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  • Over 1,000 nursing e-books. Can be found in library catalog
  • document that describes the data that will be gathered as part of a research project.  It also outlines how the data will be organized and defines the life cycle of the data.  Data management plans often include how the collected data will be organized, preserved, stored long term, accessed, shared, protected for ethical purposes, and when and if the value of the data will expire.Open access literature includes both peer-reviewed journal articles and author self-archived pre- and post-prints deposited in digital repositories."Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictionsSupports UIC faculty, staff, and students who want to publish an article in an open access journal but don’t have the funding to cover this. $50,000
  • Library Services for Nursing Staff

    1. 1. Library Services for WCHS DAC Rebecca Raszewski, MS, AHIP Assistant Information Services Librarian & Assistant Professor
    2. 2. What I Will Cover • Library Services • Library Resources • Research Support
    3. 3. Library Services-the Basics • Library Catalog-searches both print and electronic journals, books, and more • Requesting Books • VuFind Account • I-Share-for books not at UIC Library or are checked out, missing etc. • Requesting Articles, Books, Videos, etc. • Interlibrary Loan-for articles not online or books not in I-Share • Free! • Will scan articles that are available in print and send them to you for no charge • Scan for free at library • $15.00 a semester for printing
    4. 4. Accessing Library Resources from Off Campus • Same username as what you use in hospital but a different password • Need to Create an ACCC account • Same username that you use at hospital but different password • ACCC is the department which runs the university network, computers, printers, etc. • ACCC student is usually available 9-5 Monday-Friday at LHS Chicago • It is recommended you go through the library website to access library resources
    5. 5. What Else Can You Do with Your ACCC Account? • UIC wireless • Computers at LHS Chicago • Printing at library-$15.00 each semester
    6. 6. Recommending Items for Purchase • E-books vs Print Books • E-Journals • Request Form
    7. 7. Library Resources • Research and Subject Guides • Databases • Managing Your Citations • E-books • E-Journals • Point-of-Care Tools • Audio/Video/Images • Mobile Resources
    8. 8. Research and Subject Guides • • • • • Databases A-Z Health Sciences Gateway Nursing All Health Sciences Guides Citation and Style Guide Help
    9. 9. Databases • CINAHL Plus with Full Text • MEDLINE via PubMed • Ovid • PsycINFO • HAPI/PsycTests • EMBASE/Scopus • ERIC • Sociological Abstracts • Web of Science
    10. 10. Managing Your Citations • RefWorks-online citation management system. Can create multiple accounts, bibliographies, and share your citations • EndNote-citation management system that is primarily based on your desktop. Can use EndNote Web to move citations from online to your EndNote Library. The UIC Webstore offers a discount. • RefWorks/EndNote Guide
    11. 11. E-books • AccessMedicine • Access Pediatrics • Books@Ovid • Credo Reference • Ebrary • MD Consult • R2 Digital Library • Wiley Interscience • Foundation Directory • Public Human Services Directory • Red Book Online
    12. 12. E-Journals • Can be found through the library catalog or e-journals list • Click on the in a database to see if articles are online
    13. 13. Point-of-Care Tools • Clinical Pharmacology • JBI Connect • Through Ovid now • Nursing Reference Center • AccessMedicine • Access Pediatrics • DynaMed • Essential Evidence Plus • First Consult • Up-to-Date (on campus only)
    14. 14. Resources with CEs • Nursing Reference Center • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database • Both NP and RN
    15. 15. JBI Connect • Resource from the Joanna Briggs Institute, a leader in the development of EBP • Need an Ovid account to access each tool
    16. 16. What Does JBI Connect Have? • Evidence Summaries — Literature reviews that summarize existing international literature on common healthcare interventions and activities • Evidence–Based Recommended Practices — Database of procedures based on the best available evidence, that describe and/or recommend practice on various clinical topics • Best Practice Information Sheets — Series of information guideline sheets produced specifically for practicing health professionals • Systematic Reviews — Comprehensive systematic reviews of international research literature completed by trained JBI reviewers • Consumer Information Sheets — Standardized summaries, designed just for consumers of healthcare (resident/client, relatives, care provider) • Systematic Review Protocols — Documents background information and the plan for conducting a systematic review • Technical Reports — Documentation of all aspects of the development of Best Practice Information Sheets
    17. 17. Appraisal and Research, and Quality Improvement Tools • • • • • • • JBI TAP (Thematic Analysis Program) — Support researchers in small– scale qualitative studies execution JBI CAN–IMPLEMENT — Practical guide to assist in adaptation of existing guidelines for local use JBI Journal Club — Create your own Journal Club and keep up to date with the latest research in a social and relaxed environment JBI RAPID (Rapid Appraisal Protocol Internet Database) — Learn how to critically appraise individual research papers using a standardized checklist JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information) — Develop, conduct and report on systematic reviews of multiple research papers JBI PACES (Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System) — Easily conduct efficient, time saving, evidence–based clinical audits and change practice JBI Manual Builder — Build an evidence-based clinical manual tailored to the information needs of your organization
    18. 18. Audio/Videos/Images • • • • • Nursing Education in Video NEJM Procedures Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination Anatomy videos-Acland’s Anatomy, An@tomy TV Most of our point-of-care tools have images, videos, etc.
    19. 19. Mobile Resources • Some of our resources have a mobile version that can be used as an app or a mobile website. • • • • Android Blackberry iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Windows
    20. 20. Research and Staff Support • Online Guides for Your Unit • Literature Searches • eScholarship@UIC
    21. 21. Unit/Council Guides • Place to link to e-books, videos, websites, etc. for unit or council • Staff can add content • Integrate onto the staff intranet as a link
    22. 22. The Unit/Council Guide Process • Provide librarian with information on what you would to see for the guide • Librarian will create guide • Staff will review guide and suggest changes • Decide if the guide will be private or public • Private-online those with the link can see the guide • Public-everyone can see your guide • ex. APN Guide
    23. 23. Literature Searches • Be specific as possible • If it’s a topic you don’t expect to see a lot of articles about, give some alternatives • List suggestions of words or phrases that can be searched • Age, Date range, population, gender, what kinds of articles, the total number of results you want, etc. • Give 1-2 weeks notice • Searches can take at least 2.5-3.5 hours • Librarian can conduct a session on literature searches or a one on one meeting
    24. 24. eScholarship@UIC • Managing Your Data • Measuring Your Impact • Open Access • INDIGO-institutional repository • Journals@UIC-start your own open access journal • Research Open Access Publishing Fund
    25. 25. Support for Staff • One time session or a series of classes for your council or unit • In person or online • Record sessions • Help by Appointment • In Person, Online, On the Phone • Contact for Questions They May Have
    26. 26. Getting Help • Tutorials • CINAHL and Other Databases • Nursing Evidence Based Practice Tutorial • Ask a Librarian • Call • Evening and weekend hours • 8:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Tuesdays-Thursdays • 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturdays • 2:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Sundays • Email • Chat • Workshops • In person or online
    27. 27. Keeping Up with the Library • • • • Nursing Tips and Tricks Blog Facebook page Twitter Newsletter
    28. 28. Questions? Rebecca Raszewski 312-996-2759