Ravens media presentaion


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Ravens media presentaion

  1. 1. This is a presentation on theanalysis of horror posters, andwhat conventions they follow. Iwill also include an detailedanalysis of a poster and a listof questions that help youanalyze a poster.
  2. 2. Poster Conventions:-Tag line-Title-Release Date-Productioncompanys/Logo’s-Reviews-Certification-USP( actors& directors)
  3. 3. USP: Reviewer The USP for this poster comments: is ‘The Awaking’ this is in white with a black The reviewers background, this makes comments are it stand out more, star to promote the names are used to film. They do promote the films. As this not give biases can attract fans of the representation. actors ’star names. I.e they would not have a bad Title: review on there posterThe title is in Certification: QuickTime™ and awhite this not decompressor are needed to see this picture.only makes itstand out butthe size of font The certificationas well. for this film is’15’ suggesting that Tag It does not have line: a lot of blood and guts/The tag linehighlights the maintheme of thefilm.Suggests it Directors/Productabout ghosts by“sometimes dead ion company:does not meangone”
  4. 4. What are the main colours used in What symbols are used in the poster? Dothe poster? What do they connote? you need audience foreknowledge to The main colours used in this decode the symbols?poster ark black and blue,black is The ‘leather gloves’ symbolize with deathcolour is associated danger, death, and identity for example leather glovesisolation. Whereas blue is a neutral l are associated with them being used tocolour but also the association with cover up fingerprints in a murder.And thewater this could relate to the killers ‘mask’ show his trying to hide his isform of torture. This is also identity. Or maybe even a persona thatrepresent by the tank in the the character associates with ‘the mask’background QuickTime™ and a decompressor these symbols are linked to genre ‘horror’. Another symbol is the deformed women in are needed to see this picture. the tank of water. This not only represents his power and an aspect of torture he uses. But also the position and action of him compared to her show who’s What are the main in control figure/objects/background are they represented photographically, graphically,or illustratively ? The main objects as mentioned Are the main messages before are ‘the gloves’ and ‘mask’ in the poster primarily also the woman in the background. visual, verbal,or both. The background represents isolation Who do you think is the intended It is visual as it and separation. It is represented audience for this movie. challenges its audience photographically and graphically as to decode the different it uses Photoshop to convey power meanings behind what is and control. I think that the intended audience is conveyed. both males and females over 18 because of the certification.Also audience interested in the area or horror because of the USP ‘V VI VII VII’
  5. 5. What genre conventions are How is attentionreferred to? gained?The Image if the man, also Attention is gainediconography and the tag line. All through the USPreference to the genre horror and and the images.allows the audience to identify thegenre of the movie. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. What are the USP used? How does the tag The writers of saw are a line work? USP because it will entice fans of them and people The tag line ‘Every who have seen these great collectors have movies. Also represents a vision.’ This what type of horror this is entices the audience based on ( graphic horror) by the unknown of pervious by movies. what the vision’ is. What gratification are promised? I think its diversion as it fictional and Are reviews and based on unlikely harpings. It used as critiques quoted? a form of entertainment not to gain No. knowledge.
  6. 6. Evaluation:Overall I found this research into analyzing trailersand looking into the conventions of a horror trailer.And ways of convey emotions through colours,Also the use of iconography and how you can usethis to convey narrative and meaning. Also whatcodes and conventions that need to feature in aposter,To insure that it promotes the film andconveys the narrative in enticing way.