Tools for developing Android Games
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Tools for developing Android Games



Slides from the workshop: Tools for developing Android Games, held on March 24th, 2012 at Amsterdam.

Slides from the workshop: Tools for developing Android Games, held on March 24th, 2012 at Amsterdam.



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 Tools for developing Android Games Tools for developing Android Games Presentation Transcript

  • Tools for Android GamesRaul Portales@sla_shalafi
  • Summary● Introduction to game development● Engines ● AndEngine ● jPCT-AE● Scores / Achievements● Monetization systems
  • Game Architecture (Simplified) Game Engine Draw Thread Game Objects Update Thread
  • Performance Tips● Avoid object creations ● Use pools and pre create them● Avoid getters and setters ● Public attributes instead● Avoid collections● Avoid interfaces● Use a single Activity
  • Why use OpenGL? Performance
  • Why use OpenGL? Performance
  • Why use any EngineYou don’t want to start from scratch
  • AndEngine
  • AndEngine●● 2D Graphics Engine● LGPL● Extensions ● Physics Engine (Box2D) ● Live Wallpapers ● etc
  • Games built with AndEngine● Chalk Ball● Bunny Shooter● Greedy Spiders● Wheelz● Farm Tower● ...
  • Games built with AndEngine
  • Project setup● Put the jar under libs ● Add them to the build path● Don’t forget “armeabi”● Get the source ● Import project ● Create res dir
  • Concepts● Engine● Scene ● Sprites + Handlers● Texture / Texture Atlas● Sprite● Body ● Fixture
  • Game Architecture / AndEngine Game Engine Draw Thread Game Objects Update Thread Scene UpdateHandler Sprites
  • Activity creation flow● BaseGameActivity ● onLoadEngine ● onLoadResources ● onLoadScene ● onLoadComplete
  • Creating the Engine (1/2)public Engine onLoadEngine() {DisplayMetrics om = new DisplayMetrics();getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(om);camWidth = 480;camHeight = (int) (om.heightPixels*480f / om.widthPixels);RatioResolutionPolicy rrp = newRatioResolutionPolicy(camWidth, camHeight);Camera camera = new Camera(0, 0, camWidth, camHeight);
  • Creating the Engine (2/2)EngineOptions options = new EngineOptions(true,ScreenOrientation.LANDSCAPE, rrp, camera);options.getRenderOptions().disableExtensionVertexBufferObjects();return new Engine(options);}
  • Loading Resourcespublic void onLoadResources() {BitmapTextureAtlas bitmapTextureAtlas = newBitmapTextureAtlas(64, 64,TextureOptions.BILINEAR_PREMULTIPLYALPHA);mBoxTextureRegion =BitmapTextureAtlasTextureRegionFactory.createFromAsset(bitmapTextureAtlas, this,"box_icon.png", 0, 0);mEngine.getTextureManager().loadTexture(bitmapTextureAtlas);}
  • Texture Atlas● Quite a pain for AndEngine ● Built by hand ● Size must be a power of 2 ● One big or many small ones?
  • Creating the Scene (1/3)public Scene onLoadScene() {Scene scene = new Scene();PhysicsWorld physicsWorld = new PhysicsWorld(newVector2(0, SensorManager.GRAVITY_EARTH), false);Shape ground = new Rectangle(0, camHeight - 2,camWidth, 2);FixtureDef wallFixtureDef =PhysicsFactory.createFixtureDef(0, 0.5f, 0.5f);PhysicsFactory.createBoxBody(physicsWorld, ground,BodyType.StaticBody, wallFixtureDef);scene.attachChild(ground);
  • Creating the Scene (2/3)Sprite box = new Sprite(0, 0, mBoxTextureRegion);FixtureDef boxFixture =PhysicsFactory.createFixtureDef(1, 0.5f, 0.5f);Body boxBody =PhysicsFactory.createBoxBody(physicsWorld, box,BodyType.DynamicBody, boxFixture);physicsWorld.registerPhysicsConnector(newPhysicsConnector(box, boxBody, true, true));scene.attachChild(box);
  • Creating the Scene (3/3)scene.registerUpdateHandler(physicsWorld);scene.registerUpdateHandler(mUpdateHandler);return scene;}
  • Types of bodies● Dynamic ● It is affected by physics like gravity● Kinematic ● It moves in a specified way● Static ● It does not move
  • More Interesting things● TiledTextures / Animated Sprites● Animations● Sound Engine● Particle Systems● Collision Detect● Polygonal Bodies● Menus
  • Intermission ← AndEngine Example apk
  • jPCT-AE
  • jPCT-AE●● 3D Engine ● 3DObjects ● Lights ● etc● No physics ● It has collision detection
  • Games built with jPCT-AE● SpaceCat● SkyFrontier● Forgotten Elements● Mobialia Chess● Freddy Budgett● Alien Runner● ...
  • Games built with jPCT-AE
  • Project setupAdd jpct-ae.jar to libs / Build path
  • Concepts / Classes● Renderer / FrameBuffer● World● Texture / TextureManager● Object3D● Light● Camera
  • Game Architecture / jPCT-AE Game EngineDraw Thread Game Objects Update Thread Renderer World 3DObject
  • Preparing the GLSurfaceViewmGlView = (GLSurfaceView) findViewById(;mGlView.setKeepScreenOn(true);mViewRenderer = new MyRenderer(mGlView, mWorld);mGlView.setRenderer(mViewRenderer);
  • Renderer setuppublic void onDrawFrame(GL10 gl) { buffer.clear(back); synchronized (mWorld) { mWorld.renderScene(buffer); mWorld.draw(buffer); } buffer.display();}
  • Setup the WorldmWorld = new World();mWorld.setAmbientLight(150, 150, 150);
  • Loading TexturesResources res = getResources();Texture texture = new Texture(res.getDrawable(R.raw.texture));TextureManager.getInstance() .addTexture("texture", texture);
  • Loading ObjectsmModel = Loader.load3DS(getResources() .openRawResource(R.raw.model), 1)[0];mModel.setTexture("texture");mWorld.addObject(mModel);mWorld.buildAllObjects();
  • Creating LightsLight sun = new Light(mWorld);sun.setIntensity(250, 250, 250);SimpleVector sv = new SimpleVector(0, -100, -100);sun.setPosition(sv);
  • Handling the cameraCamera cam = mWorld.getCamera();cam.setPosition(new SimpleVector(0, 0,-100));cam.lookAt(mModel.getTransformedCenter());
  • More about the camera● It has a position ● Camera.setPosition● It has a target ● Camera.lookAt● It has a rotation ● Camera.setRotation
  • The 3D axis
  • Operations with objects● Hierarchy ● addChild● Move ● setPosition / translate● Rotation ● rotateX, rotateY, rotateZ
  • More Interesting Things● Keyframe Animations● Collision detect (Ellipsoids)● Billboards● Transparency● Culling● Primitive Objects
  • And a workaround● Overlay native layouts ● Menus ● Dialogs
  • Another Intermission ← jPCT-AE Example apk
  • Bonus: Other Engines● PlayN ●● NME ●● Unity ●● Game Maker ●
  • Scores / Achievements
  • Why use a Library?● Not reinventing the wheel ● It is proven that works● Familiarity for users ● Other games use them● You do not own the servers ● You don’t, and that is good
  • Available libraries● ScoreLoop ● OpenFeint
  • What do you get?● Achievements ● Not very impressive● Leaderboards ● That is interesting● News Feed● Friends management● Improved engagement
  • Easy to integrate● Android Library Project● Initialize with the Application● Open a specific screen ● 2 lines of code● Submit a score or achievement ● 2 lines of code
  • MonetizationToo much to say for a single slide
  • And now...● Lunch● Pitch your game idea ● Gather a team● Hackaton● Demos, Pizza & Beer
  • Tools for Android GamesRaul Portales@sla_shalafi