising).
  • 3.
    • Over 5 .000 companies
    • Over 10 .000 locations
    • Over 1 00.000 employees
    • Covering the most important cities from the country
    • Over 4.000.000 vizualizations of the message, during a single bi monthly campaign
    We provide advertising space on water coolers (Ad Heat ) , as well as on the disposable plastic cups (Ad Spill ) , used by the companies from Romania , with the following indicators : How are we implementing ?
  • 4. What ’s Ad Heat ?
    • It’s composed out of an advertising message , which is placed as a sticker on water coolers.
    • Detailed product features:
    • The advertising message sticker type, placed on the front side of the cooler , with variable A5/A6 dimensions, having a rectangular or a non-conventional shape
    • Placed on the water cooler s, which are in the custody of our partners’ client companies, nation wide
    • Can be used in B2B or B2C integrated advertising campaigns , in time frames of 2 , 3 or 6 months.
  • 5. What about Ad Spill ?
    • Disposable plastic cups , branded on the side with an advertising message.
    • Detailed product features:
    • Personalized plastic cups of 250 ml.
    • The advertising message printed on the side
    • Give n away for free
    • Distributed at a national level
  • 6. Why using this non-conventional advertising tool ?
    • Because offers you a complete communication mix , which contains :
    • A minimum of 1 0 seconds per visualization , each time somebody uses the water cooler , for cold or hot water.
    • The possibility of getting attention , for at least two times in a working day
    • Personal interaction – long exposure (minim um 2 months pe r camp aign ), almost guaranteeing the message memorization
    • Uniqueness – the indoor advertising tool with the strongest resonance to the B2B channel
    • Low costs , in comparison with other media instruments
  • 7. Wh en should you use this non-conventional advertising t echnique ?
    • When you wish to launch a new service, offer or product
    • When you want to promote an event or announce a new store opening
    • To increase your brand awareness at a B2B or B2C level, through an innovative and effective way
    • To gain new customers in a small period of time
    • As a powerfull CSR channel
  • 8. Statistic s
    • Unilever used this technique in the United States and has experienced an immediate 34% increase of the sales on the regions where the water cooler s were branded with advertising stickers .
    • CBS successfully used this media instrument , in the United States, when promoting various TV series.
    • This media channel is currently being used in : United States, Canada, United Kingdom , etc.
  • 9.
    • We invite you to contact us conventionally and directly , through:
    • office
    • T el: +(4) 0740.406.570
    • +(4) 0741.096.055
    • Fax: +(4) 0332.818.591
    • Precision in Advertising