Vodafone communication


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Vodafone communication

  1. 1. Establishment• The company was founded in 1982 as a joint venture• The name was derived from the newly-found company’s goal of establishing both voice (VO) and data (DA) service over mobile telephone network• Speech mark logo, suggestion and conversation
  2. 2. Hutchison Essar• Establsihed-1994• An Essar group & Hutchison agreement• Acquiring cellular mobile license• Has national wide market share• The second largest Indian operator• Most Respected Telecom company• Best Mobile service in the country• Most Creative & Most Effective Advertisement
  3. 3. Vodafone Essar• Vodafone Essar, previously Hutchison Essar is a cellular operator in india that covers 23 telecom circles in india• Despite the official name being vodafone Essar, its products are simply branded vodafone• It offers both prepaid & postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout india with good presence in the metros
  4. 4. Vodafone take over
  5. 5. ProductsPrepaidPostpaid3G serviceMagic Box HandsetWorld Calling cardsVodafone Handyhone
  6. 6. PEST Analysis : A Environmental Scanning• Political• Governmental & Legal issues affecting how the company operates:-• Regulation• Infrastructure• Banning of phone use in certain circumstances• Health Issues
  7. 7. • Economic• Factors affecting the purchasing power of the customer & the company’s cost of capital• Cost of 3G license• Cost of calls being driven down• Worldwide recession
  8. 8. • Social• Demographic & cultural aspect of environment which influence customer need & market size• Health issues• Demographic• Social Trends• Picture Phone
  9. 9. • Technology• 3G• GPRS/WAP• SMS/MMS
  10. 10. STP Analysis• Segmentation• Income• Age• Service Usage• Life of service• Geographical Condition• Nature Of customer• Institutional• Individual
  11. 11. Targeting• Vodafone is adopting multi-segment approach• They are offering series of differentiated product to their respective market• Home calling cards for the families of those professional who use to work abroad• Rs. 10 recharge (CHOTA RECHARGE) for small users• Credit recharge• Cheap sms facility for youth• Facilities for young groups
  12. 12. Positioning• Where you go network follows you• Hutch as a brand, always tried to connect consume in simple, honest & real manner, while vodafone is more young & fun brand. Consumer will see a shift reflecting a more vibrant brand• The ‘Pug’ & the actor Irfan khan, ZooZoo will be retained for the brand position• They are talking about the exclusivity of the network & the service they offering to the coustmer
  13. 13. Vodafone Market Strategy• Our strategic objective is,• -Innovate and deliver on customer’s total communication needs• Vodafone too, needed to educate consumers about cellular telephony :-• -Can I Call std?• -Can I use my phone in a lift?• -What is airtime?
  14. 14. Commercial Market Strategy• Rebranding• -Stores• -Mass Media Usage• Innovative distribution to reach the customer• -Exclusive shops• -Hub & Spoke• -Association distribution• Customer Service• -Shops & Call Centre• -Vans• Help Desk
  15. 15. Swot Analysis of Vodafone Strength Weakness -Leading mobile -Customer un- company in India satisfaction -Globally renowned name Opportunities Threat -Diversification -Threat of Legal into other areas action by workers
  16. 16. Vodafone Sucsess• Vodafone customer have chosen to trust the group• Vodafone must understand their needs & delight them with there services• Vodafone values the customer above everything else aspires to make their lives richer, more fulfilled & connected• Vodafone always listen & respond to each of its customers• Delivering the great quality & more value, faster than any1 else