Information Literacy Assessment: LILO and Laulima by Margot Hanson

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2008 Hawaii Library Association Conference at the Grand Wailea, Maui

2008 Hawaii Library Association Conference at the Grand Wailea, Maui

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  • Assessment needed for accreditation, proving student needs and showing value of library services
  • Many libraries and educational institutions are putting their instructional videos and tutorials online, through YouTube.We use the publicly available content as well as create our own.Tara Severns put together a tutorial on how to start a LILO project, and wrote a script for a Common Knowledge video, using Windward CC library student workers
  • Evaluate > Web sites > PurposePrompt 5.20“See how others answered this”SPIOSLILO JournalEmail/RIB


  • 1. Information Literacy Assessment:LILO and Laulima
    Lari-Anne Au, Hawaii Community College
    Margot Hanson, UH – West Oahu
  • 2. Information Literacy Assessment
    ACRL Standards(Association of College and Research Libraries)
    UH LILC history(Libraries Information Literacy Committee)
    LILO history(Learning Information Literacy Online)
    LILO assessment
    Laulima usage
    Laulima assessment
  • 3. ACRL Standards
    Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
    Standards, Performance Indicators & Outcomes
    Published in 2000
    Updated for various fields of study
    Information Literacy in the Disciplines
  • 4.
  • 5. Information Literacy Assessment
    Difficult to assess
    iSkills™ from ETS
    Data and statistics
  • 6. UH Libraries Information Literacy Committee
    Formed 2003 to address system-wide campus and library IL goals
    Librarians from 10 UH system campuses
    Share ideas and resources
    Developed online information literacy tutorial: LILO
  • 7. LearningInformationLiteracyOnline
    Based on LOBO source code from NCSU
    UH LILC updates:
    Interactive elements
    Feedback options
  • 8. Video
    YouTube videos
    Education and library videos & tutorials
    Create our own content
  • 9. LILO Assessment
    Journal feature prompts students to answer questions based on their research
    Rubrics for each prompt show four levels of answer (Excellent, Satisfactory, Partial, Incomplete)
    Student examples
    Mapped to ACRL standards & outcomes
    Instructor/librarian assessment
  • 10.
  • 11. Let’s take a look!
  • 12. Laulima usage
    New course management system for UH system
    Local implementation of open-source Sakai
    Replaced WebCT
  • 13. Laulima Registration
    Students in official classes have classes added to their account automatically
    Anyone with an email account can be added to a course and assigned a role
    Participants log on with their UH username and password, or their email address and an assigned password
  • 14. Tests and Quizzes
    Create question pools for each module
    Designate special access restrictions
    Tests can include graded test questions and survey questions which are not graded
    Use the grading feature to look at results for individual students and collectively
  • 15. Laulima Assessment
    Information literacy exams:
    Hawaii Community College
    UH Hilo
    Leeward Community College
    Windward Community College
  • 16. Information Literacy at UH Hilo and Hawaii Community College
    English 100 students attend at least 2 library sessions during class time
    Students take a pretest and final quiz
    Students complete modules with quizzes between sessions
    Results of final are a portion of students’ English 100 grade
  • 17. Mahalo!