How to create a traffic machine for your content
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How to create a traffic machine for your content






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How to create a traffic machine for your content How to create a traffic machine for your content Presentation Transcript

  • by Jon Henshaw How to Create a Traffic Machine for Your Content
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 2 “If I write great content,
 they will come.”
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 3
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 4 But if you build a Traffic Machine they will
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 5 Step 1: Focus on UX
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Brand 6 Your brand is part of the UX and makes
 you unique, memorable and trusted
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 7 Generic themes do
 not communicate brand
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 8 Brands have an identity
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 9 Brands include authors
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 10 Brands have a unique look and feel
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Layout 11 The layout of your content determines pages per session and repeat visits
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 12 How likely are you
 to come back here?
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 13 I’m definitely
 coming back here!
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 14 Make the reading experience match the quality of the content
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 15 The reading experience should also be device responsive
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 16 Duo App
 Test Responsive Design
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 17
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 18
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 19 Roots is a perfect starting place for WordPress
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 20
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 21
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Navigation 22 Navigation helps emphasize the focus of the site to readers and bots
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 23 Example of focused navigation
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Sharing 24 Make your content easy to share, unless you don’t want it shared.
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 25
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 26
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 27
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Speed 28 Speed up your site for a better user experience (it’s also a ranking factor)
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 29 Also be prepared for the Digg effect
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 30 Use a fast and reliable hosting provider
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 31 Use a CDN for your assets
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 32
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 The Unseen 33 Visible performance often comes from what you can’t see
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 34 Open Graph Protocol
 Provides structured data and enhances how content is shared socially !
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 35 Authorship
 Using Authorship and Publisher can provide more visibility on Google
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 36
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 37 Authorship in SERPs
 Authorship enables Rich Snippets and can easily land you on the 1st page of Google for those inside your G+ circles
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 38 Publisher in SERPs
 Publisher enhances brand related results, including control over the logo displayed and recent posts
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 39 Use microdata to enhance SERPs
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 40
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 41
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 42 Doh! Google may steal your traffic!
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Content 43 Quality content is no longer good enough
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 44 Turn your content into Epic Content
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 45 Epic Content is bigger content
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 46 Epic Content is repurposed content
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 47 Epic Content uses multiple channels
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 48 Epic Content is interactive
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 49 Epic Content is not MMEH
 (Massively Multimedia Epic Heave) *MMEH was coined by Mark Armstrong
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 50
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 51 Enhance posts with Google Charts
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 52
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 53 Add an Interactive Timeline
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 54
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 55 Include Interactions
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 56
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 57
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 58
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 59
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 60 Repurpose Your Content
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 61 Turn it into a deck and share on Slideshare
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 62 Turn the deck into a video and post on Youtube
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 63 Use your content for podcast topics
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 64 Build a microsite with your content…capture emails
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 65 Make an Infographic
 Using Cinemagraphs!!!
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 66 Reuse quotes to tell a visual story
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 67 Make it Portable
 Create an ebook, white paper and use content channels like Snippet. Include links back to your site.
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Calls to Action 68 Include CTAs to increase pages per session and to boost repeat traffic
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 69 Ars Technica
 Related Articles
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 70 TechCrunch Next Article
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 71 Email is still one of the best sources for site traffic
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 72
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 73 Record, measure and report with Google Analytics’ Goals and Events
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Social 74 Epic Content + Connections = Traffic
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 75 Don’t be a snob. Connect with as many people as possible that fit your target audience.
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 76 Build up sharing equity
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 77 Be social. That means commenting on posts, and always replying to comments on your own posts.
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 78 Republish your content on sites that will send targeted traffic. Stop worrying about duped content.
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 79 Participate in or create private sharing groups that have common interests and may followers
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 80 Promote and boost your content with social ads
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 Analytics 81 Study the performance of your content, learn what works, and then rinse and repeat!
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 82 I saw the Traffic Machine in a dream and this is what it looked like…
  • @RavenJon #Authority2014 83
  • @RAVENJON Jon Henshaw