ContentSmith- Web Content Writing Services (An introduction)


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Why do you need content marketing? Why engaging web content is as important as SEO? Our target audience are readers, and not spiders! Find out in this slide how you can convey, communicate, and compel your readers and viewers with our help.

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ContentSmith- Web Content Writing Services (An introduction)

  1. 1. Web Content, Ad Copy, Blogs, Social Media, Research-based Articles
  2. 2. Rich experience in web and SEO content Offering clients high quality web and SEO copywriting services Strategy planning  Creating new content, improving existing content
  3. 3. Deliver information interestingly Create value, raise knowledge Compel, persuade Convince the customer to act Help the customer make a buying decision Make the customer come back for more
  4. 4. At ContentSmith, we develop compelling content that: 1. Introduces and enhances the identity of the business/ website/ organisation 2. Persuades, compels readers to take an action 3. Builds brand awareness, equity & credibility 4. Propels website towards better search engine rankings.
  5. 5. Content Type  Web Pages  Articles  Blog Posts  Press Releases  Social Media Updates  Ad Copywriting  Corporate Presentations  E-learning
  6. 6. With our perfect duo of Practice and Proficiency, we as a content development company bring to you customized content writing services  with unique and useful information  to catch the reader attention within seconds  to blend the website’s purpose with customer’s requirements
  7. 7. ►Crisp and racy presentation ►A wealth of well-researched information ►Highlights benefits and features of the products/ services ►Clean, accurate and free of grammatical errors ►Includes a persuasive “call to action”
  8. 8. We develop search engine optimized content, loaded with SEO friendly elements - Appropriate, relevant keywords Keyword-rich meta tags for each page Strategic keyword placement Accurate grammar Rich in useful information Deep linking with other pages Conversational, easy style Compatible with Web 2.0 standards
  9. 9. Edit content, fine tune script Edit content, cross-check facts Understand Creative Brief & Client Requirements Research Information, collect data Create content plan, decide topics Write content, insert keywords
  10. 10. Quality: We believe in ensuring specialized services that surpass the quality standards in terms of competence and precision. Confidentiality: Project details, Methodologies adapted, Communiqué details will be kept back confidential. Cost: We quote reasonable price for projects. Pricing process is based on methodology employed, work specifications, turnaround time for a particular project. For long-term projects, the pricing is quite negotiable. You can expect to save up to 50% of your content development cost when you outsource your projects to us. 
  11. 11. At ContentSmith, We ContentSmith- A Web Content Writing Service Buzz: +91 9418079168, +91 9805933564, +91 1792227368 Skype ID: rashmi_walia