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Growth hacking is unsexy


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare & Linkedin Growth hackingGrowth hacking is not sexyis not sexy
    • 2. Growth curves “high and to the right” are sexy. From Paul Graham
    • 3. The growth hacker meme continues to grow.
    • 4. Stop lookingStop looking for afor a superherosuperhero growthgrowth hacker tohacker to solve yoursolve your problems.problems. Lesson 1
    • 5. What on earth isWhat on earth is growth hacking?growth hacking? First build core product (thousands) Next basic product-market fit (low millions) Finally, bring more and more users (tens of millions)
    • 6. Is growth hacking an art? A science? Or a craft?
    • 7. People canPeople can learn to belearn to be growthgrowth hackers.hackers.
    • 8. Growth hacking is a team sport. You need a growth team. Lesson 2
    • 9. It’s a multi-displinaryIt’s a multi-displinary team sportteam sport It’s a multi-disciplinary team sport. Team needs multiple strengths.
    • 10. Build growthBuild growth hacking DNAhacking DNA into yourinto your team(s).team(s).
    • 11. Growth hacking is notGrowth hacking is not fun work. Work can befun work. Work can be annoying & tedious. Itsannoying & tedious. Its not the juicy technicalnot the juicy technical projects.projects. Lesson 3
    • 12. ExistentialExistential crisis due tocrisis due to growthgrowth hacking:hacking: “What am I“What am I doing?”doing?”
    • 13. It’s a multi-displinaryIt’s a multi-displinary team sportteam sport A growth team is sustainable. Individuals move in and out. Motivated by each other.
    • 14. Search as a growthSearch as a growth channel is effectivechannel is effective but unpredictable.but unpredictable. Lesson 4
    • 15. For SlideShare, transcript text exposes presentation text to search engines.
    • 16. EmbedsEmbeds Embeds are a win-win SEO strategy (win for user and SlideShare)
    • 17. SEO basedSEO based growth is harder togrowth is harder to feel in control of.feel in control of.
    • 18. SEO philosophy: DoSEO philosophy: Do good things forgood things for users, and you willusers, and you will get good results backget good results back (most of the time).(most of the time).
    • 19. You can grow like weed without much funding. Lesson 5
    • 20. Focus onFocus on your coreyour core strengths.strengths. Spend onSpend on them.them.
    • 21. Watch everyWatch every dollar. Itsdollar. Its easy toeasy to waste onwaste on activities withactivities with no return.
    • 22. Viral growthViral growth equally importantequally important Have multiple legs for growth. Investment in virality is as important.
    • 23. DistributionDistribution hacks: be aheadhacks: be ahead of the curve. Youof the curve. You can compensatecan compensate for money withfor money with creativity.creativity.
    • 24. Biz Dev &Biz Dev & traditionatraditiona ll marketingmarketing can be acan be a time sink.time sink.
    • 25. Thanks!Thanks! Find me:Find me: