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  • 1. Education
    • Restore public funding to 90%+ of global university budgets
    • Restore indexation of grants
    • Reversal of privatisation
    • Boost funding to regional universities/campuses to limit disadvantage
    • Abolish HECS and full-fee places. Initiate negotiations to end TAFE fees
    • Rescind voluntary student unionism legislation
    • Education as overseas aid
  • 2. University of Sydney’s Workplace Research Centre
    • Study of the hospitality and retail industries – 339 collective agreements struck during the first nine months of operation of the Workchoices law
    • Abolition of Saturday penalty rates in 76% and Sunday penalty rates in 71%
    • Abolition of overtime rates in 68%
    • Overall pay cut by up to 38%
  • 3. University of Sydney’s Workplace Research Centre
    • Australia@Work: the Benchmark
    • First year of five of operation of project, following 8343 people
  • 4. Forward with Fairness Policy Implementation Plan
    • Forward with Fairness Policy Implementation Plan
    • Ten minimum employment standards guaranteed for all employees (up from five currently)
    • The right to collective bargaining by majority employee decision
    • Unfair dismissal laws reintroduced for businesses of 15 or more
    • Basic awards with up to 20 conditions (to act as a safety net)
  • 5. Forward with Fairness Policy Implementation Plan
    • Existing Work Choices laws in relation to union officials’ right of entry to workplaces
    • Existing AWAs to stand for up to five years — until December 31, 2012
    • Employers currently using AWAs - permitted Individual Transitional Employment Agreement (ITEA) for all new employees - until December 31, 2009
    • Employees above $100,000 per annum (basic salary) exempt from all awards
  • 6. Socialist Alliance
    • Immediately end Workchoices and Higher Education Workplace Relations Requirements
    • Abolish AWAs without delay
    • Remove restrictions on the terms of collective agreements
    • Return to a system of industrial awards
    • Set the minimum wage at 60% of Average Weekly Earnings
    • Dissolve the Australian Building and Construction Commission
    • Free entry into workplaces
    • Protection of the right to strike at International Labor Organisation standard
    • Bill of Rights including right to freely organise in unions
    • Industry-wide protections for academic freedom