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Solar PV rooftop solution

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Solar Roof top Project proposal delhi

  1. 1. SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS JW Marriott Hotel, Delhi Techno-Commercial ProposalProject Implementation PartnerPan Exergy Pvt LtdCorporate Address:D-32, Sector 7, Noida 201301Tel:
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYBased on the site survey and load analysis, Exergy proposes the following systeminstallation at JW Marriott Hotel site at Aerocity, New Delhi.Solar PV Power System of nominal DC capacity of 50kW. 1 System Capacity Solar PV 50kW 2 Brand name Module: Webel Solar Inverter: Solivia (Delta Inverters) 3 Type Rooftop Grid Tied System without batteries 4 Weight & Area Required The weight of the Solar system is @20kg/m2. Total load will be around 10 ton. The area required will be @120sq ft/kW. Total shadow free area required will be around 6,000 sq ft for the total system of 50 kW. 5 Mounting Structure Panels shall be mounted on galvanized frames inclined at 28 degrees to the south. The structure is designed in such a manner that module can be replaced easily and in line with site requirements and it is easy to install and service in future. 6 Energy Generation in kWhr 71,000 kWhr (units) annually for a 50kW system. 7 Solar PV System Cost Total Turnkey execution cost Rs 56,75,000. All taxes shall be payable extra. 8 Benefits LEED compliance, Accelerated depreciation benefits. Government Subsidies for PV: 30% of the system size. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  3. 3. EXERGY: Partners for Solar EnergyExergy is a renewable energy wing of LSquareSolutions. It is a technology agnostic and knowledge Head Quartered in New Delhi, Indiaintensive consulting and implementation agency, led Branches in Mumbai, Hyderabad &by an experienced team offering innovative services R&D Centre at IIT Kharagpur.& technology solutions in the field of Solar Leading Solar Infrastructure ServicePhotovoltaics & Solar Thermal Collectors. Exergy Provider with a clientele of 250MWwas founded with the strong vision of adopting a SPV & CSP. Only company offering PINCHcrisis and climate change. technology services (Process Optimization)Exergy Inc has been a defining force for Solar Power Partners with the 4th largest globalin India. It has grown as Indias largest Solar Solar Module manufacturer - Trina.Consulting Group, having offered services to over Extensive network of global250MW Solar plants which are at various levels of partnerships.execution. Its consulting team consists of top Solar Formally Accredited with Ministry ofConsultants of India having a sound knowledge in New & Renewable Energy, technologies, latest trends, regulations and JV Association with Engineers Indiafinance. They have strong academic qualifications Ltd (EIL) for Solar EPC Contracts.having graduated from IITs & IIMs. Some of ouresteemed clients include TATA Power, GAIL, EIL,JK Cement, ACC, CCCL, Gammon, Airtel etc.Further, Exergy boasts of successfully executing several Solar PV Rooftop & Groundmounted turnkey EPC execution (largest being 200 kW). Our strategic focus has remainedon efficient execution of Solar PV Plants specifically in the range 5kW ~ 200kW. Ouremphasis has been on engineering improvisations, on-site optimizations, web basedefficiency models. We have direct collaboration with IIT Kharagpur for Solar based R&D. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  4. 4. We provide a complete range of Solar Services including Lumpsum Turn Key EPC Servicesfor Solar Farm development, Project Conceptualization & Documentation includingBankable Detailed Project Reports, Application Support for JNNSM Projects, Technology &Site Assessments, Solar Land Banks, Construction upto Commissioning & Plant Start-upAssistance and O&M services.Our Expertise -to-Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology. We offer solutions in the following categories: Grid-connect MW sized Solar Farms Stand-alone Battery backup System Roof-top solar solution Off-Grid Solar Solutions Grid/ DG/Wind Hybrid System (in any combination) Solar Water & Pool HeatingThese systems come with different mounting options frames. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  5. 5. Company Overview Slides PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  6. 6. PEPL-LSPL Venture ConfidentialProposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  7. 7. Our Clientele PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  8. 8. 50 kWp Grid Interactive Solar PV Rooftop System A. System DefinitionSize: 50 kWp Total DC Capacity. 200 nos. 250-watt panels (Webel Solar)Energy Production: Site Location: 28º 7 Tilt Angle: 28º South Monthly averaged radiation: 5.01 kW-hours/m2/day Net Energy Generation Estimate: 71,000 kWhr/year** Assumptions: Solar radiation data source: NASA/ PVSyst Seasonal variation in daily/monthly/annual solar radiation will affect the energy generation of the plant. AC output has been arrived after considering de-rating factors such as dust, series- parallel mismatch, cable drop, insolation, inverter efficiency, temperature.System Description:The main feature of the proposed system is seamless grid interactive solar energy supply tothe designated lighting load. The system always gives priority to the energy provided by theSolar module. In combination with a controllable second source (grid supply in our case),the energy supply remains reliable and available 24 hours a day, all year round. We shalluse the 3-Phase Solar Inverters of Solivia Delta based on its availability. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  9. 9. B. System Components1. Solar Panels Make: Webel SolarThe technology chosen specific to the project Technology: Poly Crystalline PVsite is Polycrystalline PV modulesmanufactured by Webel Solar. Quantity: 200The solar modules generate DC energy output. Wattage: 250 W No. of Cells: 60Note: Subject to availability at installation time, a Nominal Voltage: 37.7 V DCdifferent panel from a leading vendor may be Isc: 8.68 A DCselected without affecting system size andperformance. Vmp: 30.5 V DC Imp: 8.2 A DC Dimensions: 1645X992X42 (mm) Limited Warrantee: 25 yrs Weight: 21 kg Operating Conditions: -40 to +90 C Maximum System Voltage: 1000 Vdc PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  10. 10. 2. Solar Inverter Make: Solivia Delta Energy (CS 44) Technology: MPPT Solar InverterSolar array produces DC energy output. TheDC energy, thus produced has to be utilized to Quantity: 1maximum and supplied to the DC bus for Nominal AC Power: 50 kWinverting to AC voltage. Maximum Output Power: 44.4 kWPower Conditioning Unit does exactly this job AC Voltage: 3Phase 415V, +/-10%using its MPPT control to extract maximum Frequency: 50Hzenergy from solar array and provides 415Vac, Total Harmonic Distortion: <3%3-ph 50Hz to synchronize with local grid. AC Over Voltage Protection: YesAdditionally, it has protection features such as, Phase Shift (Cos Phi): 1over current, short circuit, over temperature to PV Entries: 3name a few. It has user friendly LCD display Maximum DC Voltage: 880Vfor programming and view on line parameters. MPPT Voltage Range: 450-800VThe typical specification is listed out below. Maximum DC Current: 105 A DC Voltage Ripple: <3% DC over voltage Protection: Yes Maximum Efficiency: 95.6% Ambient Temperature Range: 15-95% Degree of Protection: IP54 Grid Tied Central Solar Inverter PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  11. 11. 3. Mounting Structures Panels shall be mounted on galvanized MS Steel frames on the roof surface. The structure is designed in such a manner that module can be replaced easily and in line with site requirements and it is easy to install and service in future. The frames will be supported by angle legs of suitable lengths to provide the pre-determined inclination. All fasteners, nut and bolts are made of Stainless steel - SS 304 5.4.6 PCC. The structures shall be pre engineered to meet special requirements of placing the modules on the corrugated rooftops. The legs of the structures made with GI angles are made of fixed and grouted in the PCC foundation columns made with 1:2:4 cement concrete. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  12. 12. 4. Electrical Accessories Cables will conform to IS 694 and shall be of 650 V/ 1.1 kV grade. Interconnections, array to junction boxes, junction boxes to DCDB, DCDB to PCU etc will be selected to keep voltage drop and losses to the minimum. The bright annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors offer low conductor resistance, result in lower heating thereby increasing cable life and efficiency.. These wires are insulated with a special grade PVC compound formulated and manufactured in- house. Working voltage: up to 1100 V Temperature range: -15 deg C to +70 deg C Sizes: Suitable sizes Color codes: Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green5. Battery The Solar PV Grid Interactive system obviates the need of any battery.6. Energy Meter The Inverter shall have a built-in meter that tracks energy production and displays it on a small LED screen. The display can be used to determine real-time production, daily production, and yearly production. For more sophisticated analysis and visual data management, Solar Access modules can be included. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  13. 13. System Architecture PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  14. 14. C. Bill of MaterialS.No Component Type/Model No Specifications Quantity1 PV Modules Webel Solar 250Wp 2002 Grid Tie Inverter Solivia Inverters CS44 3 Phase, 50kW 1 MS hot dip As per roof3 Mounting Structure Custom made galvanized steel design ABB Junction As per stringing4 Field Junction Box Boxes IP65 standards design ABB Junction As per stringing5 Main Junction Box Boxes IP65 standards design6 Earthing Kit Reputed make 1 set7 Lightening Arrestors Reputed make 1 set As per site8 AC & DC cables Conforming to BOS requirements Ground Fault Protection Included in the9 System inverter 1 PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  15. 15. D. Installation DetailsArea required:The Total Area required for the System Installation shall be apx 5,000 sq feet, without anyshades, facing south.Structural Anchoring:Panels shall be mounted on galvanized frames inclined at 22 degrees to the south. Thestructure is designed in such a manner that module can be replaced easily and in line withsite requirements and it is easy to install and service in future. The frames will besupported by angle legs of suitable lengths to provide the pre-determined inclination. Allfasteners, nut and bolts are made of Stainless steel - SS 304 5.4.6 PCC. The legs of thestructures made with GI angles are made of fixed and grouted in the PCC foundationInverter InstallationBased on the initial site visit, the inverters could possibly be installed on the terrace. Thisspace provides ample accessibility and good air circulation. The inverter is available inIP54 housing, however, an enclosed space has to be provided for the same. Actualinstallation location and methods will be determined during full design phase.ElectricalProposed fire hose shaft will be used for running electrical cables down to the electricalpanel room. A detailed electrical design with single-line diagram and specifications will be PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  16. 16. E. Scope of Work & WarrantyThe following section of the document describes the Solar PV system proposed: This jobinvolves by means of the enclosed specification, design, manufacture, supply, installation,commissioning of the Solar PV Systems with 1 year warranty period.The Scope of Work shall include the following, Design, manufacture, supply of Solar PV System. Detailed planning of smooth execution of the project. Testing, Installation & Commissioning of the complete system. Warranty of the system for 1 year faultless operation. After sales service, directly or through local contractual arrangement. Risk liability of all personnel associated with implementation and realization of the project.Assumption of the Proposal The design is proposed on the basis of clear space available at site as per design. The power conditioning unit and distribution boards shall be housed inside the room or canopy provided by customer. Our scope shall be limited upto inverter and AC Distribution Board output on the rooftop canopy. All AC cabling upto the load shall not be in our scope. Customer to provide shadow free area @ 125 sqft / kWp of solar array.Warranty 1 year faultless operation of the system The Inverters offered come with a 3 year factory warranty. All other parts (Electrical only) & Battery will come with a 1 year warranty The warranty for modules will be as follows: o 90% performance warranty for first 10 years and 80% after that upto 25 years o 5 years mechanical warranty PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  17. 17. F. Client ScopeSite-specific considerations will require assistance and cooperation from the client, asoutlined below: 1. Provide access to work site for delivery of equipment and materials prior to and during project implementation. 2. Provide a suitable and secure space for storage of equipment and materials. 3. Facilitate access of work crew to the work site 7 days a week. 4. Since the civil and electrical work is undergoing on the site, we request the client to provide labor support. 5. needed. 6. Separate electrical loads as discussed in Part A (Grid Interfacing) and connect solar output to building load system. 7. A dedicated emergency load shall be defined which is LED lighting load of 3 floors. 8. All the Statutory clearances, if any, required for the Project. 9. scope. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  18. 18. G. Delivery ScheduleInstallation & CommissioningAll the Systems, except Inverter, will be installed within 10 to 12 weeks from the date of All inverters are internationally procured andare subject to a few delays. IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE FOR 100 KW SPV POWER SYSTEM IN MUMBAI S.N ACTIVITY WEEK NOs. o 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 ORDER FINALISAION SITE ACTIVITIES 2 SITE SURVEY PV ARRAY SITE 3 PREPARATION BUILDING OF CONTROL 4 ROOM SUPPLY 5 PV MODULES 6 SUPPORT STRUCTURES AND JUNCTION BOX INTERCONNECTING 7 CABLES PCU & PROTECTIVE 8 DEVICES INSTALLATION 9 PV ARRAY 10 WIRING & CABLING PCU INCL LOAD 11 TERMINATION 12 COMMISSIONING 13 LOAD TRAILS & DATA COLLECTION PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  19. 19. H. Solar PV Project Cost and Terms Rs. 120/Watt (Taxes Extra)Lumpsum Execution Cost: Rs. 113.5/Watt where - Material Cost is Rs. 104.5/Watt (Applicable for Sales Tax) - Installation Service Charges are Rs. 9/Watt (Applicable for Service Tax) Contract Amount: INR 56,75,000 for 50 kW. Prices quoted are FOR at site Aero City, Delhi. Freight & Insurance: Included in above. System Installation: System will be supplied and installed by us. Installation Charges included. Excise Duty/Service Tax: Currently, under present rules, Solar Photo Voltaic system is exempted from Excise Duty. However, rate prevalent at the time of dispatch will be applicable extra, at actual. Service Tax extra at Actual will be charged, Presently Applicable @10.32%. Octroi: Any Octroi/Entry tax, if any, will be payable will be extra. Sales tax : CST@ 5% will be charged extra without Form-C or CST@2% Delivery: Dispatch will be effected in 8-10 weeks from the date of design approval. System installation will be completed in 4 weeks time from date of receipt of materials at site, provided site is ready for installation. . Payment Terms: - 50% of the Contract amount as advance for Project kick off and assistance at design phase. - 40% on supply of material (as indicated in BOM) at the site. - Balance 10% on successful commissioning of the project. Validity: This offer is valid for 30 days from the date of this offer. Subsidy/ Accelerated Depreciation Benefit/ Other Benefits: a) Since therefore as per suggestions received from MNRE it is advisable to opt for cashless Accelerated Depreciation benefit without any extra paper work. Solar systems are already listed in the IT Act for 80% depreciation in Year 1. We shall advise the client to avail necessary benefits. b) We will also assist the client in Solar specific segment for LEED Green Building Certification. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  20. 20. J. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION TEAMDr. Rajan Kapur, Director, SRT Specialist, Exergy Dr. Rajan Kapur started his career in custom chip design at AT&T Bell Laboratories. After developing several commercially successful chips, and display technologies at start-ups and mid-sized companies in the renowned Silicon Valley, USA, he currently works out of Colorado, USA. This area is home to institutions such as the National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado University, and Colorado State University, and a number of innovative renewable and energy efficiency companies. For the past five years Dr. Kapur has been working in alternative energy: he founded a solar Photo-Voltaic leading US based company. He continues to advise VCsand Solar manufacturers on this topic.Dr. Kapur has deep professional connections into the SPV industry in the US, with affiliations inlarge established organizations, as well as cutting edge start-ups. These affiliations span SPVpanel, balance of system, energy storage, policy financing, policy and permitting experts andRPS and other sustainable energy and energy efficiency legislation in California and Colorado.He is working with Solar Power Development Partners, a SPV consultancy, on a multi gigawattproject for deployment of a fleet of SPV farms in the continental USA. Dr. Kapur follows solarenergy and related industries, with interests at the intersection of technology and policy.Dr. Kapur is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Rice University, and the University of Texas at Austin. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  21. 21. Probir Ghosh, Specialist, Strategy and Solar Energy, Exergy invVEST is a nonprofit, technology agnostic and apolitical organization Enable Global Leadership thro Massive Scaling of Sustainable Energy Initiatives in his belief that while averting an unprecedented global crisis from onco fossil fuel shortages & climate change, countries that lead clean en initiatives will emerge as global leaders while creating a sustainable prosperous environment for future generations. Probir is well-recognized for his extensive work on Sustainable EnerInitiatives and improving energy utilization across various industry sectors. He has an in-depknowledge of global energy dynamics and has benchmarked various countries sustainabiliaccomplishments & best practicetranslate it into actionable deployment plans is extraordinary. His persuasive collaborative efforts wifor-profit & non-profit organizations, government & NGOs, and is leading to many joint initiatives fenergy transition efforts. Breakthrough Solar initiativesleaders as ground-breaking ideas for disruptively scaling solar based energy generation. Aftextensive research, he has also co- Global Leadership through BreakthrougSustainable Energy Initiatives: Will India forge a breakthrough like the Cell PhonRevolution? He has been invited to be keynote speaker at many energy center inaugurationseminars and R&D conclaves alongside globally recognized industry icons.In the United States, Probir is on the TiE SIG-SEI Committee and has chaired PAN-Energy Forum. Probir has been invited to speak at several events including Denver ChamberCommerce, -only Stimulus-Bsigning event and was written up in ColoradoBiz magazine as one of the industleaders.He co-founded B2K Corp Pvt. Ltd, a technical support services company that was referenced in ThomStorageTek, where he did ground breaking transformation work in Creating Core Competenciesidentifying Strategic New Markets for the company. Probir started his career with Thermax Pvt. Ltdpremier energy solutions company. Probir has over twenty five years of relevant experience throuhis work with high tech companies in the US and India.Probir has a B.Tech from IIT in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from University of Denver. Hhas attended Executive Management Programs in IIMA, Wharton, Stanford, Caltech and is activeinvolved with several alumni and professional associations in the Rocky Mountain Region. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  22. 22. Rajat Sethi - Director, Solar Infrastructure, Exergy Currently serves as the Director& Head, Solar Infrastructure Solutions at Exergy Solar. He has keen understanding of the interplay between regulatory regimes, global technology solutions and renewable energy financial markets. As an experienced Solar Consultant he is engaged with over 120 MW of Solar Projects of Indian developers which include the likes of Tata Power, JK Cement, GAIL, Airtel etc. Prior to stint in Solar Energy, he has served in global corporations like Intel, UK & Schlumberger, Houston US (Corporate Sustainability Group). He holds BTech & MTech degrees in Computer Science& Engineering and Minor in Economics from IIT Kharagpur.Education: Education: B.Tech. & M.Tech. (Dual Degree) in Computer Science & Engineeringfrom IIT Kharagpur (2008) with a minor in Economics, Exchange Student in StanfordUniversiy; and author of a Patent. Core competencies: Deep theoretical as well as practical knowledge of renewable energy technology. IT applications in energy efficiency and SMART Solar production monitoring Work Experience: Internship at Corporate Sustainability Group of Schlumberger. He also co-founded KRANTI, a flagship project to bridge the digital divide across the rural landscape. PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  23. 23. Tarun Kumar - Director, Energy Finance, Exergy Mr. Tarun K. Rathore holds PGDM degree from IIM Bangalore, and BTech degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has had two year strong techno-managerial experience at ANSYS Fluent India Private Limited, known for its leadership in the simulation industry. He was responsible for the development of TGRID, software designed to cater the needs of Power Sector. During his studies at IIM Bangalore, he developed a financial engineering model which is used to estimate risk and return associated with any RenewableEnergy projects in Indian Market scenario, key focus being on Solar Technology. He currentlycontributes as Chief Finance Officer, & Head, Renewable Energy Finance at Exergy Solar, a rolewhich aligns him with his pioneering work in the field of risk analysis of environmental projects. Heis an OTC Market Expert for CERs and RECs. He has been engaged with top tier Investment Bankslike Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JPMC for renewable energy financial services.Education: B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kharagpur (2006) and PGDM from IIMBangalore Core competencies: Financial Modeling, Quantitative Methods, Team Building, Sales Work Experience: Two year strong techno-managerial experience at ANSYS Fluent India, known for its leadership in the simulation industry. He was responsible for the development of TGRID, software designed to cater the needs of Power Sector Other Information: : Developed a risk-return model to analysis the feasibility of renewable energy projects PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  24. 24. APPENDIX A: SOLAR SYSTEM OPERATIONNormally the solar panel is connected with the grid. When grid fails, inverter controlled normally closed PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential(ON) switch S1 and normally open (OFF) switch S2 will open & close resp. On restoration of supplyreverse action will take place. Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  25. 25. APPENDIX B: SOLAR ENERGY SIMULATION, DELHI PEPL-LSPL Venture Confidential Proposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  26. 26. PEPL-LSPL Venture ConfidentialProposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164
  27. 27. PEPL-LSPL Venture ConfidentialProposal Number: PEPL/DEL/164