Profile of a Serial Killer by Ronee\' Simmons


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Profile of a Serial Killer by Ronee\' Simmons

  1. 1. An Overview of Serial Killers Ronee’ Simmons Argosy University
  2. 2. Profile of a Serial Killer Demographics  Over 90% male.  Mostly White males between 20 and 40 years old. Background  Unstable upbringing  Childhood abuse- sexual, physical, emotional  Bed- wetting during childhood (60%) Demeanor  Low self- esteem  Introverted  Experience sexual dysfunction
  3. 3. Profile of a Serial Killer- cont. Past criminal behavior  Participated in petty crimes such as arson, animal cruelty, Peeping Tom Motivation for killing  sexual fantasies and desires  anger  thrill  financial gain  attention seeking
  4. 4. Victims of Serial Killers Stranger’s who do not know the killer Often times, when a killer’s “dream victim” is unobtainable, other individuals are substituted to satisfy impulse.  Albert Fish preferred to eat male human flesh instead of female, but when he saw Edward Budd’s little sister Gracie, he changed his plans and settled on having her as his next victim.
  5. 5. Causation of Crime Rumination and daydreams about certain fantasies, i.e. sexual thoughts, cannibalistic ideas  In the case of Albert Fish, he daydreamed about what is was like to taste human flesh and blood so much so that he acted out on his impulse to eat human beings.
  6. 6. Committing the CrimeThe crime usually takes place in a secluded area. The killer on impulse to satisfy their sexual desires or fantasies. They go on a hunts for victims. Sexually assaults and/or kills victim based on how scene has played out in head (i.e. Albert Fisher cut up body parts into pieces so that he could eat them) After fantasy is fulfilled, killer disposes body or remains in a location where it cant be found, so they don’t get caught.
  7. 7. Future Crimes and Cases In the future, a killer’s urge for certain fantasies may resurface. Therefore, serial murders are committed again in order to satisfy a killer’s daydreams and fantasies. In order for police to identify similar crimes in the future, they should look for:  Similar circumstances surrounding violent death.  Similar profile of victims going missing.  Proximity of crimes to one another.
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