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  • Constipation :- A result of a unhealthy life style
    Constipation is a side effect with numerous reasons. These reasons are of two sorts: hindered poop and colonic moderate travel (or hypomobility). About half of patients assessed for constipation at tertiary referral clinics have discouraged defecation. This sort of stoppage has mechanical and useful reasons. Reason for colonic moderate travel clogging incorporate eating methodology, hormonal issue, for example, hypothyroidism, symptoms of prescriptions, and once in a while overwhelming metal danger.
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  1. 1. Advertising plan Prepared byLisa Griswold Priyanka Nigam Nikola Sudelija
  2. 2. Situation Analysis Societal Factors Family Factors 54% of Americans In 2011, 36% more cite they are watching families reported they their diet are cooking and eating at home than in 2010 In 2010, 27.5% of U.S. adults were obese (up 3% from 2005)
  3. 3. Breakfast Category Analysis HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH Cereal Category Fiber-enhanced products dominate  Entire breakfast cereal market is anthe market estimated: $10.2 billionThe demand is for products that offer:  General Mills is 2nd in the market (28%)  Lower sugar  FiberOne market: 75 million consumers  Fiber-enriched  Despite the recession, consumers are still  Whole grain willing to pay more for a fiber-enriched  Gluten-free product  Organic PROBIOTICS
  4. 4. Competing Breakfast Categories In-house Out-of-house • Hot cereal • Fast food • Yogurt & keifer • Coffee shop Granola Fruit • 60% of households eat cold cereal 10 times w/i a week • 8-to-1 prefer cold cereal over hot cereal
  5. 5. Brand Overview FiberOne is FiberOne expands 11.8% market 2005 20121985 created, a part of product base to share in the „low “Big G” product yogurt, brownies, sugar‟ category; line, emphasis on etc. growing global whole grain market
  6. 6. Recent Campaigns 2007 Campaign  “Cardboard no. Delicious yes”  Mr. Mehta as expert witness  Emphasis on taste & health  Resulted in a 38.2% sales rise in 2008 2012 Campaign  “Fiber Beyond Recognition”  Emphasis on health & low calorie component
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis of Fiber One Weaknesses Strengths  Viewed to have poor taste  Strong health story (Clearly (Cardboard like) differentiated benefit)  Perceived to be a functional  Product Inventory (Cereals, bars, brand (only when you need brownies, Yogurts etc) fiber, weight watching)  High brand share, high growth  Seen as a fuddy-duddy old within the general mills brand people’s (specifically old portfolio women’s brand) Opportunities Threats  Emergent lifestyle trends  Social image (Appear old/ (More people trying to lead embarrassing) healthy lifestyles)  Better tasting alternatives  Younger demographic (competition) becoming more health  Superior product formats conscious from competing categories  Men are becoming more diet (granola bars etc, protein-fiber and health conscious powder, Whey)
  8. 8. Brand Vision : Fiber One Fiber One : Sponsors of Tasty Health At Fiber One, we are at war with the notion that, “Health has to be..”Tasteless Sacrifice Giving up what Boring you love Old Functional Regimented
  9. 9. Brand Identity : Fiber One For us health is a lifestyle, a part of your everyday… for us health is young, fun and fit Brand Elements “Fiber” health oriented Brand Personality name Friendly and attractive Light earthy colors, health Educated, Smart cueing packaging Well informed Taste cues: Witty (sense of humor) Health conscious instead of “Health  Cardboard No. Delicious Yes Obsessed” Well to do  Fiber beyond recognitions Brand Relationship with Brand Culture consumers Free, No inhibitions Friendly bond Collaborative Partnership Facilitating Deliverance Innovative Solution Oriented Brand Reflection (How its perceived)“It’s meant for older folk Brand Self Imageor middle aged women who “I am the“One”the best ofhave indigestion issues or both worlds… I am abouttry hard to stay young… it balancing health and enjoyingmust taste really bad” good taste as well. I am a “win-win”
  10. 10. Brand Environment: Social Trends Health is Balance Health is Compensation Life today is typified by a number of Balance between physical & ‘unavoidables’ - poor eating & sleeping mental well being habits, high stress and an excessively sedentary lifestyle Balance between the demands of everyday life and the need to A key felt need is therefore the need to maintain proper dietary & lifestyle compensate for the constant abuse we habits subject our bodies to
  11. 11. Brand Environment: Emergent Mindsets Easy Going Health Seekers Food Actives  Are reasonably health Not overtly concerned with aware but do not overtly their health  Fastest growing segment embrace any specific Have a basic sense of what it is  Have a basic interest in health fads good and bad for health, this health and consequently  View healthy eating as does not come in the way of are striving to make the sole component of their dietary and lifestyle habits changes in their lifestyles their overall health regimen and believe that This segment is typically  Health for them is a sum a healthy diet lies at the between 20-25 years total: “Mind+Body” root of good health  This segment is typically  This segment is typically between 25-35 years between 35-49 year
  12. 12. Advertising ObjectiveRenovate the Brand: Through our advertising, we intend to leverage prevalent health andlifestyle trends and appeal to a newer, younger demographic which is currently dominatingand influencing the health market. *Chase the Health Seekers* Us FUTURE Renovate the brand Us NOW
  13. 13. Brand Benefit: Reason to Believe Fiber One is : Healthy Inside. Delicious OutsideFiber One owing to its Low Calories and High Fiber content enables superior digestivehealth. Good gut health promotes: Metabolism Correction Energy, Efficiency, Vitality Anti-stress, Anti – depression Weight Management ImmunityAllowing you to max-out your day, stay fit,and still enjoy the taste of good food
  14. 14. Target Market Current Market Health Seekers Aged 25-35 Aged 40+ Women Aged 25-35 Health Mostly women conscious Mixed, but still Fast-paced female majority Educated
  15. 15. Demographics/GeographicsWomen aged 25-35College educated, Northeast & South graduate level regions CaucasianMarried or single HHI: $75,000+
  16. 16. Psychographics Always on-the-go, multitaskers; Ultimate goals aretrained in good time management longevity & happinessInfluencers are physicians, family, & Pay attention to health/wellness friends, word of mouth is crucial trends, position self to look good Will pay more for health products even during recession
  17. 17. Creative strategy Opportunity in the category• People becoming increasingly aware of the health• High presence of health issue in the media• More people than ever know they need to live a healthy lifestyle• People are willing to make lifestyle changes
  18. 18. Creative strategy Target audience • Health aware females • Age 25 - 35 • Busy lifestyle • Mostly affluent • College educated • Young/ adult professionals • Balancing professional with personal life • Socially very active • Like to stay fit • Like to eat healthy
  19. 19. Creative strategy Key consumer insight • Fiber one cereal is healthy and tasty meal that provides daily-recommended allowance of fiber to the body. Key fact• A mere half-cup of the original cereal offers 14 grams of dietary fiber (56% of the low-end of the daily recommended 25-35 gram range). Big idea • Repositioning. • Attracting younger demographic while keeping the current consumers • Busy lifestyle & health awareness – strong bridge to attract large consumer audience
  20. 20. Creative strategy Creative concept• Young woman/ late twenties early thirties• Business professional• Balancing work and personal life• Socially engaged, trend aware• Likes to be in a good shape• Moves a lot• Between her chorus she spends a lot of time at city streets• Spends a lot of energy on a daily basis• Sartorial style photos/ catching the moment at the city streetsSlogan • Before you take the day. Take care of you.
  21. 21. Media selection Elle Magazine Prevention Magazine• Fashion, beauty, entertainment, and news are found inside Elle magazine. With celebrity stories - not gossip - and • Americans #1 choice for healthy guides to finding the best fashion and living, with practical tips on weight beauty styles to suit you, Elle brings the loss, nutritional exercise, and the superstar look to the average lady and allows you to find your most beautiful latest medical breakthroughs. self at any age. • Ads will be published in selected magazines and their related pages. • Print/ internet media selection is diverse. It aims for target audience, but also it covers all potential users in the selected age group.
  22. 22. Media selection Video campaign• No TV advertising is planned• Video ads will be run on company web site, youtube and social media (blogs, pinterest, FB)Smart phone app• “Fiber friend”• Application will suggest 5 healthy meals per day that can be found in local restaurant/ or suggest 5 recipes for making them.• Calorie counter included.• One of the meals is Fiber One with Fiber One alarm (can be turned off)• App will also serve as an alarm clock.
  23. 23. Media selection Social media• Face Book • Pinterest• Page updated with a new campaign • “Share a meal with Fiber Friend” • Page interacts with the smart phone app • App users will be allowed to post photos of the meal suggested by the app with the user review
  24. 24. Work CitedBrowne, D. (2012). Breakfast cereals – US – February 2012. Mintel Oxygen., D. (2010). Private label cereal – US – July 2010. Mintel Oxygen., S. (2012). General Mills adds social media to product pitch. New York Times: Media Decoder, July 18. pitch/Fitzgerald, K. (2008). General Mills Fiber One: A marketing 50 case study. Advertising Age, November 17. Mills. (2012). General Mills Investor webpage. http://phx.corporate-, M. (2012). Attitudes toward fiber and digestive health – US – March 2012. Mintel Oxygen. Reporter. (2011). Food products 2011 – Breakfast cereals (cold) – Used in the last 6 months Fiber One (principal shoppers). MRI+.