Analysing posters


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Analysing posters

  1. 1. The Other poster The main image in the poser is of medium close up of a female character (Nicole Kidman). The purpose of this is to show to show that she is the main character in the film. The female character is holding a lantern. This suggests that this film is set in war time because lantern was only used in war times, which means this film is not set in modern time. The colours that been use are a shade of orange this embraces the warmth. This gives an impression of old photograph which makes the audience feel sentimental. The colour of the lantern gives the poster the creepiness making it appear more ghostly which indicates the supernatural genre. The tagline “Sooner or later they well find you” This tagline indicates that someone is looking for the character or the character is looking for something. This is shown by the use of expression and body language of the character. The background is pitch black, the blackness of the background has been exaggerated. The expression on the women’s face is fear; as her eyes are closely into the darkness. The exaggeration of the background emphasise the isolation. Also the dark background is a convention of horror films, this indicates that the genre to the audience. The target audience for this poster could be females who are in their mid-twenties to late forties. Also who are matured and sophisticate audience and a fan of Nicole Kidman. The poster is very effective in persuading the audience to see the film as it doesn’t reveal too much of the film but leaves the mystery to the audience. The poster is very simple and it conveys the genre to the audience which is done by the use of colours. By looking at this poster I will make sure that when making my poster I will use colours effectively to convey my genre to the audience also to keep it simple. I have learnt that the simpler it is the more it creates mystery.
  2. 2. Red Riding Hood This poster includes ‘Frim the director of twilight’ this shows that this film is going to attract audience who are twilight fans. The background image is of a forest. The fact that the character is alone shows that she has no way no escape. The background is very dark making the character appear small this shows that she doesn’t have the power or the authority. The target audience for this film might be the twilight fans. However, because of the use of convention of horror genre, this film would be suited for teenagers and young adults age 15-25 The tagline ‘Believe the legend. Beware of the wolf.’ This tagline suggests that this film is based on the fairy tale of red riding hood. This is very effective as it gives clues to the audience of what the film is about. The tagline is in capitals this draws the audience attention. The character has been placed in the middle of the poster this indicates that she might be the main character in the film. The characters face has been slightly covered this creates enigma codes as the audience doesn’t know who is staring in the film. This will encourage the audience to see the film as to find out who is in the film. The costume that the character is wearing is the typical outfit of the fairy tale ‘Red riding hood’ the colour of the costume is red. The colour red symbolise love danger. This shows that this film is going to include romance and danger. I really like this poster I like there is limited text on this poster but the main focus in on the audience and the image is telling everything about the film. When making my poster I will make sure that I include limited text so is easy and quick for the audience to read and remember. I will make sure the image itself tells the narrative or what the film is about.