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Growing Robust Online Communities with WordPress


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The slides of my WordCamp Victoria 2012 talk for people's use.

The slides of my WordCamp Victoria 2012 talk for people's use.

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  • 1. Growing Robust OnlineCommunities with WordPress Raul Pacheco HB Strategies/
  • 2. I dedicate this talk to: - Rebecca Bollwitt, who first taught me WordPress (and mentored me through many, many WP tools)  -- happy belated birthday! - The best online and offline community builders I know of: Derek K. Miller (+) and Airdrie Miller.- My book(s) co-author, ArieannaSchweber, who is now expecting hersecond child :) Thanks for doing these2 projects (both of which includeWordPress stuff) with me!
  • 3. Communities that RockCreating kick-ass onlinecommunities Arieanna Schweber (@arieanna) & Raul Pacheco (@hummingbird604) Available at: 
  • 4. What is a community?
  • 5. Communities have many shapes and sizes
  • 6. What are the attributes of robust onlinecommunities?- readers visit your site daily (if you write daily)- your average time-on-site is over 35 seconds- you have a high proportion of traffic coming from direct URLs (people typing inyour URL / using a bookmark)- you have a high click-through rate on posts promoted to outside social networks- you have comments on most of your posts, usually many comments per post- you get a lot of votes in your polls- people send you tips via email, Twitter or Facebook Schweber and Pacheco (2011)
  • 7. Tip #1: Promote others as a way to build arobust online community  (case study:
  • 8. Tip #2: Have bidirectional conversation as away to build a robust online community  (case study:
  • 9. Tip #3: Reblog as a method to createinteresting content  (case study:
  • 10. Tip #4: Always make your WordPress blog thehub of all your social media activity.
  • 11. General tips to build robust onlinecommunities on WordPress- Say thanks. A lot. - Attribute, credit and disclose. ALWAYS (hat tips JanniAragon).- Write with pretty visuals (hat tips Rebecca Bollwitt).- Tell a good story (hat tips Erica Hargreave and Isabella Mori).- Rise above the trolls (hat tips Lorraine Murphy).- Write for you, before you write for others (this is totally me)- Stop worrying about your stats.
  • 12. Types of blog posts
  • 13. How I build online community usingWordPressIm going to write a blog post on my site, live. ... unless, of course, the technology fails me. In that case, ohwell. 
  • 14. Questions? Raul Pacheco @hummingbird604