Socialist alliance’s policy on climate change


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Socialist alliance’s policy on climate change

  1. 1. policy on climate change
  2. 2. It’s an emergency• 100ppm CO2 rise, global average temperature1degree higher with more locked in• 300,000 deaths a year now due to climatechange• Increasing numbers of floods, droughts, fires,tornadoes, super-storms,cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons, cold snaps andheat-waves already• Polar ice caps melting• Tipping points (albedo, methane, forests,oceans)
  3. 3. Set strong targets based on justice– rich countries must lead• 300-325 ppm CO2• Rapid emission cuts – atleast 5% a year• International cuts of 90%on 1990 levels by 2030 –richest countries, evenmore• Repay rich countries’carbon debt– Technology transfer– Disaster relief– Welcome climate refugees
  4. 4. Phase out coal – switch onrenewable energy• Export of coal contributes more to globalwarming than the whole of Australia’s domesticemissions and is set to increase• Fossil fuel burning for electricity and heat is thebiggest contributor to Australia’s domesticemissions• Australia could source 100% of its energy fromrenewables – concentrating solar thermal, wind,etc – within 10 years at a cost of $37 billion ayear (2010 AU$)
  5. 5. Energy efficiency – zero waste• Reduce power use• Insulation• Efficient design of appliances, buildings,transport• Household conversion plans• Industry and business plans• Zero waste economy – repair, re-use,disassemble & reuse, recycle
  6. 6. Land use – reduce agriculturalemissions, protect forests• Industrial agriculture: artificial fossil-fuelderived fertilisers responsible for hugegreenhouse gas emissions• Switch to organic agriculture, increase soilcarbon• Composting and methane capture• End old-growth forest logging• Re-afforest degraded areas
  7. 7. Free, frequent, accessible publictransport• Freight on rail• Reduce car dependence – improve publictransport: shift to electric train and tram forbulk of urban transport• Upgrade interstate rail and ferry services,including very fast train along easternseaboard
  8. 8. Worker and community protection• Guarantee jobs and conditions for workersin industries that need to be phased out• Where possible, locate new manufacturingin communities affected by closures
  9. 9. Public ownership and democraticcontrol• Fossil fuel lobby have already been fighting anyefforts to act on climate change• We need to break their power– Build a mass movement capable of ensuring realclimate action– Take away the source of their political power, which istheir economic power – public ownership of the keyindustries to enable us to make the transition we needfor a safe climate future
  10. 10. Change the system, not theclimate
  11. 11. Resources• Socialist Alliance climate charter–• Climate and capitalism–• Climate code red•• How to make an ecosocialist revolution• What every environmentalist should know aboutcapitalism