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Title and typography

Title and typography






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    Title and typography Title and typography Presentation Transcript

    • Tile And Typography Analyzing three posters typography and title. And identify the themes they I trying to convey throughthis. Also I will be talking about our own title and howwe came to deciding the title. And looking at different typographies to us.
    • Vanishing THEMES: The title and typography COLOUR: The colour used is Bright yellow and this relates to conveys to its audience .That location light. For example is is very simile is based in high street from the style to the colour of a light bulb. of the typography relating to shop Indicating that light sources are lights display. And the disappearance an important aspect in the film. of something is highlighted through And the darker and lighter the name and the edit they have used shades could represent how the on the font. Also the importance of light is fighting the darkness and light is highlighted by the color used. binary opposites of good VS evil . FONT: The font resembles LAYOUT STYLE: that of a shop sign They have used a gradient effect indicating where it on it that makes it transparent may be set in a shop and that it disappearing . Linking or high street. And to the narrative of the film that linking to the its based on the disappearance importance of light of something being a feature. in the film
    • Playback COLOUR: The colours used are red and white. Giving it a blood stained effect highlighting the narrative to the audience. That it’s going to have deaths and murders relating to watching something or video tapes.Layout: The font Font stylehas blood stains The style represents VHSsurrounding it. recording , this is shown by the recognizable distorted linesHighlight the genre running through the font that isof horror and linked with video players and oldrepresenting that tv’s. But that we can alsothere associate with vhs tape ormurders/deaths in watching something onthis film. television. Highlighting that this is an impotent aspect of the narrative.
    • Jennifer’s Body Colour: In this case I feel the red is there to represent two things. Firstly blood relaying the murders and deaths that are going to occur in this movie. Also the sexy nature of the film and how attractive and luring the killer is a key theme in this film how here beauty hides the evilness inside her. Typography: They have used this high school font. That will highlight different themes such as the setting of the film (a school). Also that is based around young adults and themes in the narrative that it could be based on high school popularity and evil murder amongst these problems.
    • Evaluation of the purpose of typography.All these films have conveyed themes and aspects ofthere narrative really well through a range of differentways. They have thought of a range of ways to conveydifferent aspects. Such as the colour using the colourred in the title symbolizes blood and links strongly withthe genre of horror . Also the actual font they use suchas jock typography in ‘Jennifers Body’ highlights thehigh school theme in this movie. And different effectssuch as in the vanishing can really make your titlescome to life and convey another theme in thenarrative.
    • Our Film TitleFirstly we discussed and though about different aspects of the we wanted toinclude in our title. Such as isolation, being watched, death. We though aboutdifferent words to use and how this related to out film. We worked about withthe idea of using the title of the song ‘The Fear’ that I film is based on. But wefelt that this did not represent isolation and death also did not explain anythingabout the film. So we worked with ‘The Watched’ as this highlighted the mainthemes to why the deaths are occurring. But we wanted to convey thepressures of being isolated from everyone else and why they wouldnt just leavea soon as the first death occurred. So we finally came out with ‘ The House OfThe Watched’ we where all really happy with this title and thought that itconvey enough about different aspects in the film for the audience to get arough idea about the narrative.
    • TypographyHere are the different font styles we look at on a website called ‘DaFront’we wanted a worn away look to the writing. Also for the font to reallysymbolise the genre of horror. For example we thought that thetypography style was one that we see a lot in horror films. I thought thatmaybe using a camera lens in replacement of the ‘o’s would be nice way oflink the title to the narrative of our film. Also we could relate it teenslasher horror by maybe linking the font style to teenagers. For examplelike they have used in ‘Jennifers Body’ symbolises an American highschool.