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Essential Content Marketing Templates
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Essential Content Marketing Templates


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Content marketing templates can help you plan content, track content and keep content consistent — no matter who's doing the writing. Learn how to use editorial calendars, editorial budgets and page …

Content marketing templates can help you plan content, track content and keep content consistent — no matter who's doing the writing. Learn how to use editorial calendars, editorial budgets and page tables to your marketing advantage.

From a live presentation by Arienne Holland, Communications Director of Raven Internet Marketing Tools, at Pubcon Vegas 10-23-13.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • (It’s borrowed from our friends in advertising.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Arienne Holland Communications Director, Raven @RavenArienne
    • 2. I GOT THIS • What I do now: 3+ years in marketing (content, email and social media), communications and publicity for Raven • What I did before: 12+ years in newspaper, magazine and online journalism for Gannett @RavenArienne
    • 3. WITH TEMPLATES, YOU CAN: • Build an annual plan. Template: Editorial calendar • Keep track of content. Template: Editorial budget • Keep content consistent. Template: Page Table @RavenArienne
    • 4. Build an annual plan
    • 5. DEFINITION • What it is: An annual editorial calendar lists all events, holidays, seasons and cycles that affect your content marketing. • Why it’s useful: It is the easiest foundation for building your annual content marketing plan. @RavenArienne
    • 6. WHERE TO GET STARTED • Press release distribution services. Try EdCals (free) by Cision or MyEdCals (not free) by MyMediaInfo. • Ad departments of media outlets. Not all are as fab as NYTimes Global. • Trade & industry publications. @RavenArienne
    • 7. @RavenArienne
    • 8. @RavenArienne
    • 9. @RavenArienne
    • 10. BUILD A TEMPLATE Step 1 Plan your year, making note of all global, local and industry events. @RavenArienne
    • 11. @RavenArienne
    • 12. BUILD A TEMPLATE Step 2 Plan each quarter, keeping in mind special editions (yours or others). @RavenArienne
    • 13. @RavenArienne
    • 14. BUILD A TEMPLATE Step 3 Plan your month, including all regular features and breathing room. @RavenArienne
    • 15. @RavenArienne
    • 16. PRO TIP! Bring your annual content marketing calendar to every stakeholder meeting. Refer to it when “scope creep.” Refer to it when “You never…” Refer to it when “We have time for that.” @RavenArienne
    • 17. Keep track of content
    • 18. DEFINITION • What it is: Think of an editorial budget like a list of all the content you have to spend. • Why it’s useful: A budget is a planning tool and working document. It keeps track of ideas, what’s already in the works and what’s complete. @RavenArienne
    • 19. WHERE TO FIND EXAMPLES • Ask any assignment editor for any traditional media publication, anywhere. Ask for a few AP or wire budget examples, at the least. • This one J-school professor’s class notes here: @RavenArienne
    • 20. BUILD A TEMPLATE • ONE shareable document. Google Docs will do just fine. • Sections for fast searching. Divide up by phase (idea, written, published) or deadline (evergreen, soon, ASAP) or by author (freelance, in-house). @RavenArienne
    • 21. BUDGET LINE COMPONENTS Headline Content plan Writer, editor & length Visuals Extra material Links Resources Deadline @RavenArienne
    • 22. PRO TIP! Require everyone who pitches to you to submit a budget line. Send them or post an example of yours — but don’t give too many instructions. Smart people figure it out. Plus, it saves you time. @RavenArienne
    • 23. Keep content consistent
    • 24. DEFINITION • What it is: A page table contains all the information needed to create a new web page. • Why it’s useful: Content marketers can use a hybrid page table to plan for the SEO, distribution and brand needs of any page of online content. @RavenArienne
    • 25. WHERE TO FIND EXAMPLES • From content strategists. They invented the things, mostly for clients and freelancers. • From information architects. • Here: @RavenArienne
    • 26. BUILD A TEMPLATE: FILE @RavenArienne
    • 27. BUILD A TEMPLATE: ASSETS @RavenArienne
    • 28. BUILD A TEMPLATE: STYLE @RavenArienne
    • 29. BUILD A TEMPLATE: SEO @RavenArienne
    • 30. BUILD A TEMPLATE: SOCIAL @RavenArienne
    • 31. BUILD A TEMPLATE: SOCIAL @RavenArienne
    • 32. BUILD A TEMPLATE: PLAN @RavenArienne
    • 33. PRO TIP! Use page tables when you’re planning to launch a new website or section. Web designers, web developers and info architects love them because — as one told me once — they “don’t have to interface” with anyone. @RavenArienne
    • 34. It’s important WHAT TO REMEMBER
    • 35. FORMS ARE YOUR FRIENDS • Use editorial calendars to plan your content marketing around key cycles. • Use editorial budgets so you’ll know what content you have to spend. • Use page tables to keep your content consistent with your plan and brand. @RavenArienne