HR Issues in Start up! - Start Up Satruday - Mumbai - RatanKK - April 11 2009

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HR Issues in Start Up! …

HR Issues in Start Up!

What are they? How do you tackle them?

I Believe - We Believe - They Believe

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  • 1. HR Issues in Start up! Start Up Saturday, Mumbai RatanKK April 11, 2009
  • 2. Introduction Guidelines
  • 3. Guidelines  Make Notes  You will need to answer some questions along the way.  Questions (Please Challenge me!)  Make it interactive.  What is relevant to all.  Sense of Humour
  • 4. Introduction Topic – HR Issues in Star Up! Me (QO) You and your Context here.(QW) Guidelines
  • 5. Topic HR Issues Start Up 
  • 6. HR Issues in Start Up What Category?  Business Critical – Client & Revenue  Organization Critical - Repeatability & Reproducibility What you can do?  Process Efficiencies  Technology Enabling Why? – Survive, Sustain & Grow
  • 7. HR Issues in Start Up Problem of a stable Organization.  Human Resource Dept.  What are the other Dept.? For Start Up, Business is more important.
  • 8. HR Issues in Start Up Start Up is not an organization. In Start Up, most often, there are no Departments. Everybody is aligned to Business There are only PEOPLE. Who are they? (QW)
  • 9. People – Who r they? Entrepreneurs  Founders  Founding Team Others  Clients, Bankers  VCs  Media, Society
  • 10. Start Up – I Believe “I Believe” Entrepreneur  Originating from Passions (P)  Driven by Motivations (M)  Guided by your Self Beliefs (B) Similar “I Believe Mode”  Founders – I-ers Write your PMB! – QW
  • 11. Start Up – Idea Idea aligned with your Passion Idea acceptable to your Motivation Idea with a value proposition  Alleviating &/or Enhancing a Pain Idea with a commercial value – Proof of Concept (3QW)
  • 12. People & Idea Same people, different Idea. Same Idea, Different People. Start Up is driven by people and not the idea. Star Up needs to sell “I Believe” first, then the Idea.
  • 13. Start Up – We Believe Founding team.  Similar “I Believe” & Exciting Idea  Context & Relevance Team constantly looks up to Entrepreneurs “I Believe”. “We Believe” If erosion of E-I Believe, or their own context and relevance, “We Believe” erodes. (QW)
  • 14. Start Up – We Believe Go To Market Responsible Areas Emerge Process & Benchmarks evolve Technology deployment happens Repeatability & Reproducibility
  • 15. Start Up – They Believe Go To Market You win Clients You win Bankers / VCs You win Vendors / partners You have more of “I Believe” & “We Believe” Start Up becoming an Organization
  • 16. Start Up – People I Believe Stage We Believe Stage They Believe Stage Foundation for building right team, therefore, Organization. Driving BUSINESS and Building Organization, in that order. Enough of Both, you will have ‘HR Issues’ 
  • 17. Any Questions I Believe / We Believe / They Believe
  • 18. All the Best A4 Paper / Name / Email Id Thoughts / Feelings Feedback Legible
  • 19. End Of PPT 
  • 20. Start Up – People Idea is incidental & Improvable Check your ‘I Believe’ & ‘We Believe’ constantly. By Others too. ‘Good to Great’ - Level 5 Leadership