Apple design awards 2014


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Presentation For Monthly Meeting in Mobile Team to encourage & brainstorm about creativity. We strongly believe creativity is not only one man job. It has to be done by entire team.

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Apple design awards 2014

  1. 1. Apple Design Awards 2014
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Users can use filters to investigate the sky with invisible wavelengths of light and view hidden wonders like supernova remnants, black holes, and the cosmic microwave background. Sky Guide is accessible to star gazers of all levels, with every feature available even without a Wi-Fi, data, or GPS signal. It’s also localized in 10 different languages.
  4. 4. Built on powerful OS X technologies such as AVFoundation, Open GL, and Core Image, Cinemagraph Pro offers unique “live-masking” technology that enables one to preview living images in real time and output high resolution hybrid photographs. Cinemagraph Pro is power-optimized and takes full advantage of OS X Mavericks, including Auto Layout, Localizations, Asset Library, Full Screen, Notification Center, NSURLSession, and NSURLConnection. This 64-bit app supports 4k video and Retina display, and utilizes OpenCL to harness the full power of OS X Mavericks on the Mac Pro.
  5. 5. Fully optimized for iOS, the app has a powerful gestural interface and a seamless method for quickly importing media from Camera Roll. Users can also discover and comment on stories from around the world by exploring the Storehouse global community. Storehouse is 64-bit and thoroughly modern, using UIView Snapshotting, TextKit, UIMotion Effects, Interactive View Controller Transitioning, NSURL Session, and NSProgress.
  6. 6. This fresh experience is powered by iCloud, Camera, Share Sheets, OpenGL Frame Capture, and Localizations.
  7. 7. iCloud Integration, Game Center, and Share Sheets complete the app to provide a delightful and enduring user experience.
  8. 8. Device 6 This innovative app was developed with Unity and extensively tuned for iOS.
  9. 9. With meticulously minimalist design akin to modern art, Blek is a perfect representation of touch-screen play with modern touches from iOS, such as Game Center and iCloud.
  10. 10. From a mossy forest to a pirate city, this 64-bit app shows meticulous details and stunning visual effects by leveraging OpenGL ES and Texture Streaming. In addition to support for Apple device game controllers, Background Fetch, OpenAL, Localizations, Game Center, and iCloud are also
  11. 11. Day One is a fully modern and up-to-date Mac app incorporating recent OS X technologies such as MapKit, responsive scrolling, Share Sheets, Full Screen support, Auto Layout, Core Data, ARC, and iCloud.
  12. 12. The concept of efficient utility permeates all layers of the app. Background fetch, Silent Notification, Dynamic Binding and NSURLSessionDownloadTask all work in concert. Custom UIViewController, Core Animation, and CATransaction are leveraged to present content in a modern minimalist UI based on simplified modular elements.
  13. 13. Built for iOS only, using UIKit, OpenAL, OpenGLE, AVFoundation, SQLite and more, Addimal Adventure found a strong following among teachers and
  14. 14. This app uses UIKitDynamics for animations and supports asynchronous loading and caching of images, resulting in fast lower-resolution feeds and high quality, full-resolution panoramas. Social and Accounts frameworks are used to login with Facebook and Twitter.
  15. 15. iOS 8 Yes, We are ready….