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Rasool & Tamica With Impact Music
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Rasool & Tamica With Impact Music


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Rasool & Tamica Berry
    Serving as Directors of Music and Mid West Campus Ministries of
  • 2. The Impact Movement Vision
    The Impact Movement envisions each community of African descent fulfilling its destiny as a reflection of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.
    Like in the Joseph story, we believe that the slavery, oppression and obstacles we have faced as a people, was meant for evil, but God is using it for the good, for the saving of many lives.
  • 3. How did it start?
    Impact began as a conference in 1991 to challenge African American college students to get involved in missions.
    In the late ‘90s we began to develop campuses ministries.
    Since 2004, we are a distinct non-profit organization of Campus Crusade for Christ working in close partnership.
  • 4. What is Impact now?
    The Impact Movement now has a focus on reaching college students of African descent and develop them as leaders to reach their communities and the world for Christ.
    Impact has a presence on over 100 campuses and chapters on about 50 campuses throughout the United States.
    In addition to campus chapters we also use music to reach people with the Gospel.
  • 5. Impact Music
    Music is a powerful force that leads people to God or away from Him.
    We see that our culture today is dominated by the influence of music, social media, and video content.
  • 6. Impact Music uses the power of the creative arts to point people to Christ
  • 7. Impact Music
    Based in Westfield, Indiana, at the HQ, of Keynote- the creative arts ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, the 1st Impact Music Summer Mission took place in 2005.
    Since then, Impact Music has formed bands each summer to grow spiritually and reach people with the Gospel.
    Thousands have been reached and have come to Christ as a result.
  • 8. Impact Staff Lead Impact Music
    Rasool & Tamica
    2010 Impact Music Staff Team
  • 9. Impact Summer Music Mission
    Before we travel to do outreach concerts, we learn in communications workshops, Bible studies, and more.
  • 10. We emphasize spiritual growth through Bible studies and mentorship.
  • 11. Tamica leads the communications workshops
  • 12. Rasool teaching on Conflict Resolution
  • 13. 60 Participants and Staff have participated in
    Impact Music Summer Missions
  • 14. Impact Music Summer Mission
    After a time of training we go on tour to do outreach concerts.
    Their time on tour allow us to use our gifts to help build God’s kingdom.
    It also is an incredible time of personal growth.
  • 15. Summer Project Bands 2005-2009
  • 16. In addition to music, people learn to run sound & other skills.
  • 17. Where do we go?
    We put on concerts in many different places to reach people such as:
    Church Outreaches and Picnics
    Summer Festivals
    Juvenile Detention Centers
    And MORE!
  • 18. We Build Partnerships
    Our Ministry Philosophy is more about building partnerships than booking concerts.
    The Impact Movement is on over 100 college campuses nationally. We resource them with evangelistic outreaches.
    We partner with Kids Across America, Campus Crusade and Fellowship of Christian Athlete and many others.
  • 19. Infinit impact at a high school outreach in indianapolis
  • 20. Through Music We Offer Hope
    We have had the privilege of reaching out to incarcerated juveniles, homeless, and battered women’s shelters bringing Good News and hope to those who need it.
  • 21. Detention Center Outreach Concert Results in Real Conversations about God
    Outreach at Detention Center
  • 22. Impact Music Outreach Concerts
    After the Gospel is presented we give people an opportunity to pray to receive Christ.
    We then pass out comment cards before the concert ends to get feedback.
  • 23. Band members use personal stories to share the Gospel
  • 24. Actual Comment Card From One of our Concerts
  • 25. Leading Worship at Impact Conferences
    Each year, Impact organizes conferences to reach and equip young people to take the Gospel to the world.
    Impact Music leads worship for these regional and national conferences.
    The conferences give our alumni more opportunities to get involved with us.
  • 26. Impact Music Team Leading Worship at Impact 2008
  • 27. Impact Music Alumni Stay Close and Connected to Our Vision
  • 28. Impact Music at Conferences
    At our conferences we mobilize students and other participants to share their faith.
    At our national conference, we combined music, and one on one conversations to reach out to those at a juvenile detention center.
  • 29. We develop“Musicianaries”
    Musicians committed to missions
  • 30. 17 received Christ at the Detention Center
  • 31. Impact Music’s 1st CD- “inspired” Completed in 2008
  • 32. In 2008 alone, we saw major fruit:
    66 Concerts
    11,000 Reached
    381 Indicated Receiving
    Jesus Christ!
  • 33. How To Join Our Team
    We depend on the generosity of people like you as our ONLY way to cover our expenses for this mission trip.
    Make your tax deductible checks payable to The Impact Movement.
    Please e-mail rasool.berry@impactmovement.comatto partner with us!
    Thanks for taking the time to hear about our ministry!
  • 34. How you can get involved:
    Become one of our ministry partners by:
    giving ($100 per month, or some other amount)
    Prayer – We would love for you to be part of the team that prays for us. We send out monthly newsletters to keep you informed.
    Introducing us to others so we can involve them (support, interest in booking us, etc.)
  • 35. Contact us!
    Call us at (407) 473-0557
    Email at
    Visit us
    Thanks for your time!
    The Berrys