My Pitching Bloggers talk May 2012 (Guest Lecture for SFU Public Relations Program)


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Natasha Netschay Davies (Moonraker and Peak) invited me to guest lecture at Simon Fraser University's Public Relations Certificate. These are the slides I used as the basis of my talk.

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My Pitching Bloggers talk May 2012 (Guest Lecture for SFU Public Relations Program)

  1. 1. Pitching Bloggers The Right Way Raul Pacheco Chief Content Creator, Http:// SFU PR Program May 3rd, 2012 Hashtag: #hb604sfu
  2. 2. Credit: Rob Cottingham (Social Signal, Noise To Signal)
  3. 3. My backgroundBy day Im an academic By night Im a socialite
  4. 4. What do I write about?
  5. 5. What else do I write about?
  6. 6. I write about...  In a nutshell, Im a travel and lifestyle blogger with an academic slant. Travel and tourism Food  While I have a PhD in environmental studies, I rarely Wine blog about environmental Music/Dance/Theatre issues anymore (mostly because I put those on my Entertainment research blog, Queer issues Non-profits  I dont cover the Canucks, nor − Cancer Real Housewives of − Mental health Vancouver. And I think − HIV/AIDS Snookis pregnancy is a − Homelessness presage of the worlds perils.
  7. 7. How do you pitch bloggers? Im going to my PREVIOUS presentation here...
  8. 8. Know my name Don’t EVER do this.
  9. 9. Know my blog Local PR company: “We didn’t even know that you blogged about the arts”
  10. 10. Know my fellow bloggers
  11. 11. Know my rulesDisclosure and transparencyMy readers are my priorityPhotographers need to be creditedSend me visualsAccept that I have very limited timeFollow up, because I receive hundreds of emails
  12. 12. Know my fieldsFood and wineNightlifeTravelLifestyleDanceTheatreNon-profitsUnique, unconventional stuff
  13. 13. Build a relationship with me
  14. 14. Build community WITH me Show me you care about the community
  15. 15. Three additional tips... Train your interns. − Your interns are an extension of you. They need to behave equally professionally to how YOU would behave. − Your interns should reflect your image. And yes, I know it takes a while to train them, but I did it and so should you.
  16. 16. Three additional tips... Follow the rules uniformly (and dont lie) − If you say X “cant be done” dont go and offer X to blogger Y. Because the rest of the blogging world is going to find out. And your PR company will lose its reputation.
  17. 17. Three additional tips... Dont break down the rapport youve already established − If the blogger tells you they dont like non-targeted press releases, and youve done specific, tailored pitches... dont revert back to blanket press releases! − Make sure your pitches are always targeted to the right people. Even after youve had success.
  18. 18. More resources: On my site, search for the following posts/pages: 4 additional thoughts on pitching bloggers and online influencers (My Pitch Me page)