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Understanding Technologies - Presentation for College Students
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Understanding Technologies - Presentation for College Students


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Skilled Resource - World's Biggest Problem.. I tried to explain it in my way to one of the the college of Ahmedabad, India,

Skilled Resource - World's Biggest Problem.. I tried to explain it in my way to one of the the college of Ahmedabad, India,

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Looking For Job? 100% Guarantee?
  • 2. Python – New Beast 15 Years Old Language  & We are still not using it here
  • 3. Who are using it? Find out who is using python for what purpose
  • 4. Y Python ,Y Not Python You can combine python with any language Cpython For C Integration Jython For Java Integration Iron Python for .net PyObj for Objective C & PyJs which can compile python language with Javascript
  • 5. Framework And many more frameworks are available..
  • 6. Resource Beginners Guide Audio – Video Tutorials For Python Java to Python Transistion White paper Collection of Free Books, Text books, Videos , Add ons, Learning Environments
  • 7. Node:Talking about Speed
  • 8. For all those who love PHP Reason For Choosing between Facebook & Paypal “Why go to Facebook and do PHP when you can go to PayPal and do Node.js” - Bill Scott – Director UX PayPal
  • 9. Where? Huge Number of API Calls ( Web Services) Single Page Applications Like ( Gmail, Ymail) JSON / REST API Development I/O Operation on File System Real time Ex. Large File processing online Real-time Application where speed is important ex. Chat , Twitter , Stock Exchange, Race Results Of course you can do all other stuff but on above you can find out why it is super fast
  • 10. Who is using this Node.js? Yes, Microsoft 
  • 11. While Creating this ppt Microsoft has released Tools For Node.js in visual studio..
  • 12. Resource
  • 13. Angular JS : By Google
  • 14. Why Easy to Understand & Implement: Easy to create your own Rich HTML Element like <grid></grid> <accordian></accordian> Data Objects Are Same: Plain old JavaScript objects (POJO) Write less code: No Getter/Setter Method , No MVS pipeline requirement No Extra Hussle For Mobile Architecture: Easy to develop an app for mobile and web.
  • 15. Where Single Page Application Real Time & Streaming Application Mobile & Web Architecture Parallel Development Resources and-templating binding/
  • 16. Only JQuery? Can give you a job a good job
  • 17. Who hates SQL?
  • 18. When.. “When Data is large Constraint become constraint “… No Tables No Relational Database Easy to scale up Easy Look up Way Faster than traditional database.
  • 19. You Name it and they have it
  • 20. This is world.. You can expect Swift & Dart may be next year
  • 21. Here is our truth…
  • 22. Dynamics Are Changed world needs different QA & Intelligent QA For This
  • 23. UI , UX , Frontend Designers are open positions in every company…
  • 24. When I entered in Graduation Trend was different? & Now it is completely Different
  • 25. Things are getting Smarter are we?
  • 26. Ketan Raval