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bharti foundation

  1. 1. By: Rishab jain Sai Nethra Tarun Nehlani Alankrita Raghavendra
  2. 2. Quality education is the most powerful tool for socio-economic transformation of a country. It not only eradicates poverty but also ensures equity among people It was to partake in this journey towards quality education that Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic wing of Bharti Group of Companies, was set up in 2000. The Foundation implements and supports quality education programs across primary, elementary, senior secondary and higher education levels. •Vision To help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential •Mission Committed to creating and supporting programs that bring about sustainable changes through education and use of technology •Goals • To improve the accessibility and quality of education at school level across rural India • To provide education and training opportunities to the youth of our country in order to make them employable.
  3. 3. PROGRAMS FOLLOWED SCHOOL-BASED PROGRAMS Satya Bharti Primary School Program Satya Bharti Elementary School Program Satya Bharti Senior Secondary School Program HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi The Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, in partnership with IIT Delhi, was set up with the vision “to develop telecom leaders through excellence in education and research”. It has emerged as a premier education institute offering specialized courses in telecommunications. The School has also evolved as a focal point for telecom related activities in IIT Delhi. The programs offered in this School are: M. Tech., MBA, M.S. (Research) and PhD in Telecommunications. MAJOR MILESTONES • Bharti Merit Awards: Instituted in 2002, awarded to the top three students of M. Tech and MBA of Bharti School of Telecom. • Airtel Lecture Series: Started in August 2007. Senior executives from the Bharti Group of Companies are invited to address students and share experiences of tackling industry situations • Bharti Lecture Series: Under this series, experts from the field of telecom and management are invited to address students • Patents: A total of 13 patents have been filed by the institute. • Research: 56 research papers have been published in the last year.
  4. 4. HIGHLIGHTS 2010-2011 Winter School of Speech and Audio Processing 2010 - The focus of this school is on Audio Content Analysis and Retrieval. Over a span of three days, overseas speakers are invited to deliver lectures discussing theory, applications and practical aspects of audio content analysis and description, as well as building large-scale retrieval systems in depth Bharti Centre for Communication, IIT Bombay The Bharti Centre for Communication was inaugurated in January 2009. The Centre promotes research in communication theory and systems and fosters technical collaboration between the research and user groups. Currently, 28 students conduct research at the Centre. The other activities at the Centre include tutorials and seminars by experts from around the world, scholarships for attending international and national conferences, research publications in various international fora and guest lectures.
  5. 5. Bharti Scholarship Scheme The Bharti Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships to academically bright youth from financially weak families for completing their higher education. The scholar is supported for the entire course-term subject to meeting performance related criteria. Mentorship Program The initiative also offers a mentorship program, wherein senior executives from Bharti Group of Companies mentor scholars in their career choices, provide them relevant exposure and guide them in shaping their future. The mentoring program has been successful in building communication skills, planning skills, confidence, positive thinking, self-assessment, conflict handling, managing stress, clarity on career choices, leadership skills, etc in the mentee. Past programs • Bharti Center for Entrepreneurial Initiatives (BCEI) • Bharti Library and Activity Centres • Bharti Computer Centres • Bharti CII Women Exemplar Award
  6. 6. JOB EVALUATION Working at Bharti Foundation Bharti Foundation has professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing in rich experience and value to the organization besides providing ongoing learning environment for younger employees. This trend ensures that the best learnings from the commercial and development sectors come together. The Foundation firmly believes in an organizational culture which is based on mutual trust & respect that encourages cooperation & team work. High integrity standards & ethical practices offer a work environment is followed. Bharti follows a structured process of identifying talent within the organization and provides them appropriate opportunities to enable them to occupy future leadership positions. Bharti Foundation offers a positive and productive work environment with employee friendly contemporary HR policies.We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to hiring, developing and retaining the best of talent.
  7. 7. brief job descriptions •Position: Project Engineer • Plan and execute maintenance of Buildings. • Supervision of Daily work of contractors and ensuring delivery of material on site. • Ensuring quality check of material received on site, maintaining time schedule and other specification as per the tender/contract documents. • Check running bills of the contractor and processing of the bills for payments • To visit sites and presenting the report to the reporting officer in Gurgaon. • Able to manage contingencies at sites. • Onsite supervision of construction activities as and when required. • Position: Cluster Coordinator • Ensure the academic and non-academic functions of the school as per school calendar, norms. • Mentor teachers to upgrade teaching quality, help them prepare teaching plans, teaching aids • Ensure school improvement strategy for each school depending on weaknesses and threats. • Community liaison and partnership with Panchayat, other influential people in community and parents. •Position: School Mentor • Ensuring improvement of schools by training teachers on quality education processes & non academic aspects. • Liaison with all stakeholders. • Monitor project progress and evaluate impact. • Creative in the field of pedagogy & school curriculum. Exposure beyond Teaching in the field of education.
  8. 8. Format for applying Conat details Name : * Email : * Telephone : * If you do not have a mobile, enter Landline City : * State : * Country : * Applying for location : * Gurgaon State Office For Teachers Upload Resume : * Attach Resume: Upload MS Word file(.doc) only. Max size limit 200kb Submit
  9. 9. Salient Features of the Satya Bharti School Curriculum • Based on National Curriculum Framework 2005 • Common across all schools in all states with key elements of respective state boards • Focused on ‘holistic development’ with emphasis on cognitive, personal, social, emotional and physical growth of children • Promotes experiential learning • Engages all types of learners with multi-sensory inputs and innovative Teaching Learning Material (TLM) • Allows teachers to be the facilitators in this learning journey • Assessment tools are scientific and provide opportunities for further learning • Community involvement plays an essential role in teaching- learning process
  10. 10. HAY METHODOLOGY Organizations everywhere acknowledge that their people are the most important asset. But all too many of those organizations have no formal method for managing that asset. Are the right people in the right roles? What skills do those roles require ?What rewards are appropriate for each post and level?And how do you make sure you offer the right opportunities for career development and progression to serve the organization and motivate and retain individuals? These are complex questions, but vital ones for any organization to answer. By working with Hay Group, and using our job evaluation method, organizations can take a structured, rigorous approach to answering the questions – which in turn means a formal, methodical approach to getting the best out of their people. Hay Group offers the world’s best, time-tested evaluation methodology for measuring jobs by relative size, nature and importance, at all levels in all types of organizations. Hay Group’s job evaluation methodology to help them bring together the right people, jobs and structures to execute their strategies. The methodology has the dual benefits of being both standardized and flexible. The underlying principles are consistent but the tool is customized to each client’s culture and business model, and can be applied in either a comprehensive or streamlined format. It uses a disciplined system for determining the relative importance and value of different jobs – and the critical relationships between them – within an organization. We then support our findings and insights with Hay Group’s global compensation database, which mean clients can make more informed and accurate pay decisions.
  11. 11. By working with the Hay Group method, organizations can: •gain an understanding of relative accountabilities of all roles – HQ, business, function and category •clarify how matrix structures are (supposed to be) working •establish clear, effective career paths, useful in determining career moves and development programs •design internally equitable pay structures •meet requirements of ‘equal value’ legislation •make accurate market competitiveness assessments through ‘measured job-size’ surveys •analyze job and organization design efficiency and effectiveness •determine the best job/person match. THE SMART HIRING in order to ensure that the new entrants into the organization are passionate and capable enough to give superlative performance , the selection process is systematically designed comprisimg of multiple level assessments using the behavioral event interviews and psychometric testing and predefined competencies. All the teaching resources are being covered in this program and top 25 head teachers and 75 teachers are being covered in this process . this brings commitment and thereby brings down attrition of top talents. PSYCHOMETRIC TEST: This test are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals mental capabilties and behavioral style candidates are being evaluated on five bharti competencies; •displaying entrepreneurial spirit •achieving business success •empowering and developing •delighting customers
  12. 12. KENEXA Engagement Survey Employee engagement surveys have been used in organizations for decades to help leaders understand how individual employees perceive their working conditions, job satisfaction, advancement opportunities and other qualitative aspects of the workplace. Every year the support of Gallup or Kenexa is taken to do the survey to understand the engagement level of our resources, based on band-wise, region-wise or function-wise intervention. Career Planning Career planning is a process of establishing career objectives and determining appropriate educational and developmental programs to further develop the skills required to achieve short- term or long-term career objectives. With this objective, planning of the career of both teaching and non-teaching resources is made to ensure clarity on the steps of growth. With clarity on career path, a sense of security is being established. Performance Management and Development The organization has a well-defined performance management system which is simple, fair and objective focusing on the development of the people rather than simply appraising it .At the beginning of the year, through mutual dialogue between the supervisor and the reporter, the performance objectives are agreed which are time bound and measurable. The interim review is done to ascertain the progress. The year-end review process is carried out to determine, decide and establish the contributions made by individuals, areas of improvement needing training and development interventions, rewarding him with merit increase and promotions.
  13. 13. Midterm Appraisal While many companies conduct annual performance reviews for the employees, midterm performance reviews are less common. However, midterm performance reviews allow companies to make proactive, midcourse assessments of their employees. They also provide workers with guidelines of what their employers will be evaluating during the annual performance review. Leadership Development The identification and development of leadership pipeline starts at identifying the critical roles in the organization at different levels. Employees who are playing a critical role and having consistently been top performers are considered for this pool. To be selected a part of this pool, each employee is interviewed by a panel consisting of senior leadership team members. After this pool of future leaders are identified, the development program defines the training and development program for individuals who will undergo special assignments and projects before undertaking leadership role. Succession Planning Succession planning is a process whereby an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. Through this process BHARTHI FOUNDATION recruits superior employees, develop their knowledge, skills and abilities, and prepare them for advancements
  14. 14. Our Legal Status •Bharti Foundation is established under the Laws of India with charitable status pursuant to a "Deed of Trust" dated August 7, 2000, registered at New Delhi on August 25, 2000 under the Registration Act 1908. •The corporate office is at Bharti Crescent, 1 Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj- Phase II, New Delhi. •The organization was granted a certificate under section 80(G)(iv) of the Income Tax Act 1961, applicable to charitable non- profit organization, on July 1, 2005.