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Cracking The Job Market


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Career strategies for advance seekers and hunters!

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Cracking The Job Market

  1. 1. Cracking the Job MarketQuick Reference GuideTop recruiting sources Top job search strategies 1. Campus recruiting 1. Utilize campus career centers. 2. Personal network 2. Join social networking sites. 3. Social networks (Linkedin, 3. Take a class—how to interview, how to sell yourself, how to write a Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs) winning résumé. 4. Job boards (Indeed, Simplyhired, 4. Practice interviewing, get feedback, and revise your interview Weetfeet, Flipdog, Monster, strategy. HotJobs, Careerbuilder, Dice) 5. Develop an elevator pitch to use at career fairs. 5. 6. Research companies and put a short list together. 6. Employee referral 7. Find out who the “key” contacts are at companies where you have 7. Current employed workers an interest and reach out to them. 8. Military outreach/affiliations 8. Leverage your internship into a full-time position. 9. User groups/conferences 9. Network, network, network. 10. Cold calling 10. Build a solid résumé—fill in gaps, call out successes, relay your value 11. School alumni network add, and customize it to cater to the job you are interviewing for. 12. Professional associations and their 11. Be prepared to sell yourself—it’s not a time to be bashful. websites 12. Ask questions. You need to interview the company just as much as they need to interview you! 13. Keep the conversation focused on the opportunity available.Common mistakes that job 14. Know your short-term and long-term goals. 15. Don’t be late, dress to impress, and skip the perfume/heavyseekers make cologne. 16. Don’t bring up bad experiences or bad-mouth past employers. 1. Poor networking 17. Do research on the companies you’re seeking employment with 2. Don’t wait to look for a job until 18. Smile; be honest and engaging. you need to. 19. Have solid references and discuss your employment opportunities 3. Not prepared for an interview with them prior to them getting a call. 4. Research the company 5. Learn behavioral-based interview model Top resume mistakes job seekers make 6. Need to have real examples of accomplishments. 1. Typos and Grammatical Errors 7. Unprepared for behavioral-based 2. Lack of Specifics interviewing style. 3. Attempting One Size Fits All 8. Poor presentation 4. Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments 9. Lack of energy/enthusiasm 5. Going on Too Long or Cutting Things Too Short 10. Not answering questions directly 6. A Bad Objective 11. Poor body language 7. No Action Verbs 12. Not be able to link previous 8. Leaving Off Important Information experience to the role being 9. Visually Too Busy applied for 10. Incorrect Contact Information 2006-2012, Rashid Brown Workforce Development Career Coach, TEL: 404-855-0739 Website: