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Link Building: The Best Marketing Strategy You've Never Heard Of
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Link Building: The Best Marketing Strategy You've Never Heard Of


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Using a few tips in just three simple steps, anyone can use link building to bring awareness to their business by building relationships and obtaining mentions.

Using a few tips in just three simple steps, anyone can use link building to bring awareness to their business by building relationships and obtaining mentions.

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  • One thing that we are extremely passionate about at raven is a marketing methodology called link building. Link building is generally associated with hardcore seo, but the basic tenants of it truly apply to all marketers, and even have roots in PR.
  • You have a product, a service, or even a blog. You know it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But how does one get the attention of the rest of the world? Acquire links from relevant websites
  • Who mardy’s munchies is. They are responsible for everything, including the marketing.
  • Jana was completely unfamiliar with the practice, so I broke it down for her in terms she understood.
  • 3 steps are easy to comprehend and completely attainable for anyone, regardless of background. Be passionate, know story, build relationships with relevant sites.
  • Finding relevant websites, #1 goal
  • If you know your story well, you may already have a few relevant websites in mind.
  • Jana did a search for “la food blog” and was already familiar with a few sites, the site operator will help weed out.
  • Fan pages lead to websites. Also, built in relationship building with the social aspects.
  • An index of the web, but can help you connect the dots to sites that link to other sites. Quality scores. High quality = high authority.
  • How do you build relationships with these websites?
  • Do you have a product you’re trying to promote? Is your service the best one out there? Are you a great writer looking for freelance gigs? What are you trying to bring awareness to?
  • Example of outreach email in the web companion. Mention slideshare link.
  • Can’t go beating down doors begging for links.
  • Tell YOUR story. What is mardy’s story? Passionate story resonates with those you’re trying to build relationships with.
  • People can smell that crap a mile away. Don’t push.
  • Social media helps outreach. Next few slides blur lines of research and outreach.
  • Find communities on twitter, create lists
  • Use info to craft outreach
  • Every relationship needs reciprocation
  • Many irons in the fire at once, must keep outreach organized or risk confusion and embarrassment
  • Can’t just wham bam thank you ma’am
  • Transcript

    • 1. Link BuildingThe Best Marketing Strategy You’ve Never Heard Of Alison Groves Product Coordinator Raven Internet Marketing Tools @RavenAlison
    • 2. Link wha?!Link building: Acquiring links from otherwebsites to boost your online presenceand search engine rankings.
    • 3. No. Seriously Alison. Link wha?!
    • 4. A case study. In cupcakes. Obviously. 4
    • 5. The Conversation....Jana: Ok, Alison, do you have any ideas on how wecan help spread the word a bit more about the bakery?Me: Oh, well you should be link building aboveanything else.Jana: [crickets]Me: Ok, let me break it down for you… 5
    • 6. Link building in three easy steps! 6
    • 7. Step 1: ResearchWhat is a relevant website, and how do I find it? 7
    • 8. What would be relevant for food blogsParty planning/wedding coordinatorsMommy bloggers?Local “alternative” newspaper sites 8
    • 9. Find websites you like, know, and trust. Then, connect the dots.... 9
    • 10. #1: Ask Papa GoogleDo a simple Google search.Take it a step further and add asite operator.(, Google has blog search too!( 10
    • 11. #2: Facebook search It’s a search engine too. And a social one at that! 11
    • 12. #3: The web catalog is your friend*. MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, Raven Tools.*Alison, remember to explain this. 12
    • 13. Step 2: Outreach I’ve found relevant websites, now how do I get a mention? 13
    • 14. 14
    • 15. What could Mardy’s Munchies do?Curate a “best of” desert sampler, use theresearch to find the best websites to contact,then reach out and ask if the site ownerwould like to review a box of goodies. 15
    • 16. Even in outreach,there are rules. 16
    • 17. #1: BE GENUINE. Tell your story. 17
    • 18. #2: Don’t immediately go in for the kill. Build those relationships! 18
    • 19. You: But....Alison! Relationships are hard!!! Me: Not with social media they ain’t! 19
    • 20. Social Mention 20
    • 21. Twitter lists 21
    • 22. Rapportive 22
    • 23. Step 3: Follow up So you’ve built some great relationships and links! Now what?! 23
    • 24. Keep those relationships going!Get a blog mention? Comment on it!Get website mention? Share on social networks!Have a physical property? Display the mention! 24
    • 25. But back to that case study....if I was Mardy’s Munchies, I would:•Add the mention to my home page.•Talk about the mention in social media.•Hand out flyers with deliveries talkingabout the mention.•SHARE THE LOVE. 25
    • 26. BUT! You gotta keep it organized, yo. 26
    • 27. Hang onto this data, or be sad forever...✴ Date of first outreach✴ Date of follow up✴ Type of link you’re working on/acquired (Comment? Guest blog post?)✴ Domain for the site✴ Website owner’s contact info: email, social media, etc.✴ Conversation notes 27
    • 28. And keep the cycle going!Follow up leads to more research,which leads to more outreach.Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 28
    • 29. Ok, cool story. But what does this accomplish? Mentions, or links = exposure**And exposure = cash money. 29
    • 30. Alison Groves Product Coordinator Raven Internet Marketing Tools @RavenAlisonSlides: guide: 30