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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Cambodia The Kingdom of Wonder
  • 2. Contents
    • Cambodia and Me
    • General facts about the country
    • The journey to the country
    • My new family
    • Climate, traffic
    • Society
    • The Khmer Rouge
    • Angkor
    • My experience and summary
  • 3. Cambodia and Me
  • 4. General facts about the country
    • Location: in East Asia, it borders Thailand, Laos and Vietnam
    • Population: over 14 million,mostly Khmer people
    • Religion: 95% of the population is Buddhist, the others are Christian
    • Capital: Phnom Penh
    • Official language: Khmer, English and French are widely used
  • 5. The journey to the country
    • Travel arrangements
      • Austrian Airlines (from Vienna to Bangkok)
      • Bangkok Airways (from Bangkok to Phnom Penh)
  • 6. My host family
  • 7. Mona
    • Hungarian, who spent 10 years in the USA, 10 years In Asia
    • Works at the Oxfam America, East Asia Regional Office
    • Position: Deputy Regional Manager
    • Her husband Champ, their son Mathe
  • 8. Champ
    • Thai, lived in Thailand, spent 3 years in Cambodia
    • Works as a teacher, in his own nursery school
  • 9. Zénó
    • A Hungarian, 10 years old boy
    • Mona’s and Champ’s nephew
    • Travelled with Me to Cambodia
  • 10. Mathe
    • 3 years old boy
    • Mona’s and Champ’s son
  • 11. Climate
    • It’s dominated by the annual monsoon cycle
    • Seasons: cool and dry, hot and dry, hot and wet, cool and wet
  • 12. The traffic
    • Very undeveloped
    • The roads: dirt roads in the countryside, avenues in the capital
    • Cambodian’s means of transports: motorcycles, bicycles, buses, cars, tuk-tuks
    • Foreigners: cars
    • They don’t follow the Highway Code
  • 13. Society
    • Cambodian people- Khmer
    • Their language : Khmer
    • Religion: Buddhism
    • Main occupations : agriculture, work in the households of foreigners
    • Poverty
  • 14. Society
    • Foreigners
    • Different nations
    • Language: English
    • Work for the embassies, United Nations, different foundtaions
    • Much better living standard
  • 15. The Khmer Rouge
    • Khmer Rouge: the followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, the totalitarian ruling party in Cambodia
    • Led by Pol Pot
    • Their agricultural reform caused famine, diseases
    • Brutal executions and torture (1.5 million executed)
    • Anti-intellectual policy
    • Resistance movement from Thailand
    • The KR was removed by the Socialist Republic Of Vietnam
    • Now: Cambodia is constitutional monarchy
  • 16. Angkor
    • Served as the seat of the Khmer Empire
    • Angkor means city
    • The ruins are located in the jungle
    • They are the Unesco World Heritage Site
    • More than one thousand temples
  • 17. Angkor
    • The seat of the Khmer Empire (AD 802- 1431)
    • Every king built a temple for his favourite gods
    • The Khmer Empire: almost the strongest country in Asia
    • Religious purposes: Hinduism, later Buddhism
  • 18. Angkor
    • The fall of the Empire
    • -Thai invaders
    • -The fall of the state
    • religion (instead of Hinduism Buddhism)
    • -Neglect of public works
    • -Natural disasters
    • -Internal fights
  • 19. Angkor
    • The inhabitants left Angkor
    • The city and the temples was cloaked by the forest until the 19th century
    • French archeologist began a restoration process
    • Now it attcracts tourist, it’s a Word Heritage
  • 20. My experience and summary
    • Cambodia: safe, peceful, cleared from landmines,
    • Angkor is impressive
    • Developing , poor country, but people are nice and open
    • Prevention against diseases
    • Good opportunity to practise English