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easy find ++contains booleans++

  1. 1. EASYFINDThank you for using EasyFind. EasyFind is an alternative to or supplement of Spot-light and finds files, folders or contents in any file without the need for indexingand therefore immediately. This is especially useful if you are tired of slow or im-possible indexing, outdated or corrupted indexes, or if you are just looking formissing features like case sensitive or insensitive search, Boolean operators andwildcards or searching for phrases.In addition, EasyFind uses multithreading and is therefore very responsive evenwith multiple search processes running, provides contextual menus and Servicesand displays the location of each item in a separate column for a better overview.Finally EasyFind uses little memory, supports drag-and-drop and the clipboardand finds optionally invisible items or items within packages.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSMac OS X 10.5 or later.INSTALLATION/UPDATINGCopy EasyFind to the Applications folder or any other directory you have accessto. To make the Services work, log out and log in again after you have startedEasyFind at least once. EasyFind must be placed into the main Applicationsfolder or ~/Applications to work.USAGEStart EasyFind using the Finder or the Services menu (EasyFind > Find InPath… or EasyFind > Find Selection…) within Cocoa applications or Carbon ap-© 2001—2010 DEVONtechnologies, LLC www.devon-technologies.com
  2. 2. plications supporting Services, enter your keywords, select the desired volume orfolder and press the Return or Enter key or click on the search button (with amagnifying glass on it). You may also open additional search windows in themeantime, run multiple processes at once, or stop the currently running search(once you’ve started a search, the search button becomes a ‘stop’ button until theprocess has finished).EasyFind displays all found items immediately so its possible to drag-and-dropan item, e.g. onto Finder windows, the dock or other applications, even while thesearch is going on (vertical motion begins a multiple file selection, horizontal mo-tion starts drag-and-drop). Or select Open in the File menu to open one or morefiles with the appropriate application — or just double click on them —, Reveal InFinder to open the enclosing folder in the Finder, Destroy to delete the items (af-ter a warning) immediately, Move To Trash to trash them (without a warning) orShow Info to display the Finder’s info panel for the selected items.You may also use contextual menus by right-clicking or Control-clicking on se-lected items to perform these actions or on the column headers of the file list tocustomize which columns are shown.To preview a file, press the Space bar. This opens the QuickLook head-up display(Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ or later only).SEARCH OPTIONSEasyFind offers a number of options that define how the search is conducted. Usethem to search only within a selected folder, use Boolean operators to refine yoursearch, or search the contents of the files, not only their names.• Select the folder or volume to search in. This pop-up includes all mounted vol- umes, all visible folders within the root directory (‘/’), within your home direc- tory, on your desktop, your favorites, and all folders inside the directory ‘~/ Library/EasyFind’. EasyFind resolves aliases while initializing this menu (but not while searching) and automatically removes duplicate folders. If you want to extend this menu, just add or remove items to EasyFinds user-defined direc- tory (‘~/Library/Application Support/EasyFind’). You can also drag folders from the Finder to the EasyFind window to set it as search destination.• Look for file and folder names, only file names, only folder names, or file con- tents.© 2001—2010 DEVONtechnologies, LLC www.devon-technologies.com
  3. 3. • Find files with all keywords (All Words), with at least one keyword (‘Any Word’), find exact phrases (Phrase), or use EasyFind’s Boolean search operators and wildcards (Boolean+Wildcards). For the available wildcards and Boolean operators, see below.• Find case insensitive, find also invisible files and folders, include package con- tents in search, and sort by name, date, size or location (ascending and de- scending).• Check Ignore Umlauts to make EasyFind treat, e.g., ‘ü’ and ‘u’ the same; check Fuzzy to find also slightly different spelled terms. Both are only available in Boolean+Wildcards mode.• Settings for content searching: Define or turn on and off up to six different lists of file extensions and HFS types (usually only plain text files, each extension or HFS type separated by commas, HFS types within single quotes like ‘TEXT’) used for content searching. As EasyFind uses no indexing, this is necessary to improve performance, but its also possible to scan all files.WILDCARDS Wildcard Function * Matches none, one, or multiple characters [a-b] Matches a range of characters [a|b|c|…] Matches a choice of characters [abc…] [^…] Excludes characters ? Matches exactly one character Example Result Demo* Everything starting with ‘Demo’ (Prefix) *ing Everything ending with ‘ing’ (Suffix) NS*.h Everything starting with ‘NS’ and ending with ‘.h’ (e.g. all Cocoa header files) ?ouse All words with five characters and ending with ‘ouse’ (e.g. ‘mouse’ or ‘house’) [a-ez]* Everything starting with ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’, ‘e’, or ‘z’© 2001—2010 DEVONtechnologies, LLC www.devon-technologies.com
  4. 4. Example Result [d-fk-j]*[gh] Everything starting with ‘d’, ‘e’, ‘f ’, ‘k’, ‘i’, or ‘j’, and end- ing with ‘g’ or ‘h’ [^be]* Everything not starting with ‘b’ or ‘e’BOOLEAN OPERATORSThe syntax of EasyFind’s Boolean operators is identical to the one ofDEVONagent and DEVONthink. Operator Function AND, BUT, +, & Logical And OR, | Logical Or NOT, -, ! Logical Not ~ Proximity to match partial words/substrings, too (other- wise only complete words are accepted). Placed in front of the search word XOR, EOR, ^ Logical Exclusive Or NEAR Matches words within a range of ten words NEAR/n Matches words within a range of n words AFTER, BEFORE, Matches words appearing before or after each other. Can NEXT be combined with /n, see NEAR/n. () Parenthesis, groups parts of the query logically "" Phrases, find exactly the string in the quotesTIPS AND TRICKS• Dropping a folder onto a search window uses this folder as the search location.• You can copy selected results to the clipboard and insert them into other appli- cations (e.g. TextEdit).• Size and order of columns, sorting of results and size of windows are all persis- tent (for each window on its own).• To move selected results to a particular folder, drag the results from EasyFind to the Finder.© 2001—2010 DEVONtechnologies, LLC www.devon-technologies.com
  5. 5. • To copy selected results to a particular folder, drag the results from EasyFind to the Finder while pressing the Option key.• To create aliases of selected results, drag the results from EasyFind to the Finder while pressing the Command and Option keys.• Pressing Command-dot cancels a running search, too.CUSTOMIZATIONIf you want to remove unnecessary Services or change the menus or shortcuts,you have to edit the file ‘info.plist’ within the EasyFind package (use contextualmenus in the Finder to show the contents).• Delete elements of the array ‘NSServices’ to remove unnecessary Services.• Change the ‘default’ element of ‘NSKeyEquivalent’ dictionaries to adapt short- cuts.• Change the ‘default’ element of ‘NSMenuItem’ dictionaries to adapt the name or structure of menu items.On Mac OS X 10.6 ‘Snow Leopard’ use the Services Preferences instead, which youcan open directly from the Services menu.CREDITSItalian localization by Vincenzo Boiano.CONTACTDo you want to send us comments, bug reports or feature requests concerningEasyFind? Do you have any questions about our products, our technology or ourcompany? Do you work for the press or are you an investor? Please do not hesi-tate and feel free to contact us at any time.© 2001—2010 DEVONtechnologies, LLC www.devon-technologies.com
  6. 6. LICENSE AGREEMENTPLEASE READ THIS LICENSE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SOFT-WARE. BY USING THIS SOFTWARE, YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUNDBY THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREETO THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE, DELETE THE SOFTWARE OR RETURNTHE SOFTWARE AND RELATED DOCUMENTATION TODEVONTECHNOLOGIES LLC.1. License. The application and other components (sound and graphics) accompa-nying this License, whether on disk, in read only memory, or on any other media(the ‘Software’), and the related documentation are licensed to you byDEVONtechnologies. You own the disk on which the Software is recorded butDEVONtechnologies and/or DEVONtechnologies Licensor(s) retain title to theSoftware and related documentation. This License allows you to non-simultaneously use the Software on multiple computers by the same person.2. The Software contains copyrighted material, trade secrets and other proprie-tary material and in order to protect them you may not decompile, reverse engi-neer, disassemble or otherwise reduce the Software to a human-perceivable form.You may not sub-license, modify, rent, lease, or create derivative works basedupon the Software in whole or in part. You may not distribute the Software in anyform, including, but not limited to, electronic information service distribution,bulletin board distribution, and magnetic or optical medium distribution.3. Disclaimer of Warranty on Software. You expressly acknowledge and agree thatuse of the Software is at your sole risk. The Software and related documentationis provided ‘AS IS’ and without warranty of any kind.4. Limitation of Liability. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES INCLUDING NEG-LIGENCE, SHALL DEVONTECHNOLOGIES BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCI-DENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES THAT RESULT FROMTHE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE OR RELATED DOCU-MENTATION. In no event shall DEVONtechnologies total liability to you for alldamages, losses and causes of action (whether in contract, tort (including negli-gence) or otherwise) exceed the amount paid by you for the Software.Apple, Carbon, Classic, Cocoa, Colorsync, Darwin, Mac OS X, Quicktime, Quartzand all other registered names are trademarks of their respective owners.© 2001—2010 DEVONtechnologies, LLC www.devon-technologies.com