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IA summit closing plenery
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IA summit closing plenery






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IA summit closing plenery IA summit closing plenery Presentation Transcript

  • Fast, cheap & somewhat in control 10 lessons from the design of SlideShare
    • Rashmi Sinha
    • Uzanto & SlideShare
  • Who am I?
    • my influences…
    • Prof. Bill Heindel
    • Dept of Psychology
    • Brown University
    Prof. Andy Van Dam Dept of Computer Science Brown University 1993-1998
    • Prof. Marti Hearst
    • Information School
    • UC Berkeley
    Prof. Hal Varian Information School UC Berkeley 1999-2002
  • IA thoughts about the state of the field…
  • No navel gazing well, maybe a little
  • Rumors of the death of IA have been greatly exaggerated
  • old timers back for more
  • new comers who found like-minded people
  • and some products
  • Product Management Second Life Analytics Entrepreneurship Social IA Social IA Blog data mining Search engine optimization Web 2.0 RIAs Mobile IA UX management Prediction markets topics – some old, some new
  • Registrations at IA Summit are growing
  • the story of MindCanvas & SlideShare
  • working at a startup…
  • UX methods or just in time design
  • SlideShare
    • launched Oct 2006
  • Presentations are hard to share
    • A social critique of PowerPoint
    • Large-scale sharing
    • A social space, not a utility: Office 2.0?
  • First generation Social Networks (Friendster, LinkedIn…) 1) I am linked to -> -> to you --->You are linked to her -> ---> on…
    • How it works
    • People connect to each other
    • Six degrees of separation
    • “ Are you my friend” type of awkwardness
  • Second generation social network (networks with objects in between, e.g., Flickr, Yahoo answers) 1) I share my pics -> -> with you ---> -->You share your pics -> ---> with him
    • How it works
    • People share objects | watch others
    • Connections through objects
    • Social info streams: emergence of popular, interesting items
  • good content floats to top
    • Multiple models of popularity
    • Users drive navigation
  • Slides as MICROCONTENT
    • URL for every slide
    • Comment on individual slides
  • What people share on SlideShare
    • Venture capitalists share advise
    • Ministers share sermons
    • Teachers share lesson plans
    • Entrepreneurs share business plans
  • how SlideShare fits into people’s live
  • 10 Lessons from SlideShare
  • 1. The alpha as the first reaction
  • 2. The beta is the market probe
    • Research is about hypotheticals, get feedback to real thing
    • Our methods are individualistic
    • What is the risk of failure?
  • How developed should the Beta be?
    • Get basic concept across and no more
    • Leave room for flexibility
  • 2. You don’t need personas
    • When you know your users by name
    • They want to visit your offices
    • They email you everyday
  • Get into a conversation with users
    • Answer emails personally
    • Monitor blogs, subscribe to RSS
    • Customer service as user research
  • 3. Launch first, refine later
    • Don’t over-analyze
    • Look at best practices, take a guess
    • Put it out there. Respond. Refine.
  • 4. There is something about social websites
    • Design works differently than design for individual
  • MindCanvas as design for the individual Usability Control Interaction Flow Engagement
  • SlideShare as design for the crowd People interacting Following each other Wisdom of crowds
  • 5. Get yourself a shadow app
    • Keep a pulse on main metrics
    • Simpler than logs, faster than usability testing
    • Whole team responds to it
    • Experiments without A-B setup
  • 6. designer-developer role is crucial
    • Easier communication
    • Reduced design work
  • 7. Under invest in visual design
    • Let users feel ownership of space
    • Unpolished look is fine
  • 8. Pay attention to technical simplicity Balance user needs & technical simplicity Complexity > slower, riskier, harder to maintain
  • 9. Single biggest win: make app faster
  • 10 . designers as entrepreneurs
    • How to find first 1000 users or first 100 customers
    • Lifestyle business?
  • Find yourself a developer partner Focus on execution You cannot just “hire a developer”
  • Picture of data center
  • Do you need traditional UX methods to design a SlideShare ?
  • YES : When feedback becomes a torrent
    • Feedback form not enough. Too unstructured
    • Issues need prioritization
    • Diff users -> diff features
    • New team members need summary info
    • Improvements beyond low hanging fruits
  • Capitulate Collaborate or Initiate
    • Marianne Sweeny
  • What when everyone is a designer?
    • Jared Spool
  • What when everyone is a developer? Mashup RSS feeds (Yahoo Pipes?) Build your own social network (Ning?) Play with an API (Google Maps?)
  • Finally
    • Some summit slides
    • http://www.slideshare.net/tag/iasummit07
    • you can find me at
    • http://www.slideshare.net/rashmi