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Word Camp Victoria - Integrated Social Media Building
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Word Camp Victoria - Integrated Social Media Building


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My talk at WordCamp Victoria (November 14th, 2009) was built around how to use social networking sites (SNS) to build a better WordPress site.

My talk at WordCamp Victoria (November 14th, 2009) was built around how to use social networking sites (SNS) to build a better WordPress site.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Integrated social media site building (aka using SNS to enhance your WordPress blog) Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega (research) (personal/social media)
  • 2.  
  • 3. This talk isn't about social media It's about how you can use social media to make your WordPress site/blog better
  • 4. Credit and source:
  • 5. Of the Social Networking Sites (SNS) ... I normally live here....
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Flickr
    • YouTube
  • 6. Social media is an enabling agent
    • Finding information
    • Learning from other’s stories
    • Building trust and strengthening relationships
    • Sharing your story ( storytelling )
  • 7. How can you use SNS to make your blog more attractive/usable?
    • Twitter
      • iFrames & ScribbleLive
    • Facebook
      • Sidebar widget for cross-promotion
    • YouTube
      • Embeddable videos
    • Flickr
      • Embedding photos/re-sizing
  • 8. Live Demos
    • Let's go into WordPress so that I can show you live how to use each one.
    • Remember, most of what I'm going to show you is possible on a self-hosted install of WordPress (.org)
    • I will try show some stuff that can be done with, though.
  • 9. List of live demos
    • Integrating Twitter into a WordPress site
      • Capture live tweets related to a particular topic/hashtag
      • Liveblog and integrate tweets
      • CoverItLive vs. ScribbleLive
    • Integrating Flickr into your WordPress site
      • Making the insertion of photos easier and faster
      • I use the HTML editor, not the visual one
      • I use a modified version of PhotoDropper (WP plugin), WP-Flickr and Flickr Photo (3 plugins)
  • 10. In conclusion
    • Social media (social networking sites) can be used both inbound (to feed into a blog) or outbound (to feed your blog to broadcasting channels)
    • Your WordPress site should be integrated with all social networking sites you have a link with.
    • Your WordPress blog is your home base. Everything should point out back at it.
  • 11. Thanks for listening!
    • Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD
      • How to contact me:
        • Via email
          • [email_address] for social media matters
          • [email_address] for my enviro research
        • Via contact form on my blogs
          • social medial/personal
          • research
        • Via Twitter
          • social media
          • research