Geography- country Japan research Land pollution

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Geography pwp on Japan land pollution

Geography pwp on Japan land pollution

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  • 1. Geography
    Land Pollution
    In Japan
  • 2. Brief On the country Japan
    Japan has the world's tenth-largest
    population, with over 127 million people.
    Japan is a country of over three thousand islands extending along the Pacific coast of Asia.
    Their capital city is Tokyo…..
  • 3. CultureJapanese culture has evolved greatly over the years, from the country's original Jōmon culture to its contemporary culture, which combines influences from Asia, Europe and North America. Traditional Japanese arts include crafts (ikebana, origami, lacquerware, pottery),
  • 4. PART OF Japan ON EARTH …..
  • 5. SPORTS
    Sumo is considered Japan's national sport and it is a popular spectator sport.
    Martial arts such as judo, karate and modern kendō are
    also widely practiced and enjoyed by spectators in
    the country.
  • 6.                ,
    Japan’s economy
    A major economic power, Japan has the world's 2nd-largest-economy by nominal GDP and the 3rd largest in power parity. It is also the world's fourth largest exporter and fifth largest importer.
    It is a developed country withhigh living standard
    EVEN that, Japan’s economic success is also
    Causing many serious environmental problems……….
  • 7. Environmentalproblems Faced by Japan
    Japan is a modern country & are able to produce electronic materials easily. Treating it differently by, hiring specially trained workers to dismantle and recycle the material.
    As, the cost grew too high to keep these workers around. Instead, e-waste was then treated as every other form of waste, and tossed into a giant landfill.
    The environmental problems Japan has faced is land pollution due to the increase in waste , which is also called as “kogai”, public nuisance…
    Leading to a huge problem for any country when waste are difficult to disposed
  • 8. The environmental problems & increase in waste are caused by;…
    • Too much waste not thrown properly, …..
    • 9. Garbage's and waste thrown / littered everywhere...
    Increase in waste affect environment problems because:
    • The energy production from factories for waste burning, release carbon dioxide(C02)~ (Carbon dioxide prevents heat from escaping earth, making holes in the ozone layer, ozone layer helps to protect us from harmful uv rays…thus carbon dioxide, chlorine and cfc’s are dangerous…
    • 10. Improper and continuous disposal of non-recyclable substrates into nearby water bodies lead to the obstruction and clogging of water flow thereby causing a risk of destruction of living habitats for aquatic flora and fauna.
  • It ‘s harmful effects are::
    • 11. Unhygienic
    • 12. eyesore
    • 13. The waste attracts flies and rats which carry germs and spread diseases
    • 14. The incineration of waste cause a lot of greenhouse gases to be emitted
    • 16. Pesticides also emit chemicals that affect the earthworm, which help fertilise the soil., and when birds eat the earthworm, the pesticides stored in the body is passed on.
  • measure s taken in japan
    Enforcing laws and regulations ( fine those who litter)
    Educate the public by having a speed on how important it is to recycle
    Developing proper waste disposal methods (for example: burn waste, incineration, at high temp.)
    or, dig big holes to dump solid waste.
    4. Use advance technology, country may invest building sewage treatment.
    • UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) which works together closely to reduce pollution.
    Reduce emissions of
    greenhouse gases, by not buying CFC products.
    2. Recycle items…
    3. Do not throw litters on the ground.
    4. 3Rs’
  • 17. Japan had actually able to achieve a high
    standard of clean enviroment.
    The strict rules in thhe country had actually educate and train the public not to litter anywhere….
    Now japan is one of the top cleanest country…
    Do japan succeed in saving their enviroment?
  • 18. The reason we chose this country…
    • This country is and advance country with a lot of natural resources.
    • 19. Other than that, we as a group have a lot of interest in the country such as the production of anime there, , cultures and even MUSICS..
    Thus, , we like to learn more about the country now….
  • 20. Reflections…..??
    We as a group; we learn a lot about the cultures, tradition and sports in Japan….
    Not only that, we even learn that about 2 or 3 years ago, Japan had faced land pollution before…, Japan is now an advance country with a clean environment compared to before…
  • 21. Resources taken from:
    And also the textbook…
  • 22. Lets watch a video
    Geo project vid….
  • 23. Done by: Salinah(7) , Hidayah(14), Nabilah, Syarmeen(16) & Raudhah(13)…(2b)