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    Colgate Colgate Document Transcript

    • What is tooth sensitivity?Tooth sensitivity occurs due to wearing away of the tooth’s surface or recessionof gumsIs tooth sensitivity common?Tooth sensitivity is very common and it has been estimated that approximatelyone out of six individuals experience tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can comeand go over time.What causes sensitivity of Teeth? Wrong/aggressive brushing Recending Gums Tooth decay Dental erosion Broke Teeth Teeth grinding Frequent consumption of acidic foods and drinksHow is it caused?Sensitive teeth result from exposed dentin in the mouth. Dentin is the tissue thatmakes up the inner layer of the tooth. Above the gumline, dentin is covered by aprotective coating of enamel. Dentin is made up of thousand of microscopicchannel/tubules, which contain fluid. These tubules lead to the nerves deep insidethe tooth. When tooth enamel is lost or when gums recede, dentin eventually becomesexposed and receptive to sensations, which cause painful nerve response. When
    • Hot, cold or sweet/sour foods and liquids contact the root surfaces they maystimulate the nerves, causing pain.What can be done to avoid sensitive teeth?Maintenance of healthy gums is the best way to protect tooth dentin fromexposure. The seal made between healthy gums, teeth and underlying boneprovides protection by keeping highly sensitive root surface covered.Adopting a thorough oral care regimen can prevent sensitive teeth. Here aresome useful tips: Brush twice a day with tooth paste providing protection for sensitive teeth.Colgate Toothpaste is the brand most often recommended by dentists, amongwhich Colgate Sensitive provides the following benefit:  Fast sensitive relief  Proven protection against cavities  Freshens breath  Fights Plaque  Helps maintain the natural whiteness of your teethBrush the sensitive areas gently twice each day with a soft-bristled tooth brush.Colgate’s Sensitive brush is specifically designed to give a gentle, yet superiorcleaning to give a gentle, yet superior cleaning that causes less wear on sensitivetooth areas compared to a regulars soft, flat trim toothbrush.