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Careergonomics Miami Book Festival Miami Dade College Campus

Careergonomics Miami Book Festival Miami Dade College Campus

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  • 1. 2009 2009 Miami Book Fair CatalogMiamiBook Fair
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  • 3. Buy these books at fiction fiction THE BARBARIANS CONQUER THE THE MAN UNDER THE BRIDGE ELITE Jillian Wright John Biaselli 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $8.70 $21.00 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5669-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0860-1 Have you ever sat on a plane, bus, or in another The Barbarians Conquer the Elite is a work of public space when a person next to you began political fiction with the nation of Omneity as to share her life history? Most people who the world leader. With the amount of voting share their thoughts with a stranger want, atmembers on the decline, the original consitution is revised and thirteen some level, to be heard, as though telling makes them more “real,” more12 year-old boys are selected to be trained to lead the nation. This story genuine and less invisible. What about homeless men, women, andis whirlwinds of governmental exploits and hidden agendas. “Nothing is children?fair in love and war.” THE ANT LUCY AND THE …AND THEN THERE WAS ONE HURRICANE Joan Shuff Carmen Navarro-Talavera 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 8.5x8.5 Softcover $10.90 | $15.80 $10.60 ISBN: 978-1-4389-2682-7 | 978-1-4389-2683-4 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7788-1 No information available. This story focuses on the importance of gettingprepared for the hurricane season in a fun and informative way, it’s alsoa lesson to be learned from Lucy the ant who took all the precautions tobe safe in case of a hurricane. Her friend Lola the cricket did not preparefor hurricane Javier. It got in her in a BIG TROUBLE! SNAIL TAILS DIANA HELP ME Teresa Rinne, Illustrated by Preston Dillon Kieli Levin 8.5x8.5 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $10.99 $7.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7076-9 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9275-4 Follow Sanford the Snail and his snail friends Diana Help Me is a story about a family that and family as they head to Snail Park for San- has to relocate to a new town. The home they ford’s first baseball game. move into is haunted by an evil spirit and a younger unhappy spirit. The young spirit is able to connect with one child in the family who seems to be sensitive to the spirit world.The family goes through several mysterious experiences. 3
  • 4. fiction fiction JUST IMAGINE...WHAT YOU CAN DO! THE WAY I SEE YOU Ann Ray Ana Rosa Grimal 8.5x8.5 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $8.60 $11.50 ISBN: 978-1-4343-8874-2 ISBN: 978-1-4208-2766-8 Don’t know what to do? Well, prepare to share When love is real, it can survive the test of time. adventures that you can have with just your Gabriela’s love for Daniel was so great that not imagination. Early readers can enjoy the won- even her father’s attempts to separate them derful world of imagination with bold pictures could keep them apart. They had their love and and short, engaging sentences that can change an ordinary day into an a child to keep them together. Their love was all they had, their child extraordinary one! With Just Imagine as a guide, every child will learn to was born of that love, and now their test has begun. Would their love use their imagination to do anything they might aspire to. endure? YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT GOD BUT FEW MAY ENTER WAS WEARING WHEN TIMES GOT TOUGH AND THE MALL CLOSED George Fromm 5x8 Softcover “Sam” Seymour as told to Annie “Baba” Pitts $14.99 5x8 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4259-4515-2 $10.40 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7512-2 This action packed novel is about the life of a sensitive young lady, Vonda Venus Erickson, Hanging out at the mall on Saturdays, having whose unique physical beauty leads to her ab- sleepovers, sharing histories, working through duction. Hear her mother’s deathbed revelation our diversities, our problems with our moms, with boys, with zits and which changes Vonda’s life forever. Experience her hurt, then go along being “fat,” we were sure we had it together. Until a close friend’s death, on a harrowing journey. Discover yourself caught up in this fast paced adversities threatened to split us up, parents losing their jobs in the story of panache, pathos, and passion until it zooms to an unforgettable deepening recession, some of us losing our homes. ending. FULL CIRCLE EL VOLCÁN Theodore Jerome Cohen C.L. Levy 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.99 $12.80 | $17.80 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2914-2 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5266-6 | 978-1-4389-5267-3 Solly’s dream is for his son Teddy to one day A taciturn and moody young man, Lieutenant become a concert violinist. Eventually he comes Peter Kane, USMC finds himself thrust squarely to understand and to endure the heartbreak of into the center of the violence and bloodshed knowing that the dream never will be realized. of a Central American communist revolution. In the end, there emerges the essence of redemption as Teddy returns to Follow Kane as he fights to get his inner demons under control with the the violin late in life and fulfills his and his father’s vision. same determination, strength of will, tenacity, and brute force he uses to fight his enemies in this Central American hell!4
  • 5. Buy these books at fiction fiction FIVE MOVES TO MATE VIAJEROS Neil Woodward Smith Nancy Sharon Martin 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $15.20 $8.30 | $13.30 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6138-1 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5913-5 | 978-1-4259-5914-2 Set in 6th-7th century England Five Moves to Marina was tired of ranch life. Finding her sons Mate explores the lives and adventures of two was an excuse for her to leave Efrin and the fictional houses, Sendor and Cavendish. This Moon Driver Ranch. Tess was determined to book will engage the reader in a complex, find Tom Lacy at Fort Bowie and kill him even ifalthough believable, tale of human failings, strengths and weaknesses. It it meant losing her own life. Yolie followed Efrin to Cabo, Mexico. Theoffers plausible and realistic actions and reactions to the circumstances dream became a hideous nightmare and she regretted leaving Bowierelative to the period. and Millie Prittchett. THE GATEWAY THE PRINCIPAL Cynthia Delafield David Abraham 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $11.60 $10.40 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8872-6 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0490-3 The Gateway tells the history of a summer house. The Principal is about James Rahin, a young man It is infested with demons that gained access into whose goal is to become a Superintendent. the house by the suicidal fall of its original owner. Rahin faces challenges involving drugs, violence The Hawthorne family, which buys the house and sex. The story melsd the lives of students,from the former owner’s estate, learns how to live with the demons, teachers, and other school related personnel into a colorful collage oflearns their ‘rules’ and never breaks them under pain of revenge that is conflict. Anyone who is or has been associated with a high school willworse than death. be able to relate to the story situations that evolve. LETTERS FROM HEAVEN OVERCAST Laudem Gloriae Merlyn E. Seitz 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $13.00 $11.70 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9288-4 ISBN: 978-1-4259-1074-7 God is trying to get the attention of the world Reed Shillinger is in trouble. As is his usual today. He speaks in the silence, but so few are habit, this trouble is the result of his actions, not listening. He wants to talk to every soul, if they the actions of others. He retreats to the place will just take the time to really listen. of his birth after ending a long marriage. The depth of his internal darkness haunts him. In the days and months fol- lowing his return, he struggles to find hope and redemption. 5
  • 6. fiction fiction MAN OF THE PEOPLE THE APPRENTICE BOY PART I T. Spencer Adams Luke Okoli 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 5x8 Softcover $14.30 | $24.10 $15.00 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4558-5 | 978-1-4343-4559-2 ISBN: 978-1-4343-9677-8 Man of the People is an incredible novel by The Apprentice Boy Part I is a story of a Nigerian first time author, T. Spencer Adams. It is great boy born in a poor family without any future. reading and could be the text book for Political His father died after he fell from a palm-tree. Science 101. After carefully developing the title The boy loved to go to school, but his mother character, Adams provides a simple insight into what has gone wrong could not afford it.There were many obstacles on his way as he wrestled with the U.S. political system, and what it will take to fix it. with life.The book is rich with Nigerian culture, legend, idioms, and figurative speech. DON’T EVER LEAVE THIS COUNTRY COLONIAL ROMANCE Tony Esposito Connie Carson 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 5x8 Softcover $9.95 | $17.50 $11.60 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8291-5 | 978-1-4389-8292-2 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8791-0 Set in San Francisco during the early 1980s, Vickie has doubts when her father tells her he Don’t Ever Leave This Country draws a connection has found the perfect husband for her. When between the narcissism of America and that of they go to the Black’s family plantation and a reckless young man on the loose for the first she meets Charles and finds him nice. Then his time. You might not want to trade places with the protagonist, Evan older brother comes into the room. Nick has never believed in love at Bando, but you will stay with him through the good times and then the first sight but when he walks into the house and sees Vickie he begins hard lessons learned. to doubt those thoughts. THE TROJAN HORSE CLOUD ROPER: THREE-ZERO-ZERO-ONE Steven Comas Mark Thomas McDonough 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $9.75 | $14.80 $13.99 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9540-9 | 978-1-4259-9541-6 ISBN: 978-1-4343-9728-7 Justin Collins is just an ordinary family man until a series of world events changes everybody’s lives. A gas cloud is found in the far reaches of space heading towards Earth. The scientists and the government say it poses no damage to the inhabitants on Earth. What will the people do? How will they react when it’s here? What will happen after the cloud leaves?6
  • 7. Buy these books at fiction fiction THE MISSIONARY POSITION MEGAN’S DREAM R. E. Dinlocker Carla Killam 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $11.50 $14.20 ISBN: 978-1-5872-1684-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2919-6 Angie dreams of flying airplanes and traveling to exotic places. She flies for her Uncle Anthony as a missionary pilot and witnesses the murder of Asmat natives. Angie soon becomes a tool inher uncle’s plans to gain control of a gold mine. THE FINAL CONFLICT BLESSED BY THE GODS Carla Killam Carla Killam 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $14.50 $21.00 ISBN: 978-1-4208-0562-8 ISBN: 978-1-4208-3054-5 Elyse knows that she has a past life and resigns Gennifer Hollander leaves her father’s wealth to herself to the fact that she will never find her begin her own life on her own. Then she meets past love. Norris knows that he has a past life Mike Tanaka. With his help, Gennifer learns to and is searching for his one true love. They know dance with Polynesians and Polynesian beliefs.that this will be the last chance and hopefully Elyse and Norris will be Her interest is sincere. When she is chosen to participate in the religiousable to live happily ever after. rite those who watch her see that she is blessed by the Gods. MINE FOREVER YOU WERE THERE Carla Killam Carla Killam 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $14.50 $13.50 ISBN: 978-1-4208-0554-3 ISBN: 978-1-4208-3051-4 Erin loses her husband in a plane accident. Page Wilken was a lovely girl. During college she After she has buried him, she suddenly decides discovered that no one wanted to be with her. to move to West Virginia. When she purchases a Mark Deavers a police captain had heard that home she discovers that there is a spirit residing his family had some mental abilities. Soon hethere. Then she discovers a man named Eric in her house. She discovers was talking to Page in Nebraska. Mark created the perfect cop, but hethat Adam, her spirit is an angel and that he was sent to bring Eric and didn’t realize just how good or strong she was until she turned on him,Erin together. but he found out. 7
  • 8. fiction fiction EYES OF THE DESERT SAWGRASS Carla Killam Alex J. McDonald 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $13.50 $13.50 | $20.00 ISBN: 978-1-4208-6319-2 ISBN: 978-1-4184-9225-0 | 978-1-4208-1371-5 Kaylean knew that Sharif was Arabian but she A missing cop is found dead in his car in an or- still loved him. When he asked her to marry him, ange grove. Suicide or murder? Det. Sgt. Daniel Sharif had no idea they would end up in the des- Quinn is in charge of the investigation and sets erts of Arabia. Sharif discovered that his father out to prove murder. A second murder occurs was a wealthy sheik and dying of cancer. With the tribes that followed and Quinn finds the two are connected. Quinn becomes embroiled in a Sharif’s family they discovered truth. And the eyes of the desert would drug smuggling investigation and is forced to battle politics, a smug- always watch over Kaylean. gling group and even the D.E.A. I LOVE YOU STILL MARWAN Carla Killam Aram Schefrin 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $14.50 $15.95 ISBN: 978-1-4208-6317-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-3288-2 Pauline Ladden realizes that her boyfriend Tray is How did an Egyptian city planner, a Yemeni not what he seems to be. Just before graduation religious fanatic, a boy from the United Arab she breaks up with him to fulfill her dreams of Emirates who worshipped sex, not Allah, and getting a doctorate. At college, Pauline discovers Mike loves her. When a student of aircraft design who went to a they marry they plan for a happy life, but tragedy strikes after a year of Christian school in Lebanon - four very different men with very different marriage. Pauline vows that no mater what she will love Mike always. ideas - get involved in flying the 9/11 planes? “Marwan,” puts the facts together and fills in the details with fiction. VESUVIUS GATEWAY TO PARADISE Alex J. McDonald Tia 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.00 | $16.00 $9.90 | $14.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6852-0 | 978-1-4389-6853-7 ISBN: 978-1-4389-4498-2 | 978-1-4389-4499-9 There is a serial killer out there killing gay men. This is a riveting tale of love and greed set Det. Ali Castillo is teamed with an FBI profiler to against the backdrop of the War on Terror. track the killer but, Castillo has his own demons Intrigues and conspiracies with clandestine to battle. Can he win against the killer and his operations by unseen powers that take place own problems or will he die trying? in distant lands, combined with satire, makes this a sensational book for politically savvy readers. The travails of the protagonists focus attention on the war torn region of the Middle East.8
  • 9. Buy these books at fiction fiction HOLIDAY FUN FOR CODY, BAILEY THE BIRTHPLACE AND LEXY ROSE Donovan Harrison Dina Marie Marrazzo 6x9 Softcover 8.5x8.5 Softcover $9.90 $10.00 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6835-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7478-1 Do dogs celebrate the holidays? Comejoin Cody, Bailey and Lexy Rose for some holiday fun together. A beagleand two miniature pinchers, have three different personalities. Can Codyand Bailey teach their little sister why the holidays can be lots of fun?Being the baby in the family, Lexy Rose is learning, but it’s not easy forher. She sometimes gets in trouble! YOU MADE THIS DRINK, YOU DRINK IT BLOOD ON THE ALTAR Lindsay Moss Bud Gilham 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $13.99 | $19.99 $11.60 | $16.60 ISBN: 978-1-4259-1795-1 |978-1-4259-1796-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-7412-7 | 978-1-4343-7413-4 Let’s face it, planning a wedding for any mother The tale centers on a young Human male and and daughter is no day at the spa. But does a a young Elvin female. These two characters are “ready-for-rehab” mother plus one headstrong, the sole survivors of a terrible battle. The journey “tell-it-like-it-is” daughter equal disaster? Strap on takes them through political intrigue, betrayalyour seatbelt for a ride to remember, and see if Lexxie’s walk down the and prejudices. This is a tale of courage, growth, weakness and fear, allaisle is paved with hot pink chiffon or spilled vodka and tonics. the human qualities of self, set amid a land of magic in a time of legend. THE NOBLE AMERICAN DAY OF AQUARIUS William Mueller Anita Wylie 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $11.00 $13.80 ISBN: 978-1-4389-4737-2 ISBN: 978-1-4208-8400-5 The Noble American is a literary work that pro- On Thursday, July 1st, an explosion of cosmic vides a candid look at the current state of affairs proportion generates an electro magnetic of the USA. This book includes two short novels. impulse that sweeps past Earth, bringing the Isaak Parker is a dedicated intelligence agent. In world to a standstill by destroying all satelliteThe Good Spaniard Luke Forsyth, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, communications and operating electrical systems. Was it a new super-must decide whether or not to return to his radar squadron after being weapon? Alien intervention? The harbinger of Armageddon? Or, wasleft for dead in Peru. it exactly what it appeared to be: an instantaneous comet ignited by a solar flare. 9
  • 10. fiction fiction HEART & HEARTH UNCOMMON WARRIOR Montague Whitsel Lewis Allen Lambert 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $14.20 $16.30 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1198-4 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6288-7 This book is about Life-Together-in-Earth-and- Not all war heroes have had their stories told. Spirit: how it is found, how it can be lost, and Many lived and died in anonymity. Uncommon how it may be reclaimed amidst and despite all Warrior, the sequel to Michael’s Messengers, con- of the things that can and do happen to us in tinues to recount the many extraordinary World the course of life. Ultimately, it is a text filled with ruminations on and War II accomplishments of ordinary airmen during the Battle of Britain explorations of the ways in which we dwell together humanely in the and the liberation of Europe. Jack Meadows, a Polish born, naturalized Earth. American, embodies the countless acts of selfless courage as a fighter pilot. SUMMER KINDRED SPIRITS D’Sarah Daniel Victoria Lorde 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $9.90 $8.30 | $13.30 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2223-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7451-4 | 978-1-4389-7452-1 Selecia Handle, a senior in high school and Brad- Megan Dane is adopted at birth and becomes a ford Cole, a college sophomore, meet at Jay’s star in the area of music. Her world threatens to Jewellers as summer workers. They share their tumble down around her when the secret of her thoughts, dreams and goals. With friendship true identity is revealed. comes a relationship that will change their dreams and lives forever. That Patrick... Will he ever have Megan for his own true love? Victor Tyler Strat- summer, a quiet, destructive storm changed everything. It made every- ton... a victim of partial amnesia... his past returning in pieces torment- thing more difficult, complicated, challenging and different for Selecia, ing his nights with the same confusing dream. Brad and their families.. MASTER-E: EPIC SPACE AND TIME SS-18 TRAVEL INTO PARALLEL DIMENSIONS Patrick Lowrie 5x8 Softcover A. E. Beck $11.70 8.5x8.5 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4490-0858-1 $22.70 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8743-9 When a terrorist attack devastates the U.S., crippled Navy SEAL Alvin “Buck” Rogers and Power-hungry male government officials of eleven planets had created beautiful Russian GRU agent Tanya Koltovic eleven black holes by imploding their planets and jettisoning ruling-class must secretly enter the living hell that is Iran to members to free zones created on the other sides of the black holes. find seven more warheads hidden there before al Qa’Ida can use them. They theorized that they could replace the Great Oneness, the life force Cutoff from all help they must battle VEVAK (the Iranian KGB), al Qa’Ida of the E, and the vortex of energy known to all as the Ancient One, thus and nature while striving to find the bombs. creating a New World Order.10
  • 11. Buy these books at fiction fiction HYPERSPACE FAWCETTA Stanley I. Brookoff Dalian Artanian 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 5x8 Softcover | Hardcover $10.99 | $15.99 $10.40 | $15.40 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1074-1 | 978-1-4389-1075-8 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1320-2 | 978-1-4490-3201-2 HYPERSPACE is about a man with a malfunction- They say dreams are for those who feel the need ing brain. Triggered by his inability to consum- to be a part of something bigger. They say illu- mate a relationship with a warm, alluring, sion is what every man carries through his life high-spirited, and extraordinarily beautiful until death opens his eyes. This story, which hasyoung woman, the protagonist’s vivid pictorial imagination and great been buried and forgotten in time, has no boundaries, no safe havens.power of memory-recall show the reader pathetic, heartrending, tragic Fawcetta is a world of mystery, drama, deceit, romance, and is filled withand chilling events in his life. After his failure with the woman, he boards action and adventure.a “spacecraft” to travel to his star friend. DEBRA A MAN CALLED MEADOWS Penelope Morrison Chambers Bernard Schaefer 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $20.90 | $27.70 $11.70 ISBN: 978-1-4208-3270-9 | 978-1-4259-1249-9 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8877-1 An American born French Escort-Interpreter This is a story about a tall ruggedly handsome is brought into a windstorm that involves an young cowpoke that grew up on a dirt poor international precious stones contraband ring farm in the late 1800’s. His dad realized you in support of the Zionist Cause. What starts as could succeed with power or money. Therea banal theft culminates in a murder that pits an Irish-American FBI wasn”t any chance of his son having money so to even the playing fieldagent and a Jewish-American CIA analyst. An intellectual battle is drawn that his son would encounter he put a gun in his hand for power.between Catholicism and Judaism as to what it truly means to be God’sChosen People. VOICE OF CONSCIENCE THE CONUNDRUM Behcet Kaya Tom Davy 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $13.50 $10.40 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1453-7 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2198-6 Read what the reviewers are saying about Voice The Conundrum is about a cowboy who isn’t of Conscience: sure of what side of the fence he wants to ride, law or outlaw. He gets into Colorado mining “Voice of Conscience is a riveting tale of life, love, and meets two beautiful women. One is aand revenge.” -Ellen Feld for June 2009 gold-digger after his money, the other is his mining partner. Others try to horn in on his beholdings and he’s the wrong man with which they“This novel is a Shakespearean Tragedy done at its best. I can imagine should tangle.this story as a big screen movie. Voice of Conscience is a story the readerwill not forget.” -Nancy Eaton for May 2009 11
  • 12. fiction fiction SPLIT HE KILLS ME! HE KILLS ME NOT! Debra Lynne M. K. Brooks 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $9.90 | $14.90 $11.95 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9894-7 | 978-1-4490-0348-7 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6730-7 Samantha Duchet is a smart young girl, aver- Roxy Blanton accepts a teaching assignment age in every way, and in desperate need of an in a small town in upstate New York. She buys escape from her small town. Sam is habitually an old Tudor manson where the original owner exposed to almost constant abuse from her died mysteriously. Almost immediately, bizarre father Richard Duchet, until one day she splits. The SPLIT of Samantha events begin to occur that may help her solve a series of murders or Duchet is both evil and heroic. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. make her the next victim! KING RUMA AND THE WELL OF SOULS AT LONG LAST Lee WinterThorne Pat Dinda 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.95 | $17.95 $14.20 | $19.20 ISBN: 978-1-4343-8365-5 | 978-1-4343-8366-2 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1689-0 | 978-1-4490-1690-6 AWAKENINGS ASSASSINS OF GOD A.J. O’Connell U. B. Gunasinghe 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $15.99 | $22.49 $14.00 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1781-1 | 978-1-4490-1782-8 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1717-7 Fuming with rage and bitterness six friends band Dr. Ronald Lambert was a scientist special- together to avenge the destruction of a small izing in stem cell research who was framed for human settlement. Through sheer determina- murdering a young subject involved in one tion and stoic resolve they succeed, though at of his experiments. Unbeknownst to him, this what cost? They set in motion the events necessary to save Reality from was just the first step in a global conspiracy. A conspiracy headed by a ultimate doom. From demonic plots and greedy dragons to hardened secret right wing conservative group who were bent on disproving the assassins and pious priests, the demon Velthanjantle quickly becomes science behind stem cells for their own religious ends. the least of their problems.12
  • 13. Buy these books at fiction fiction CUE FOR PASSION ADVENTURES IN THE LAND OF KETRA Albert D’Annibale E. E. Ricardo 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 5x8 Softcover $11.00 | $16.60 $11.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4922-4 | 978-1-4343-4923-1 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1406-0 Drifting, and yet full awake, I felt a warning breeze, chilling; enveloping: and so I looked up and when I did, I saw an ominous lone dark cloud, shadowing, floating East: Benumbed, I laythere sensing; no savoring in the rain; drenched, and with the raindropssplattering, spreading their translucent colors to have me rhyme, ‘Deb-bie Debbie weighing sounds round and round her womb, womb. THE VISIONARY DOUBLE LOVE K. Angello-Mayfield Har/V 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $13.00 | $25.50 $13.40 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7204-6 | 978-1-4389- ISBN: 978-1-4259-7774-0 7205-3 Double Love is a story about an agent that works After years of sedation, seclusion, and manipu- for a world order. It is made up of affluent peo- lation to control his visions, orphan Taodore ple from every country in the world. Amongst Bentley was looking forward to leaving Mar- them, they have hundreds of millions of dollarskum, where he spent the past fifteen years of his life. As the weeks grow at their disposal. A woman owns an island, which becomes their homecloser to his graduation, Markum has placed challenges in front of him and turns into an island nation. In the end our hero becomes ruler ofthat force him to turn to his friends in the hopes of figuring himself out this new country.before the doctors do. BEYOND THE POINT THE CUTTER OF CORAGH COVE Ed LeCrone Nora Jane Hamilton 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $15.70 $9.90 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9462-4 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8129-7 Ed LeCrone produces a collection of eleven Loaded with raven-black humor, The Cutter of short stories that are filled with twists, intrigue Coragh Cove is a powerful, passionate and grip- and unexpected endings in his second book; ping story about people, set against the dark Beyond the Point. background of gruesome crime. Nora J. Hamil- ton’s irresistibly compelling narrative, as well as a fascinating palette of characters with distinct expressive styles, turns this pins-and-needles mystery into an experience with hands-on impact. 13
  • 14. fiction fiction JAGGED DESTINIES I REMEMBER THE FLOWERS Norma Panelli Halahan Randolph Clement 5x8 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $15.50 | $24.00 $9.80 ISBN: 978-1-5872-1802-6 | 978-1-5872-1803-3 ISBN: 978-1-4208-8488-3 5 Star Rated After losing their father to the horrible national influenza epidemic of 1918, two young boys A powerful story of a motherless child raised by are forced to learn the true meaning of family. and unloving grandmother during the Depres- When their mother remarries, and the stepfa- sion. Despite her traumatic childhood experiences, her strong will takes ther decides that the boys must go, their lives are turned upside down. her along many jagged paths. She finds love. Drive by ambition, her For young Clovis, the road to recovery spans years, and is riddled with mother’s image appears periodically, guiding her in positive directions. emotional battles. Jagged Destinies is a romance with life as trials and triumphs unfold. THE PATRIOT FROM MARS TO MARCELINE Dewey Goldsmith Eleonora Duvivier 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $11.50 | $20.00 $8.70 | $14.00 ISBN: 978-1-4208-5683-5 | 978-1-4208-6530-1 ISBN: 978-1-4259-7979-9 | 978-1-4259-7980-5 In this provocative book, author Dewey Gold- This text is mainly the spelling out of what felt smith explores the probability that decades of to me like a physical experience of spirit. failed national policies have changed the charac- ter of our country and will lead to a second war of independence. He identifies the social, economic, and political changes that deliver free people into common servitude. In these pages Goldsmith offers an illuminating analysis of the concentration of power in a corrupt central government. SECRETS FROM THE FIELD THE SINS TO BEAR Benedicte Grima Cindy Davids 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $16.75 $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-4208-0674-8 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9553-9 The personal accounts contained here, reveal A MURDER HAS BEEN COMMITTED! Paralegal, the untold experiences and relationships of an Kitty Canavan and Officer Shelly Monroe are ethnographer with the people she lived and joined by police detectives, Paul Hoffman and worked among for over 10 years in northwestern Dave Johnson. Together, they must find mo- Pakistan among Afghan refugees and tribal Pakistani Pashtuns. They are tive, means and perpetrator before time runs out and a cold case is filed the everyday occurrences and personal experiences of a woman living away. Leads turn into complicated twists, so tightly wound, it’s almost alone, or with her infant daughter, secrets and blunders withheld from impossible to unravel the plot. WHO’S “Sins To Bear”, ARE DEADLY?! academic books.14
  • 15. Buy these books at fiction fiction DAWN OF THE GREATEST PERSIAN TRIUMPHS OF THE GREATEST PERSIAN C.J. Kirwin C. J. Kirwin 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $14.50 $14.20 ISBN: 978-1-4107-6478-2 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9854-1 One of the greatest men of ancient history, The saga of Cyrus the Great continues in this Cyrus the Great, is born into turmoil. The Great fourth novel in the series. He takes ancient Persia King forces a marriage on his only daugh- out of obscurity and molds an empire based on ter, then conspires to kill her baby. Military honesty, equality and dignity for all. He is forceddisobedience puts the infant into hiding. After years of separation he to confront enemies, and is even attacked by his own family. By usingis reunited through bizarre circumstances. His father teaches Cyrus his novel strategies and superior military tactics, he forms and controls thefamily’s history. The boy accepts generations of honor as his standard. largest empire in the world. FINDING THE PERSIAN WAY AVERTON C.J. Kirwin Terry Pellman 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $14.50 $9.90 | $14.90 ISBN: 978-1-4184-0245-7 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7098-1 | 978-1-4389-7099-8 The saga continues in this sequel to Dawn of the Kelly Hastings could retire. The Chief of Detec- Greatest Persian. In this installment, Cyrus travels tives of the Averton, Ohio Police Department throughout ancient Persia. learning the customs is preparing for a second career as a college in- of the country as he reaches traditional adult- structor. When Averton is inexplicably subjectedhood. Cyrus survives multiple assassination attempts initiated by family, to a series of bombings, Kelly has no way of knowing that the smallgovernmental, and tribal officials. He survives wounds caused by battles town is the center of a movement by domestic terrorists to reshape theand an animal attack. He finds true love that creates new difficulties nation. Nor does he know that he has been selected as the means towith his mother. that end, by deceit and sexual blackmail. THE PERSIAN EPOCH CONTINUES DESERT MASH C. J. Kirwin Clifford D. Cope 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $14.20 $9.90 | $14.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-3984-1 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8857-3 | 978-1-4389-8858-0 Cyrus II, a prince of ancient Persia, continues to This is a historical fiction satire story written influence the antiquity of Iran in this third novel. based on my feelings and views gathered in the In this epic adventure, he is forced to contend workplace of both the civilian and military envi- with numerous family problems such as his ronment. It is a conglomeration of my thoughtsmother’s jealousy, a dangerous Princess cousin who his father bans, after spending much time within the military and always wanting toand his warring Grandfather. Cyrus and his father’s problems are further make it a lifelong job and adventure. This setting is influenced by mycompounded in commerce, illness, and mistrust from the clan leaders. favorite show and movie, M*A*S*H 4077. 15
  • 16. fiction fiction RUN FOR ME TOO TALES FROM SHADOWS Neva Gould Chris Clinton 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $10.50 | $16.00 $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9748-3 | 978-1-4389-9749-0 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0248-7 Saul Kestner, a small-town physician in 1940 Follow the multiple tales of lives past, inter- Croatia, is forced to emigrate his family to excape twined in the present by one common denomi- the German invasion. In 1943 the Allies land in nator. There are spirits who are held here due southern Italy, the Italian government collapses, to anger, desperation, and hatred. Journey into German troops invade, and Saul’s family is on the run again. They head a world where nothing is as it seems. To many of the living, this world south, but will they be able to dodge the Germans, cross the front lines, does not exist and yet it is still there. Not believing does not manipulate and finally be freed by the Allies? the truth, or does it? SEASONS WITH THE MEISTERSINGER LORI’S QUEST Karen Alexander Hoffman Charlotte Enberg 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 5x8 Softcover $24.00 | $33.50 $9.20 ISBN: 978-1-4208-2605-0 | 978-1-4208-2606-7 ISBN: 978-1-4259-0260-5 Written from one woman’s perspective, this is an Twelve year old Lori finds it difficult to relate to intimate view of 19th century German composer her new circumstances in Canada, where her Richard Wagner, the times in which he lived and Mennonite family had been forced to seek ref- the women with whom he shared his life. Unlike most biographies of uge at the start of WWII. Before, she had been Wagner, Seasons challenges the widely-held conclusion that his develop- surrounded by other Mennonite children, but here they find her strange ment as an artist was hindered by a simple, slow-minded wife incapable and are mistrustful. Lori finally becomes discouraged and tries to reach of understanding the art he was attempting to achieve. her only friend Jo by running away. THE ADVENTURES OF HALO & MANNY TRAPPED BETWEEN THE EXTREMES OF GOOD AND EVIL Sandra Sepulveda 6x9 Softcover Jerry Dampier $10.99 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4389-0156-5 $21.95 | $27.95 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5928-9 | 978-1-4259-5927-2 Halo and Manny were visiting Central Park in Manhattan with their caretaker Cindy, when a Society can never know what right or wrong is, storm separated them, and they find themselves without first knowing what is good and what is lost in the big City. Trying to find their way evil. In this book, we enter a fictional world and home, they meet new friends, and over the course of a few days, they explore the phenomenon of good and evil through the actions of an encounter many experiences and adventures that they will never forget. international serial killer, angels and demons, one twin brother’s hatred of the other, and a San Francisco detective caught in the middle of it all.16
  • 17. Buy these books at fiction fiction KNOWLEDGE WITH A LITTLE HUMOR A CHANCE ENCOUNTER El’Bea Jaye (LBJ) Ronald Hyer 8.25x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $19.25 $12.95 | $16.95 ISBN: 978-1-4208-2880-1 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8515-8 | 978-1-4259-8516-5 Beginning in my pre-teen years, my two favorite Glenn Walker left Indianapolis, at the controls books were Grimm’s Fairytales and Math Can Be of his Piper Navajo, headed to Kansas City on a Fun. The idea is to keep your attention through- business trip. Jennifer Andrews is a veterinary out various Observations, keeping enjoyment as student and a waitress at the diner Glenn enters.the aim. You are able to use your intelligence, knowledge, and thinking Five foot-nine, with bright red hair hanging down her back, a few scat-ability in a non-stressful way. No pressure to learn, performance is tered freckles, and the most beautiful green eyes he’d ever seen. Noth-because you so desire. ing would ever be the same for Glenn again. THE SHUTTLE AFTER THE LIES Roger Riffelmacher Patricia A. Graves 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $8.30 $11.60 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5569-8 ISBN: 978-1-4208-9609-1 Undercover detective Nicholas Fallen is ordered to use all his powers of persuasion to deter- mine whether Rachel Bennett had anything to do with her sister’s murder, but the tables are turned when it soon becomes the seduction of Nicholas - until Rachel discovers he’s a cop. Battling danger at ever turn, as well as their own emotions, the two risk it all to discover the truth. NATALIE SEALED WITH A KISS Sandy Johnson Mallory Patricia A. Graves 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $9.80 $11.60 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6585-7 ISBN: 978-1-4259-7589-0 A Christian novel of an orphan girl named Lieutenant Tyler Zachary Garrett is the leader of Natalie in the 19th century. After the disap- SEAL Team Mega One. He’s worked hard to get pearance of her best friend, Natalie runs away, where he is and his life is just the way he likes it. escaping into a forest of darkness and fears. All That is, until he meets Samantha James. Rightshe escapes with is a treasured blanket that her mother made for her from the start they clash, they fight and they struggle against the mutualas a baby, and a sock full of bread. This novel is filled with fear, love, and attraction that seems to have a will of its own.surprises. 17
  • 18. fiction fiction FABLES FROM THE LARGETOOTH LIGHT OF THE DESERT ANIMAL REFUGE Lucette Walters Lorraine Hawksworth, Illustrated by Adam 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover Guzy $16.90 | $21.50 8.5x8.5 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4259-7748-1 | 978-1-4259-7749-8 $13.10 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6508-6 Within some very wealthy and elite Middle Eastern families, there is a secret ancient prac- This book is based on animals that the author tice rarely heard of in the Western world: honor encountered while volunteering at a wildlife refuge. Moved by the killing. This unspoken law allows men the right animals’ plight, she found the strength to face her own challenges. to kill their daughters or female relatives without consequences, if it is Feeling the life that filled a baby squirrel, the fight for survival made her believed that they have dishonored their family name. Noora Fendil, own struggles seem insignificant in comparison. It’s a testament to the Light of the Desert, is the victim of such a crime. animals that she helped save, but really helped save her. BREEZE THE MERMAID II WHITE FARMER, BLACK WARRIOR Sylvia Fraley & Ronald ‘Buddy’ Walkshorse Norman Madawo 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $9.90 $12.00 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0957-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-8626-7 High adventure, scary encounters and narrow The war of liberation in Zimbabwe was fought escapes are in store for our beautiful, adventur- not only to gain independence from the white ous mermaid Breeze as she comes face to face colonialists but to gain economic indepen- with The Tridon, a wicked sea creature that dence through land ownership. Twenty years destroys both men and ships. Unusual events cause it to become out of later, the land was still in the hands of the minority white farmers. This is control and more frightening and monstrous than ever. Breeze is taken the tale of a friendship between a white farmer and black warrior being captive, and perilous circumstances cause her to almost lose her life. torn apart in the wake of the land war. THIS ENDLESS WAIL AN AMERICAN HALLOWEEN STORY Gloria Conaty Brack Michael A. DeBernardin 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $19.95 $7.90 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6942-4 ISBN: 978-1-4343-5552-2 This is the forgotten Civil War story you didn’t One day, the devil traveled to Yore Town, a small read about in school or other history books. hamlet filled with kind people, and was en- chanted by the innocence of a young woman. He devised a plan to capture the girl and bring about an ancient prophecy. A heroic band of men went to rescue her, encountering a host of ghosts, werewolves, a witch, the devil and other strange specters.18
  • 19. Buy these books at fiction fiction ILANA’S LOVE THE INNER AND OUTER BELTWAY Laurel West Mildred Alexander 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $13.50 $10.99 ISBN: 978-1-4208-6594-3 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2563-1 Laurel West reveals the widely rippling Mildred Alexander‘s background in social impact of Jesus’ heart-to-heart exchanges as work has influenced her writings, and she is no other biblical-era novelist has done. She particularly drawn to the underdogs of the takes the reader into the life of Jesus through world who try to pull themselves out of bad the eyes of one of the thousands with whom situations. Her hope is that this book will influ-he spoke face to face. While carefully guarding the purity of Scripture, ence America to take a serious look at the destruction caused by crackher pen dances lovingly with it, leaving the reader with new depths of cocaine on family values and our culture. It has taken a disproportionateunderstanding. toll on the African American community. LA CASA VON KESSEL DROWNING IN HIS ALCOHOL Maria T. Berestein-Garcia Lori Kay Will 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 5x8 Softcover $13.40 | $15.90 $9.80 ISBN: 978-1-4259-2730-1 | 978-1-4259-2731-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1583-0 La Casa Von Kessel, es la historia de unos inmi- Beth was sure of her plans for her future… grantes alemanes que se establecieron a media- then she met John. They seemed like a perfect dos del siglo XIX, en una redituable hacienda a match. But there was a part of John that Beth las afueras de lo que era el centro político y cul- had never been exposed to - he liked to drink,tural de La Habana. Tras invertir un moderado capital en esta residencia a lot. The became apparent to those who loved Beth. But she was tooque abarcaba el dominio de tierras con plantaciones de caña de azúcar deep in John’s alcoholism and abuse to realize - she was drowning in hisy esclavos, alcanzaron gran prosperidad en este inhumano pero fructíf- alcohol.ero negocio de esa época. Sin embargo, este florecimiento económicotentó a sus familiares en Europa, provocando que sus apacibles vidasdieran un vuelco total con el arribo de una hermana procedente deAlemania, que traía intereses encubiertos y apremiantes. ATLANTIS, THE 12,000 YEAR AN ITTY BITTY MURDER ON THE WAY CONSPIRACY TO LONG LANE David Alan Ewing S. C. Kirk 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.49 $13.40 | $20.10 ISBN: 978-1-4343-0949-5 ISBN: 978-1-4259-1313-7 | 978-1-4259-1312-0 Earth was invaded and occupied 12,000 years This is the story of two young men finding ago. A few thousand years ago our ancestors their way in the world. All these boys had was destroyed the continent and the occupational determination and a higher power to guidecolony. Atlantis is still here, unseen but still looting Earth of people and them. How else could someone get into so many situations and comeresources. A recent experiment has led to three people discovering the out unscathed, and the better for it each time. This book is about learn-true history of Earth, how we are manipulated and most importantly, all ing to do what’s right, the strength to overcome all odds despite yourabout the advanced tech the invaders use. circumstances. 19
  • 20. fiction fiction PANDEMIA A WINTER’S WISH Ginger R. Brown Michael S. Hackley 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 5x8 Softcover $13.98 | $18.98 $8.50 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1246-2 | 978-1-4389-1245-5 ISBN: 978-1-4343-8293-1 In a Washington, D.C. hospital, a U.S. Senator dies Mike and his two best friends grew up together of an unknown disease. In California, a college exploring and going on adventures that seemed campus is under quarantine and hospitals are as if they would last forever. The three friends’ pushed to their limits. In Wyoming, streams are bond grew stronger than steel itself. Then, one littered with dead fish and birds fall from the sky. The genetically engi- day, Mike ventures into the mysterious attic: leading him into a journey neered plague has escaped its Colorado lab and is spreading from coast of riches and mystery that will change his life forever. He becomes to coast, infecting any living host it can find. something he never thought possible. REDESIGNING THE MOB EL ÚLTIMO DIOS Jodi Ceraldi Marcelo Vales Garbo 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $15.99 | $22.99 $15.99 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0391-0 | 978-1-4389-0392-7 ISBN: 978-1-4259-4251-9 When Nina discovers Vito has plans to initi- De tanto en tanto, Dios visita al hombre para ate their son into the Mafia, she gets a divorce analizar el progreso de la semilla sembrada before realizing how much power Vito wields. eones atras. El mundo esta por entrar en la se- Ruining her chances of a legitimate job and gunda decada del siglo 21, y esta vez, su visita threatening her life, Nina turns to the mob boss for help. Nina finds out sera la ultima que el hombre reciba. Dios ha decidido que la existencia who she is and what’s really important in life-and, inadvertently, rede- del hombre como tal, debe llegar a su fin y servir para el proposito que signs the way the Mafia does business. ha sido creado. POCKET FULL OF TALES CHILDREN OF SAUL Ernest Giordani Lady Writes, Inc. 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $11.50 $12.25 ISBN: 978-1-4033-0809-2 ISBN: 978-1-4184-4403-7 This is a collection of stories ranging from the In 1969, Kelly sat in the Powell church, hearing realistic to the fantastic, from the mysterious the preaching of Saul, her father who abused to the merely curious, and from the allegorical her. One more abuse and she’d end her life. to the symbolic. It is a compilation of tales that But David rushed her to Doc, who deduced finds its origins in everyday life, elevated, at times, to the sublime. Some Saul was guilty. Doc and Saul became enemies forever. When Kelly of the tales probe hidden areas of the soul, while others simply tickle the married David, Saul got rid of him. David didn’t return. Kelly joined imagination. Beverly Models, disgusted with religion.20
  • 21. Buy these books at fiction fiction ZEUS BLINKED I’M STILL A YOUNG MAN Adrian G. Crook Thomas S. Bruce 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $11.60 $15.70 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2116-0 ISBN: 978-1-4343-3462-6 Bright college senior Aaron Simmons has lost his I wrote this book, I’m Still a Young Man several mind. Now Aaron recounts all the little details years ago. It laid on the shelf for quite some that led to his downward spiral and to life in time. Then one day I had a bad incident hap- an asylum in this black but witty takedown of pen to me. I passed out and had to have a de-American adolescence. Imagine Holden Caulfield with a gun. In Zeus fibralator on my chest to revive me. God gaveBlinked, Aaron Simmons takes arms against a world where intelligent me more time to do what He wanted me to do. He gave me inspirationpeople are smothered by the unenlightened masses. to live. LAKE OF DRAGONS ONE WOMANS JOURNEY Mike Reynolds Leslie Marie DeHart 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $16.00 | $24.00 $15.70 ISBN: 978-1-4208-5299-8 | 978-1-4208- ISBN: 978-1-4259-8126-6 5701-6 On Ouloos, a planet very similar to our own, there lives a young lad who has been trained as a warrior since he was big enough to lifta sword. The lad is Maelich and he is the star of a prophecy that hedoesn’t understand. On his twelfth birthday, he and his mentor, Ymi-toth, are attacked by a pack of amatilazo and his life is changed forever. SNEAKERS THE INHERITANCE Jazmine Jahn Telia Galloway 8.5x8.5 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $12.99 $13.50 ISBN: 978-1-4259-3098-1 ISBN: 978-1-4208-0103-3 They’re dirty, messy, dingy and green… Kate Nicholson, the last living member of her but guess what? He doesn’t care! They’re family, finds herself sole owner of a large cot-Sneakers! The star of every kind of game, the laughing stock of the town, ton plantation, complete with slaves. She wasand if you never thought they could be, a perfect example of a kid’s brought up on a homestead on the frontier,every day hero. Pairs of sneakers come and go, but it’s that one perfect miles from civilization, and finds the idea of slave ownership reprehen-pair that become so loved, they’re worn to pieces; sometimes longer sible. Her sense of responsibility compels her to face head on the ironythan others picture to be stylish and cozy. of her position. Struggling with her new role as slave-owner, she alien- ates most of the local townspeople because of her advocacy for decent treatment of her slaves. 21
  • 22. fiction fiction APPROACHING LOSS VANILLA REPUBLIC Steve Marvin Robert Leslie Fisher 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $12.30 | $17.20 $9.90 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9699-4 | 978-1-4259- ISBN: 978-1-4389-8192-5 9700-7 Richard Furman never imagined he would Loss comes at its own pace…amorphous and be a murder suspect when he signed up for unknowable. It can be relentless.....old age, the Peace Corps and shipped off to Sembeke, a stalking lion, a vulgar little tumor. It can be an island nation off the east coast of Africa, sudden, instantaneous; the head-on collision, the snap of the elevator to teach English at an elite high school. He merely wanted to change cable, the rupture of a tiny blood vessel.It may be at its worst when its careers, to indulge his life long dream of becoming a teacher even approach is unseen. No preparation is possible. No chance for amends or though it meant giving up a successful career in administration for New prayers; no time for bargains. York State. AMONG BRANCHES INFERNOTY Tia Rose Don V 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $9.90 $9.95 | $16.95 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6660-3 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1573-2 | 978-1-4490-1572-5 Intrigue and suspense-filled anticipation draws The writer graduated from Michigan State Uni- the reader into a network, involving embezzle- versity in 1948 with a Bachelor of Arts degree ment and kidnapping, within a prominent in Business Administration. Don worked 25 Financial Organization. Criminal minds challenge years at Reo Motors, Inc. and subsequently at Diamond Reo Trucks in and attempt to out-maneuver each other, deception is the key element, Lansing, Michigan. After Diamond Reo closed he was employed as the which control and order the state of affairs. At the heart of it all, CEO’S Director of Purchasing and Materials at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing and are seemingly silent and Police Officials are given false information to at Lapeer Regional Hospital in Lapeer, Michigan for 15 years. deflect attention from the core of what’s really going on. JUST ONE MORE DAY THE ANGEL OF HOLLÓVÁR Darrel Hoover Istvan Fazekas 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $13.40 $9.90 ISBN: 978-1-4259-1203-1 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8822-1 Pvt. Louis was lucky to survive imprisonment While on a European trip to honor his father’s and an attempted execution by the North wish Michael a native of Chicago discovers that Koreans. Saved by a South Korean family, Louis the country of Hungary has more then just is nursed back to health by Tiana and the rest souvenirs in store for him. His ancestral place a of her family. As Allied troops advance in the North, Tiana and her family small town in Eastern Hungary not only charms him but literally in-cap- join thousands of refuges who are returning to South Korea. To protect tivates him. Against all reason and common sense Michael falls in love the family from discovery by the North Koreans, Louis leaves without under the strangest of circumstances. In a self-deceiving desire Michael telling them goodbye. is pulled and repelled by a strange attraction to a beautiful woman.22
  • 23. Buy these books at fiction fiction WAITING FOR MR. BOND AND OTHER PHILIPPA STORIES Martha Matus Schipul Namratha Mogaral 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $10.40 $8.30 ISBN: 978-1-4208-7675-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6366-4 The 10 stories in this collection are a passionate philosophical exploration of life in contempo- rary India. They are set against the country’sfast changing social fabric by the valorization of issues of caste, com-munity, religion and gender that flowed in to take the place of and to fillthe gap left the ‘big cause’ – nationalism and colonization – of an earlierera. THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS CLOSET SECRETS Jessica King Michael Jones 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $11.50 | $20.00 $10.50 | coming soon ISBN: 978-1-4208-0093-7 | 978-1-4208-0094-4 ISBN: 978-1-4389-3869-1 | 978-1-4389-3868-4 This is a novel about unexpected twists and A story of Jennifer who represents many girls turns in the life of a common woman. It is and women that have traveled down the road a chilling story of a woman and her strange of prostitution for whatever reason or circum- journey that has her question everything and stance, bearing the pain , guilt and shame ofeveryone she ever believed in. Samantha Stafford is an ordinary woman their action, and the danger and struggles associated with that profes-with a promising law career in San Francisco. At an office party, she sion. The reader is asked to put a personal end to a story that representsmeets her Prince Charming, her knight in shining armor and the love of a lifestyle that needs to be addressed with urgency.her life. JUST IN TIME TOO FAT TO DANCE Vincenza David Luck 8.5x8.5 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $13.60 $16.50 | $21.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-0705-7 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1799-6 | 978-1-4490-1800-9 Too Fat To Dance is a hilarious story about one young lady’s struggle to follow her ultimate life goal. With the encouragement from her eccen- tric family, Taffy Johnson is proof that dreams really can come true when off-beat Southern hospitality, Spinach Mad- eleine, and Bloody Marys are all involved. 23
  • 24. fiction fiction FALLEN ARTIST THE AULD MAN Valerie Lee J. Joseph C. Glavin Jr. 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $14.95 $15.75 ISBN: 978-1-4343-7177-5 ISBN: 978-1-4184-9142-0 Ellie wants to continue her art career. Her par- A member of a golf club is asked by an aged ents died from complications with a virus before golf professional to memorialize in writing the she could finish school. She is introduced to Lin lessons of a lifetime of playing the greatest who becomes her husband. Like Ellie he has his game ever created. The lessons are dictated by law career that he spends time with. Lin uses his parent’ knowledge of art the old gentleman before he fades away forever. to stay a part of Ellie’s life even after their separation. He convinces her to remain married. THE BLOOD OATH WALK WITH ME Herb Garrett Little Boy Blue 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $12.20 $7.90 ISBN: 978-1-4208-5466-4 ISBN: 978-1-4389-4145-5 In 1911, in a small town in Southern Mississippi Agnes is a fourteen year old African American the people live in fear. Four boys have been girl who experienced set backs most of her murdered. A ten-year-old mute boy and his young life, but grew into a responsible wife, friend stumble upon clues that relate to the mother, and Christian. Eugene was impacted murders, and run afoul of the murderer and are nearly killed themselves. by the different bloods: African blood, and Native American blood. The Now they’re the targets. Can they solve the murders before they be- trail that Agnes and Eugene walked is a road that countless thousands come the next victims? of African Americans have, and are, travelling every day of their lives. ALL WERE VALIANT SABINE CROSSING J. E. Salinas Jacquelyn Thompson 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $15.70 $19.95 | $24.95 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6314-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6889-6 | 978-1-4389-6890-2 This book was written for the sole purpose The Bradley family is clannishly close and solidly of honoring the Vietnam Veteran. The places unified. When they leave the mountains of Ken- mentioned in this book are real, but some of the tucky for the wildness of Texas, the matriarch, names have been changed out of respect. Most Elizabeth, goes reluctantly. It takes her sister- important this novel is dedicated to all the Marines that gave their lives in-law to make Elizabeth appreciate what she has rather than grieve for without question so that others would enjoy the freedoms of life and the what she’s losing. Elizabeth finally comes to accept the new country, but continuity of our future generations. it’s tragedy that finally gives her the heart of a Texan.24
  • 25. Buy these books at fiction fiction WAGES OF SIN MOUNTAIN OF DECEIT Shelly Taylor Vaughn Poertner 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $13.50 $15.70 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6849-6 ISBN: 978-1-4208-7857-8 Stalked by a notorious gang, Penny buys a one way ticket to Maui. She is immediately adopted by a cave dwelling, pot growing Viet Nam vet. She spends years flopping from the frying panto the fire, but eventually settles into a seemingly safe routine of workand friendships. Sudden events bring the past reeling back full forcehowever, and a choice must be made. nonfiction ASSASINATION OF PASSION THE ROAD TO HARMONY WITH GOD S. Llewellyn Allen Joseph A. Schrock 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $13.40 $10.95 ISBN: 978-1-4259-0150-9 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1583-1 Not since the 1950s has an author so vividly This book is the result of efforts to not only find captured the psyche of a generation. If you’re what is most real and most vital for humans a baby boomer and have pursued a profes- to strive toward, but to achieve an increasing sional career, you cannot help but see some of harmony with a transcendent Reality that mayyourself in the lead character as he pursues his dream of becoming the be called God. This is an effort to express in understandable languagepremiere dentist in the U.S. If you’re under forty, this will answer a lot of the author’s convictions concerning aspects of the the road to harmonyquestions about your parents. with the transcendent being we call God. RISE OF THE STONES CHEATING IN AMERICA Christopher Loeffler Rich McDonough 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $11.60 | $16.60 $16.99 ISBN: 978-1-4389-2462-5 | 978-1-4389-2463-2 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0469-6 The Four Stones are believed to have been This book deals with cheating and infidelity by created years ago by four of our gods as a both men and women, but is primarily focusing punishment for the human’s misdeeds. Either on the significant rise of female cheating over that or they wanted to see what kind of choices the last 25 years or so. This non-fiction bookwe would make once we found them. Why create something that we will reflect notable trends and changes in female cultural attitudes andwould do nothing but destroy each other with? Or is there more to it behaviors in America, and in other parts of the world, as they relate tothan that... marriage, commitment, cheating and infidelity. 25
  • 26. nonfiction nonfiction WHEN SEASONS CHANGE DESTRUCTION OF A VAIN WOMAN Bishop-Dr. Julieann Pinder Ethienne 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $15.70 $16.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-8222-1 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1436-0 The many dreams you dream are depictions of The Whys of Love. Why do some people have an personal change, revelations of future events or intensive love connection that others can’t save resolution to problems. This handy guide could themselves from and struggle? Why are men be the key to a whole new world of understand- and women attracted to certain partners know- ing the ever-changing seasons of your life. ing they don’t have that intense connection with them and that there is “The One” who is better suited for them…” HOLY ACADEMIA FULFILLMENT USING REAL CONSCIENCE Cecil Verger 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover N.S. Xavier, M.D. $12.30 | $17.20 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4490-0595-5 | 978-1-4490-0596-2 $14.95 | $23.95 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6728-8 | 978-1-4389-6729-5 Real Conscience is a groundbreaking work of insight, inspiration and practical guidance for psychological and spiritual fulfillment. With originality and depth, the author distinguishes between our two inner guides--the real conscience which uses reason and the Golden rule, and the socially programmed “superego” which tends to deviate more or less from conscience. LIVING WELL AT ONE HUNDRED EMINENT DISDAIN Darlene McCord, Ph.D., FAPWCA Bromwell Ault 8.5x8.5 Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $27.95 $21.95 | $29.20 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2030-9 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2001-9 | 978-1-4490-2002-6 Living Well at One Hundred™ is about a journey to health. For years Dr. McCord has had the best selling products for hospital- ized patients suffering from skin disease and breakdown. Since skin can be seen as a “report card” on the patient’s overall health, it is a good idea to talk to people early about taking care of their health prior to needing hospital intervention.26
  • 27. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction MENOPAUSE: JUST THE FACTS, THE BERKSHIRE COOKBOOK MA’AM! Michelle Parker Neil C. Boland and Linda LaVelle 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.30 | $21.30 $14.95 | $21.95 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1073-7 | 978-1-4490-1074-4 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5532-8 | 978-1-4259-5531-1 The Berkshire Cookbook is a combination of Menopause is a very complex and confusing recipes gathered from family and friends over subject. It’s about time truly authoritative many lifetimes. Recipes contained in ths book experts wrote a readable, comprehensive, up- were collected from Grandparents, Parents,to-date, and understandable 2006 guidebook not for other doctors, but Aunts, Uncles, Sisters and Friends. Each recipe has been tested numer-for the menopausal woman herself. Finally! .....entertaining, creatively ous times and written in an easy to follow format. This book is perfectand insightfully written, devoid of sleep-inducing academic boring for the first time cook or the more experienced cook.monotony, and from a menopausal woman’s point of view. THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH OF R.O.I WHY I BELIEVE IN GOD BY JOHN DOE Norman B. Riback H. Dietrich “Brink” Brinkmeyer 8.25x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $11.50 $11.70 ISBN: 978-0-7596-4435-9 ISBN: 978-1-4259-4526-8 The Universal Truth of R.O.I. is based upon the Why I Believe in God by John Doe is non-fiction business concept of Return On Investment. and a true to life story of the author’s life, R.O.I has almost always been exclusively used in that is, parts of it. As this story takes you from the business context. The underlying concept high school to the famine infested streets ofof this book is to integrate the common business definition of R.O.I. Calcutta, the “Black Market” dens of China andwith a spiritual application of the term. BOTTOM-LINE: Getting The Most back again it covers some interesting subjects concerning spiritualism,RETURN OR FULFILLMENT From Life Through One’s Belief or Philosophy. Hinduism, a lot of “whys” to Christianity. MEET THE PUGTONA PUGGIES HIS PRESENCE HIS PRESENT Jean Harmony and Kimberly Harmony Erv Miller 8.5x11 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $11.20 $8.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6918-3 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2504-4 Our first chapter, “Peanut was born” and our His Presence His Present is fundamental theology fun, laughter, and loving awareness came alive! to remind us what Jesus Christ instituted for the Everyday is another story, another adventure. church. He provided the proper tools for the We hope what you read to your children will individual and the church body to be His wit-increase awareness to what life is teaching us through whatever lesson. nesses to the world and your neighborhood. We should be willing andWe try to make our stories simple, so that little ones can understand and eager to accept all He has for us in the wonderful gifts He supplies.become observant, aware, patient, and loving with the entire universe. 27
  • 28. nonfiction nonfiction HER STARS AND STRIPES THE RESPONSIBLE LEADER Drea Horton Ed Forst 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $20.00 $7.90 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2539-6 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0443-9 Drea offers her personal nursing experiences; Why are there so many books written about also the stories of nursing colleaques seen from effective leadership today? Due to negative at- a nurse’s prospective.Included in her diary: titudes and thought patterns, our current society Nursing stories of veterans and soldiers from all is producing poor leaders who are leading the branches of the military. She promises that every nurse, and her military society to self-destruction. Leadership behaviors, whether motivating family; will find themselves throughout her diary. In many of her inserts; others, setting goals, hiring or firing empolyees, is continguent upon a enjoy! leader’s level of faith. This book provides practical solutions that leaders can use to improve their effectivness. DON’T ASK ME HOW I FEEL - A SLICE OF LIFE I HAVE MS Jean Jacobs Fort Stephen Knapp 8.5x8.5 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $12.99 $15.70 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4652-0 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0054-4 A Slice of Life is a collection of short stories, essays and poetry about rural Arkan- sas where I was born, raised and live. It will bring back memories of yesteryears before there was electricity, modern plumbing, television, computers, cell phones or McDonalds. There are stories about families of now and then. HIZ-STORY CRACKING THE CODE Durangowalt Dan Callahan 5x8 Softcover 8.5x11 Softcover $10.40 $49.95 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1555-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-3094-9 You’d think that with the election of President Cracking the Code was written with two goals Obama, black strife in America would be over. in mind; first to demystify the often confusing But let me tell you why history is not easily and always secretive intelligence community erased. After more than 70 years on this earth, from a sales person’s perspective, and second I can take you into the depth of vileness to humanity and offer some to provide a first-level road map to penetrating this multibillion dollar possible ideas for resolving the disparity. I am proof of success in spite of market with a product or service. This book will guide you on the ‘road unrelenting obstacles! to revenue’ in a candid view of person-to-person selling.28
  • 29. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction THE THIRD AND LAST TESTAMENT THE SHADOWS OF MY CHILDHOOD (FROM THE KNOWLEDGE CONCERNING GOD) Marisol Santana de Alvarado 5x8 Softcover Valquirio Barbalho $15.70 6x9 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4259-5766-7 $15.40 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5097-6 Young years and soft memories are trans- formed to chaos for this child. Being afraid, waking up sweating to a real life nightmare, not being in control of anything that is done to her or against her is what her everyday looks like. A reason why we must believe there is tremendous bad and awesomely good in every person. WALK TO FREEDOM MINERALS: THE RAINBOW CONNECTION Carolyn Merrimon 6x9 Softcover Nansih Spirit Song $9.99 5x8 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4490-1352-3 $12.95 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0041-7 This is an autobiography of my story. I was previously confined at Ft. Leavenworth United States Disciplinary Barracks located in Fort Leavenworth, KS. This is a Military Confine-ment Facility where military men and women are confined together. Icommitted the crime of Larceny hoping it would buy me the love I sodesired from a man to fill the void in my life. LIGHTNING FROM THE SKY THUNDER THEY CARRY THEIR OWN WATER FROM THE SEA Nancy Milakovic McGann Thomas Petri 8.5x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $20.60 $17.60 | $22.60 ISBN: 978-1-4389-2622-3 ISBN: 978-1-4389-4595-8 | 978-1-4389-4596-5 This book is a photographic journal of a day ANGLICO: “Super Grunts” of 1st ANGLICO were in the life of indigenous Indians protesting on deployed to all four tactical zones of Vietnam the Pan American Highway against the U.S. in small mobile fire control teams, providing free trade talks. More than half the people insupport to U.S. Army and allied elements. BLUE DRAGONS: Most men Ecuador today live in poverty. The Andean countries were negotiatingof the Blue Dragon Brigade came of age during a war that raged fierce a free trade pact with the USA. The indigenous groups understood thaton their own homeland little more than a decade earlier. importing to Ecuador would make a stressed economic situation worse. 29
  • 30. nonfiction nonfiction GASKINS UPPER BODY TEN COUNT NISH’ KI: CHEYENNE GRANDMOTHERS WORKOUT Kay Schweinfurth Eddie J. Gaskins 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 8.5x11 Softcover $9.90 | $14.90 $14.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-2297-3 | 978-1-4389-2298-0 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0869-4 The author invites you to embark on a journey The Gaskins Upper-Body 30 min. Workout Program to the native country of Cheyenne Indians. is the tool that will enable you to vastly improve Hear the colorful descendants of some of the your health, fitness and upper-body workout oldest inhabitants of America, tell stories of routine. This guide is primarily an upper-body weight training educa- battles, the hunt, spiritual experiences, and origins of Cheyenne culture. tional tool that incorporates all aspects of sculpting the upper-body Meet six Cheyenne families, whose lives are intertwined in dependent safely and effectively. Using this guide in combination with a normal and independent relationships and observe the important role that the physical conditioning program will assist you in reaching your physical grandmother cultivates. fitness goals. THE ROSE OF IRELAND THAT’S THE WAY SHE IS Patricia Sue McLarand Manchovian Prince 8.5x11 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $16.00 $9.99 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8853-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8138-3 Rose of Ireland is a serious study about the Cre- This book contains material that will educate ation fall from its Heaven’s owner. It was a crime men and women on how to interact with to all the inhabitants of Heaven and the Pure each other through understanding and com- Planet’s Plan. It pertains to the actual Command- municating. This book provides insight on ed Law of Creator. There is an esteemed entourage here in reincarnated relationships and how to deal with issues that comes with them. It also persons whom should have their right administrative services to them in provides a wealth of knowledge on types of women. This applies to all: roles everlasting. mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend and wife. May your relationship be successful and everlasting. AGING GRACEFULLY WITH DIGNITY, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC INTEGRITY & SPUNK INTACT: AGING DEFIANTLY Steve Richards 6x9 Softcover Norma Roth $15.95 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4490-0879-6 $14.95 | $19.95 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6432-4 | 978-1-4490-2101-6 Music is a part of our lives but while we listen, we seldom hear the music. If you really listen Divided into two parts, Part I deals with the to your favorite classic rock songs, you will world as we know it debunking prevalent at- find that they may tell a story, offer a thought- titudes that attempt to keep those ‘’entering that age” anxious, panicked provoking message, and inspire the imagination. This book reveals the and planning for the inevitable, instead of planning for a life. Part II messages hidden within the music of the 60’s & 70’s - it provides us with moves on to the wonderful new world awaiting, explores strengths, sug- Timeless Lessons of Life. gests treasure hunts along old and new pathways, and presents a new paradigm.30
  • 31. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction THE HAPPY WIFE & THE HAPPY THE GHOST AND MRS. BROWN MOTHER Ro’ry Ann Brown Kimberly Hart 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $9.90 $8.30 ISBN: 978-1-4389-2459-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9449-9 I wrote this book to give people hope, and to The Happy Wife & The Happy Mother helps not be afraid of death. I know that the majority women who are feeling overwhelmed by try- of people do not believe that there is a life after ing to deal with life’s daily struggles while not death, I was doubtful, also, but, I am here to telllosing themselves in the process. Author Kimberly Hart has outlined 7 you that there really is life after death, I saw it, and I am still allowed tosimple steps to enrich each aspect of your life while also enriching the see it.lives of those in your family. ARE YOU WEARING A BARREL? TRUE LOVE Clifford S. Coull Bjørn Kaupang 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $10.95 $11.90 | $24.90 ISBN: 978-1-4259-1256-7 ISBN: 978-1-4259-2276-4 | 978-1-4259-2275-7 This book is the account of a visionary experi- You are now holding a complete step-by-step ence of the author. Mr. Coull was born, raised guide describing how to achieve true love, why and educated in Montreal, Canada. After marry- this is important and how it will benefit you. It ing, he relocated his family to the San Francisco also clarifies the nature of your soul, what yourBay area of California. When the marriage ended in divorce, the author ego is and demystifies some of the myths about love.began to experience new phenomenon. The event triggered a period By explaining the meaning of life in an understandable language, thisof spiritual growth resulting in an awakening of his psychic abilities. book is a valuable friend on your path toward happiness. THREE MONOTHEISTIC FAITHS - IN THE SANCTITY OF THE SNAKE PIT JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM Michael D. Guard Dr. Andrea C. Paterson 6x9 Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $27.99 $10.35 | $15.35 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6792-1 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6890-4 | 978-1-4343- 9246-6 In the Sanctity of the Snake Pit discloses the tribulations of the Vietnam helicopter war, and provides deeply moving insight into the lives This book is a synopsis of three monotheistic of those crewmen who routinely flew combat faiths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - their assault missions. Written in narrative non-fiction, the book reveals thecommon areas and their differences. The author’s desire? To show rarely told account of air to ground combat, and the surreal events ofwhy she believes and to prove that, of the three main faiths existing in adolescent soldiers, many exposed for the first time to their mortalitythe world today, Christianity (a true relationship with Christ) is the onlyvehicle to God. It is through Jesus Christ that we find our way to Him. 31
  • 32. nonfiction nonfiction THE BRONX STREET KID A COUNSELING PROGRAM DEVELOP- MENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY MODEL Richard Kane 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover Dr. Emery Fillmore $8.30 | $13.30 8.25x11 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4490-0268-8 | 978-1-4490-0269-5 $25.00 ISBN: 978-1-4208-9149-2 This book is about my journey from brokenness to wholeness. As a child I survived physical and “The Program Development and Accountability sexual abuse. As I got older I found comfort in Model is a must read for Graduate Students in the bottle and I became a drunk. I allowed GOD Counseling programs, Guidance Managers and and the 12 steps to change me into a sober, loving, and gentle person I Counselors who are now working at a Middle School, High School or a hope my book will help others. Community College. This How To Manual clearly describes an Account- ability System that will assess/ identify student/parent needs and evalu- ate Counselors efforts in the Educational, Career and Social/Personal Domains.” --Jim Bears, Santiago Canyon College COMPLETE GUIDE FOR HAVING MISS GWEN’S DO’S AND DON’TS FOR CHILDREN WITH PERFECT TEETH PARENTS Frances B. Glenn, DDS & Miss Gwen William D. Glenn, III, MD 8.5x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.70 $9.90 | $14.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1778-8 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8427-4 | 978-1-4259-8431-1 My book is broken down into sections to help The book gives future parents, parents, nurses, new parents with, feeding, upset babies, potty dentists, and physicians simple, proven, step-by- training, etc. Many parents don’t have family step directions for producing children whose teeth will not have cavities, close or friends they can depend on so this is a little book of tips to help can be protected from injury, and can often avoid the need for straight- them. ening. On another level, you learn how private dental organizations have managed to keep the knowledge of cavity-free children from the public for over 45 years. “UNDERSTANDING” THE TRINITY MOTIVATION AND THE PROFESSION- AL AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN Will Daniels 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover Dr. Lawanda S. Rutledge $19.99 | $24.99 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4389-3535-5 | 978-1-4389-3534-8 $14.95 | $18.95 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0823-6 | 978-1-4389-0822-9 Understanding the Trinity is a revolution in Chris- tian thought and philosophy. True Christianity is The research addressed the gap in the lack a Jewish religion established and organized by of understanding regarding what motivates Jews. Gentiles were invited by Jews, with God’s African American women to become corporate approval, to participate in the Christian movement. This book will bring leaders. Catalyst, an organization that provides research pertaining to us back to the original gospel message, the oneness of God, and the women in corporations, published a 2003 report that suggested African power of God’s name in the face of Jesus Christ. American women are under-represented in leadership positions within American corporations. An assumption is made within motivation theo- ries that motivation is standardized behavior without racial or gender barriers.32
  • 33. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction THE MEMOIRS OF AN AMERICAN INTRODUCTION TO INTERFACIAL GLADIATOR TRANSPORT Johnny R. Thomas Mahmoud A. Melehy 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $13.80 $79.50 | $88.50 ISBN: 978-1-4343-7121-8 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2037-8 | 978-1-4490-2039-2 This publication was written after an active ser- This book provides ideas and results that will vice career in the United States Army. Snared stimulate theoretical and applied research infor the first time in the midst of emotional challenges that could not a variety of disciplines. The topic coverage isbe solved with military training, the struggles require solutions beyond balanced and complete for both researchers, who will find case studiesmilitary strategy. The uncertain times compelled a desperate need with fundamental importance, and students, who will be introduced tofor answers. Frustrated at the notion no one understood, life began the generalization of Einstein’s theory of Brownian motion.dismantling. CROSSROADS UNMASKING FENG SHUI Jim Roberts Catelin Hoover 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $8.99 $9.90 | $14.90 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1576-3 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1562-6 | 978-1-4490-1561-9 We have made tremendous strides as a nation. Is Feng Shui merely an ancient philosophy direct We can be justifiably proud of our achieve- from the Orient, like so many claims; or is it a ments in many areas. Unfortunately, we have subtle and potentially dangerous form of the oc- also become a nation immersed in political cult? Should a Christian use Feng Shui methodscomplacency and spiritual apathy. Without any mincing of words, the to decorate? As you turn the pages you will find answers to these ques-hard-hitting, abbreviated chapters of this brief writing identify what may tions that may surprise, alarm and disturb you as Feng Shui is carefullybe the biggest problem in America, and point us toward a major step in evaluated from a Christian perspective.its solution. CAUGHT THE JUDGMENT AGAINST IMPERIAL- ISM, FASCISM AND RACISM AGAINST Michael Abresch CALIPHATE AND ISLAM 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $10.98 | $14.99 Khondakar Golam Mowla ISBN: 978-1-4490-0054-7 | 978-1-4490-0055-4 8.25x11 Softcover $19.80 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1095-6 This is a book for most every season of our lives. It offers you an opportunity to think about, and to answer some of the questionable and This book is all about Caliphate and Islam which irritating things that you have pertaining to was destroyed in 1914 through first illegalyour walk with God. God wants us to have clear thinking in the things invasion of Iraq and Caliphate was abolished on 29th October, 1923 bypertaining to Him and His Kingdom. Resolving these unanswered issues Ataturk, a secret Jew according to Joachim Prinz as he mentioned in hisis a step in the right direction. famous book, The Secret Jews (pg 122). There was no limit of lies, decep- tion and genocide in human history. 33
  • 34. nonfiction nonfiction VEGAN COOKING FROM THE THE VICTIMIZED FLYING LAPTOP Mary Qian M.J. Storey 6x9 Softcover 8.5x8.5 Softcover $9.90 $13.10 ISBN: 978-1-4343-0798-9 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0547-4 The Victimized is a truthful and soul-searching At 16, my daughter Heather, came to me story of the life and faith journey of a Catho- and said she wanted to be a “vegan”. Having had 5 children and seen lic from communist China. This story gives a where these children could and would hide food if they didn’t want to glimpse into the history of a more than half a eat it. I decided to accept this challenge and learn everything I could so century long persecution on the Catholic Church in China. Readers can she would be healthy. be brought to a new understanding of the way of life of Catholics living under the communist system of China. DOGS I HAVE KNOWN, THE FOUR YAKETY YAK I FOUGHT BACK LEGGED KIND Veta Gardner Robyn Peeples Walsh 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 8.5x11 Softcover $18.70 | $20.10 $17.00 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8981-1 | 978-1-4343-6224-7 ISBN: 978-1-4259-7705-4 The story in this book is about a young man who This is a 78-page book in which the author left his home and family in Tyler, Texas at the age relates her true experiences with animals, mainly of twenty three and moved to Los Angeles to dogs, that she has come in contact with through follow his dream of becoming a big band singer. He became the lead over 8 decades of her life. She includes color photos of her pets; and the singer and founder of the first vocal group to be inducted into The Rock amusing and humorous tales reflect what is going on in author’s life at and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. the time and what is going on in Atlanta where she grew-up. THE TANGLED WEB OF FROM THE BACKS OF SLAVES TO THE PATENT #174465 PRESIDENCY Russell A. Pizer Arthur L. Sanders 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $11.60 | $16.60 $9.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8402-5 | 978-1-4389-8403-2 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1843-6 The Tangled Web Of Patent #174,465 is the story of fraud, collusion, perjury, corruption, bribery and what would now be called industrial espionage. The Tangled Web will show how Alexander Graham Bell has been falsely given high honors in the history books of the United States depriving the true inventor of the telephone his rightful place. “Truth is stranger than fiction.”34
  • 35. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction SOME THOUGHTS ON THE BIG ENDLESS COLD WAR QUESTIONS LtCol Dominik George Nargele USMC (Ret) George M. Brockway, Ph.D. 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $9.90 | $14.90 $9.99 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9982-1 | 978-1-4389-9981-4 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5828-6 This book is a series of essays about some of the more important questions in philosophy and religion. The essays represent the author’s takeon the most reasonable answers to these questions as well as the justi-fications for those answers. No dogmatism here, just an open attemptto discern what is the case with regard to some perennial and seriousissues which commonly confront us. THE DEVIL’S REIGN EXOPOLITICS: George Newberry Paola Leopizzi Harris 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $14.50 | $23.00 $20.00 ISBN: 978-1-4208-5398-8 | 978-1-4208-5397-1 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6559-8 The Devil’s Reign is a true story. Statements made by the author in this book have been validated with documentation and verified by this publisher’s legal department. You will readabout a near-death experience, an ensuing mission to expose the forcesof evil and warn people to get their lives in order with God, and mind-boggling events that followed. GOD’S BAILOUT PLAN FOR YOU LIFE’S JOURNEY INTO DESPAIR AND FAILURE Stephanie Jasmin 6x9 Softcover Edward Einar Hailio $10.50 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 9781438951911 $11.99 | $16.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4518-9 | 978-1-4343-4517-2 The financial crisis has impacted every living being on the planet Earth. Governments all This book is about Life including our humani- around the world are talking about bailout. ties. It is about the exposure of almost every- Millions of people are scared to death. thing we are taught to believe in as lies or basedGod has a plan and it may include YOU. Discover: on lies excluding our sciences. It explains what has taken control of all Life, how it spread its malice over Earth, what its purpose is and what will• What is an economic pit fall happen if we humans don’t get off our knees.• Your way to get out of this economic crisis• Your way to your cup overflowing 35
  • 36. nonfiction nonfiction JOY AND ADVENTURE IN HIS SERVICE “ENLIGHTENMENT DANCE,” DANCING YOUR WAY TO ETERNAL BLISS Alene Dalley 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover Rosane Gibson (Hozuhni) $16.95 | $19.95 6x9 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4389-5027-3 | 978-1-4389-5026-6 $18.70 ISBN: 978-1-4208-8122-6 After Mrs. Dalley retired, she was called by God into the mission field. You share her tears, joys, This book contains inspirational insights from faith, and laughter. Alene ventured into the lives Hozuhni’s world experiences (as an international of the common people where she might share Flight Attendant for American Airlines) about the love of Jesus and provide hope where there was despair. If you’ve applying the powers of awareness and positive intention to the stress ever considered serving God in a similar manner, this is the book for you. and challenges of modern life, along with practical instructions for us- ing the ancient art of exotic “belly dance” for creative transformation of body, mind and spirit. It includes step-by-step instructions, enlightening interpretations, and many delightful illustrations. A JOURNEY OF INTIMACY THE TROUBLE WITH CHRISTIANITY Rev. Deborah A. Cooper Philip Voerding 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $9.20 $10.70 | $17.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-7858-3 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8924-2 | 978-1-4389-8944-0 This book reveals to the worshipper the myster- ies of an old path, set in place centuries ago, leading to that secret place of the Most High. It is a journey that takes you from preparation to destination. The pages of this book will unfold the secrets surrounding the concept of intimacy with God and the simplicity of living out this relationship. BUSH AND NIXON WHEN GOD SPEAKS Fiorella Garcia Kynaston M. Ramsey 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $13.40 $10.00 | $23.77 ISBN: 978-1-4259-4101-7 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5716-2 | 978-1-4259-5717-9 This book correlates the presidencies of Bush We all use numbers every day to bring precision and Nixon, presidents that have been controver- into our communications, whether it be remind- sial and divisive. The author adopts an objective ing others of our birthday, negotiating our salary, point of view on both men and their influence keeping track of our weight, or determining the price of a product. Even on foreign affairs. With country in a political disarray, this book may more so in scripture, God, uses them to bring His Word in the human answer the question asked by many: could Bush have the same fate as language into sharper focus, and to communicate His will, His Word, Nixon? and His Way.36
  • 37. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction THE ATOM OF CREATION OF PLANET WWII DIARY OF A GERMAN SOLDIER EARTH AND ITS HUMANITY Helga Herzog Godfrey Ella R. Chase, MS. D 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $19.30 | $26.10 $13.25 | $36.50 ISBN: 978-1-4208-4963-9 | 978-1-4208-9285-7 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9237-2 | 978-1-4389-9236-5 I was born and raised in Germany. After my The Author of this book, has lived through father’s death, my mother spent many winters many of the fears of similar extremist, who with my husband and I here in Florida. She and seemed to say what they would do if they were I transcribed my father’s World War II diaries intoGod. The real God, has no form and no pronoun and does not live in German from the old “Gabelsberger” shorthand. Subsequently, I trans-a Mansion, and, not about to take a tantrum and destroy the fantastic lated them into English. I know I have my beloved father’s permission toMaster-Piece, we call planet Earth, created eons of time ago. share his writings with others which honors his memory. AREN’T YOU THE FAMILY WE’RE CAREERGONOMICS TALKING TO FROM HEAVEN? Rashid Brown SallyMae Jackson 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $14.95 $17.30 | $24.10 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0816-1 ISBN: 978-1-4208-3385-0 | 978-1-4208-3384-3 Careergonomics fuses the worlds of education I always believed there was a God out there. and business with work-based learning and Now I know that not only is He very close to workforce development to help aspiring stu- us, but He lives within us and is ever present dents and professionals develop the critical skillsin the earth today. We can develop an intimate relationship with Him necessary to succeed in the 21st century global economy and work-daily. This is our family’s real life story of how we were chosen by God to force. This book will help you to develop a mindset of strategic thinkingexperience first hand deliverance and salvation. about personal development and employment success in the emerging 21st century global economy. MAKING OF A GLOBAL ENGINEER JEWELS FROM MY JOURNEY… Aparajita Mazumder Danette M. Reid 8.25x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $15.20 $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2845-8 ISBN: 978-1-4389-8646-3 Making of a Global Engineer: Philosophy and Using real life experiences and Scripture, Practice interfaces Technology and Culture. With Danette offers you a glimpse into the life of an the operation of technology on a global scale ordinary woman. She shares her challenges, comes the question of dealing with a global experiences, and victories to encourage, moti-professional environment with its diverse languages, beliefs, educa- vate, and uplift you! Her thought-provoking messages are emotionallytional, technical work environment and academic and corporate culture. charged and will have you laughing, crying, smiling, and giving GodThis leads to the conclusion that technology and cross-cultural issues glory all at the same time!are intrinsically entwined in global engineering. 37
  • 38. nonfiction nonfiction A PLACE CALLED HOME MY HOME RENOVATION Craig Nagel John J. Girschick 6x9 Softcover 8.25x11 Softcover $16.95 $12.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2286-9 ISBN: 978-1-4343-5135-7 Join Nagel as he contemplates the mystery of The idea for this book was born out of frustration the night sky on a midnight walk at 30 below from my own horror stories with contractors. zero, stares eyeball to eyeball in the chicken Many people have told me about a bad incident coop with an intruding Great Horned Owl, they experienced with a contractor, which paddles his way through an autumn marsh as he and his wife harvest could have been avoided if the customer had been more informed. The wild rice, and reflects upon the mystical resurrection of early-spring main goal of this book is to educate homeowners on some of the finer frogs, who days before were entombed in frozen mud. points of hiring a home improvement contractor. ON SURVIVAL STUMBLING OVER A QUARTER TO PICK UP A PENNY Benjamin S. Persons, PE, PG 6x9 Softcover Hayward C. Townsend Sr $9.80 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4389-7836-9 $12.99 | $18.99 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0853-6 | 978-1-4490-0854-3 From a career spent combating the wild, the author purports to advise the reader on what to Stumbling Over A Quarter To Pick Up A Penny: do and what not to do so as to survive alone in Understanding Your Life’s Spiritual Periods is a book a hostile and unknown environment. This is a that teaches you how to remain in God’s Power while dealing with life’s “how to” manual for one who might become “Lost”. everyday challenges. It is a metaphor for how you deal inappropriately with your life’s challenges---whether they are related to relationships, illicit behavior, wealth, health or spiritual peace of mind. ANSWERING HER QUESTIONS HOW TO HAVE A GREAT INTERNATION- AL WEDDING Terry Gillyard 5x8 Softcover Sandy L. Brown $11.50 5x8 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4208-3726-1 $9.50 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7606-8 There was always something he had to tell his little girl “Myles” accumulated notes and found This is a delightful book about the author`s himself answering her questions in great depth. experience in investigating and planning her The author understands that not only is he satisfying the curiosity of a wedding outside of the United States. She shares specific creative de- child but that he is also leaving a legacy by giving the family name a tails ranging from how to select the wedding date to how to make your place in history. guests feel very special. It is told humorously and is easy to understand. This book will give you something you can use in planning your wed- ding.38
  • 39. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction THANKS AMERICA - YOU SET ME FREE AMERICA BETRAYED Ulla Reichhardt Dewey Goldsmith 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.25 $11.50 | $20.00 ISBN: 978-1-4259-3691-4 ISBN: 978-1-4343-8797-4 | 978-1-4343-8796-7 This book is about the American freedom and In these pages Goldsmith details six steps, spirit. What each person in this country can be already completed by the Washington socialists or become, no matter what back ground there and describes where they have taken America, is. Each one can become his or herself. Nobody steps that will lead to the total collapse of American National Sovereign-gets intimidated by a higher ranking person or authority. This book ty. Only two steps remain unfinished: The disarming of the Americanshows how the author came into this country unknown and fell in love people and replacing our Constitution with the United Nations Charter.with the USA. The end of a free America approaches while an apathetic people watch. A GENERATION IS GOING A MAN IN MANY STREETS Jacob Sommers John Saintsbury 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $13.40 | $21.10 $13.95 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9547-8 | 978-1-4259-9548-5 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8221-8 This book is an account of the author’s life through his childhood in Britain, early youth in South Africa and subsequently in, many countries during WWII and life in Canada in later years. Some of the author’s experiences may raise some eyebrows but the author has tried to “call a spade a spade” and leave the reader to as- sess his or her own mentality. LA SOMBRA DEL PODER GLOBAL Y EL AMERICA’S YOUTH TERRORISMO INTERNACIONAL Kareem J. Maxwell Jorge Marlbor Alvarado 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $8.25 $18.70 ISBN: 978-1-4208-2506-0 ISBN: 978-1-4259-3798-0 I hope that this book can bring America’s youth to the realization of the dangers of the wrong “Si los pueblos no estudian su historia nunca lifestyle and mentality. I never thought what aprenderán de la misma, y serán condenados happened to me or any other tragedy that a repetirlas.” Al principio, pensé que era una could have happened was possible. I some how felt that I was an excep-justificación para enseñarnos cosas del pasado que aparentaban tener tion. I now realize that life is not granted to me, but it’s not granted topoca relevancia en nuestras vidas modernas, pero al final entendí, pues any of us.empecé a analizar cada evento histórico en el contexto del momentoactual, y sus posibles soluciones. 39
  • 40. nonfiction nonfiction LIFE IS BUT A MERRY GO-ROUND WOMEN WILL EVANGELIZE THE WORLD Sam Walker 5x8 Softcover Dr. Osborne Richards $7.90 6x9 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4343-4635-3 $13.40 ISBN: 978-1-4259-1817-0 This book tells you how to deal with situations which you look upon as insurmountable trag- If the devil is to destroy Adam’s family, he has to edies. Yet, nothing in life is insurmountable. All get the woman in his corner. Therefore when you need is to do is re-look at life, re-adjust your the devil, Satan, got the woman, Eve, Adam was focus, gather your courage, harness your capabilities and you are ready no match. Now woman is angry with her number-one enemy, the devil, to fly again. This book will tell exactly how to do that through fifteen and is now ready to evangelize and gather her children across the world steps. since Jesus has conquered and destroyed the power of the devil. SIGNS OF THE SECOND COMING OF HEBRAIC PERSPECTIVES OF THE JESUS CHRIST AND THE END OF THE GOSPEL WORLD Robert Barry Davis Steve Urick 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $14.95 $12.39 ISBN: 978-1-4259-1145-4 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7501-6 Do we in our culture really understand the Bible? God has not left us in the dark concerning the We read it, study it, listen to sermons, buy teach- details of Christ’s future coming, but has given ing tapes, and go to seminars to learn more about it. It is possible to us several clear prophetic signs to watch for. Whether you are a Christian know the Bible and not understand the Bible. It is necessary to view the or not, this revealing work will give you the vital information you need to Word of God from the perspective of a two thousand year-old Jew to prepare for what may come in the near future, and for eternity itself. actually grasp Biblical concepts. 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE IN CHINA’S JESUS AT TWELVE DEATH CAMP Robert Barry Davis Tenpa Soepa 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $13.50 $14.99 ISBN: 978-1-4208-4887-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-5910-0 Much is known to many Theologians and his- While I share my life story here, I remain fully torians but never reaches the average Christian aware that it’s not possible for just one individual’s or someone curious about the life of Jesus not experience to paint a detailed picture of how much the whole nation covered in the Bible. In this book you will see a very human young man had suffered. Nonetheless, I hope this book will contribute in informing but one with an extraordinary Touch of the Supernatural. This is a novel, and enlightening the readers what an ordinary Tibetan had to endure, but with accurate details of life of the man known as Jesus, The Christ. and hopefully shed some light on an important period in our history.40
  • 41. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction LITTLE NUT TO A TREE OF LIFE BURIED TREASURES Robert Barry Davis Linda C. Campana 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $15.00 $8.70 ISBN: 978-1-4259-3463-7 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5296-3 Ever wonder why things don’t seem to be hap- Although travel was always an important part pening in your Christian life the way you want of her life, nothing has compared to the round them to? Has your heartfelt plea ever been, “Oh trip excusion she took within herself that she God, where am I?” Checkup with God to see refers to as her divine excavatio. Looking everywhere you are in His school of maturity for you. II Peter, chapter one is where but within for the answers to the questions she had about heran outline of spiritual growth, which starts with “faith” and ends when life, in desperation, one sleepless night, those twenty years ago, shewe walk in “love.” asked for help and to be shown the way. The opening paragraph of this story takes it from here and tells what happened to her on her quest for true self. THE ENIGMATIC VOICE OF GOD HOSPITAL SURVIVAL Dr. Rev. Narayan Uchigaki Jay E. Morrow 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $13.40 $9.99 | $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-4343-0554-1 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1095-9 | 978-1-4490-1096-6 In this book, the author outlines a path for awak- How a simple pain in the hip became a startling ening the dormant mythical character of human disability. This story covers an individual’s battle intelligence and reconciling human behaviour with septicemia, operations, death on the oper-with nature. The book is a blend of science, philosophy, history and ating table, and a subsequent coma. This bookreligion. Poems by the author have been selected to elevate the spirits covers essential lessons everyone should know concerning survivingof the reader. Particularly fascinating are the accounts of extraordinary their hospital experience, and showcases the author’s actual growth dur-experiences and revelations from a higher power. ing his near death experience and long term hospital care. TRANSGENDER EXPLAINED FOR DADS ARE PARENTS TOO THOSE WHO ARE NOT Geraldo Mercado Joanne Herman 8.5x8.5 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $9.50 $12.95 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5600-8 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2957-9 When you are a single dad the hardest thing to do is to squeeze all of life’s joys into the two Joanne Herman, a transgender woman who days you spend with your child. No one knows read everything in sight to understand her own more about how time flies than a dad who only gender incongruity, has been helping others gets to see his child once a week, for a weekend. When we see our child,with her non-complicated explanations of transgender for almost a de- he or she is always a week older.cade. Organized by topic into short, easy-to-read chapters, TransgenderExplained is perfect for parents, relatives, colleagues, friends, allies andeven journalists who want to quickly get up to speed on what it meansto be transgender. 41
  • 42. nonfiction nonfiction PHOTOS...FROM THIS SIDE FEATHERS FROM HEAVEN OF HEAVEN! Melinda Fabry Paul Kniesz 6x9 Softcover 8.5x11 Softcover $8.70 $16.99 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1421-6 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6958-1 This is a collection of photographs taken while working on the road in Alaska and in California’s Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park. Just the beauty of the photos makes you wonder: If our heavenly Father can create such beauty on this side of heaven, one can only imagine what Heaven is going to be like. WITH A PASSION CREATIVE BLOGGING Father Mike Paul William Johnson 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $10.80 $8.99 | $13.59 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5856-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-4994-9 | 978-1-4389-4993-2 Part 1: Transformation, shares some observations If you feel trapped in the same old issues in your about change through eight diverse perspec- personal life or your business and need to find tives. In Part 2: Strategy, we trade our limitations, a way out, this book will show you “how you do barriers and/or fears for resources that empower dat.” There is a common thread that runs through us. In Part 3: Passion, you’ll gather more supportive evidence as you all creative techniques that can be used to master any situation. This confirm (or re-confirm) that the seeds of happiness are already inside you book will show you how to find and use that common thread. and that it would be wise to give them more conscious and compassion- ate attention. THE MAKING OF A PACIFIC CITIZEN THE SOJOURNERS Hugh Burleson II Richard Pender 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $15.20 $15.00 ISBN: 978-1-4259-7108-3 ISBN: 978-0-7596-8913-8 The author takes us from his childhood as a The surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor mobilized barefoot boy in Depression-era Southern Califor- the entire nation to build the military forces nia, through his prep school years on a scholar- that would defeat the enemy in Europe and the ship, to being drafted and trained to fight in the Pacific. The story is about that mobilization, centered around one eight- invasion of Japan. But, the war ends and he’s sent to Occupied Japan, year-old boy and his family. He and other boys have many adventures where he fights alongside a feisty and beautiful samurai, Kimie, wins her as they assimilate and improvise in order to try to lead a normal life in a love and changes the course of his life. time of war.42
  • 43. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction DELECTABLE ART VOLUME 1 HEALTHY VEGAN COOKING Lana Rae Badouin Rosette Z. Obeid 8.5x11 Softcover 8.5x11 Softcover $31.99 $20.90 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4462-5 ISBN: 978-1-4389-3231-6 Many people are vegan either because of health or humane reasons. It is good to include in your diet some of these recipes every now and then if not all the time. In them you find all the es- sential dietary elements that an average person requires daily. The book also contains illustrations that will help in the preparation of the recipes and their final presentation. SOUR GRAPES LENIN James A. Bradford Lenin Patino 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $8.50 $11.95 ISBN: 978-1-4259-4429-2 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1035-4 Sour Grapes is about helping fault finders, com- Shortly after Basic training, U.S. Army Private plainers and those that have an excuse for their Lenin Patino was shot in the head point blank. misfortunes. In the Old Testament the people Lenin’s nightmare begins as he finds himself of God blamed their parents for their pitiful lives. lying in a hospital in a body he can’t move,Today we still point fingers and play the blame game. God shows us overhearing predictions of his own death. Overcoming all odds, Leninthat success is what we bring to everything we do and prosperity is just chronicles daily activities, friendships, and struggles faced by him andone of the pay offs. other patients as he journeys through the Veteran’s healthcare system. MAKE TRUTH A HABIT BLESSINGS BEYOND Willie Pleasants Ethel Williams 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $15.00 $7.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-3005-3 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1382-9 Blessings Beyond is a devotional, written in Have you ever had your husband leave you for memory of our late pastor, Rev. Phillip Lee another woman? Or have you been trapped in Williams, who was crippled from childhood, a relationship that could cost you your life? How with Polio. He was the faithful leader of Trinitydo you handle being raped as a small child and carrying those emotions Gardens First Church for more than 40 years, father of 14 children, andthrough adulthood? Have a cupful of short stories with a dash of ad- devoted to God. This book focuses on his lifestyle, his knowledge of theversities, and a spoonful of the truth, served with uplifting and spiritual Word, and our love for him.poems. 43
  • 44. nonfiction nonfiction SNAKE OIL, SUPERSTARS AND ME SOCIALLY ACCEPTED MURDER Tommy Scott Robert Jones 8.25x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $29.95 $9.90 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9189-0 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2572-3 I’m 90, have played in more than 29,000 towns Lakeside, once a small city, is steadily growing across the US and Canada, almost been killed with the overflow from nearby Miami. One five times, made and lost lots of money. I’ve day I was taking a lunch break with some co- written and recorded hundreds of songs, played workers at a small restaurant across the street. with some of the biggest names, and appeared on some of the grandest The events that occur after lunch will change my life forever. My name stages. This is my life. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I’ve is Robert Walker, and this is the story of how I made a career move from enjoyed living it. Construction to law enforcement. STROKING THE COMPULSION WOUNDED AT GETTYSBURG Bill Smith Gord Skinner 6x9 Softcover 8.25x11 Softcover $9.25 $16.95 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2591-4 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8253-9 This is a true story of my experience with This is a collection of 44 letters and other workaholism. I lost two families through divorce related information about my great uncle, because it. There is no supportive help in our William H. Skinner Jr., who was wounded in society for a workaholic. This is written as an the Battle of Gettysburg July 3rd 1863. Will, the inspiration to all those who survive in a knowing or unknowing manner oldest son of William and Harriet Skinner, was born July 25, 1841. When of being a workaholic each day at the expense of damaging the relation- he was 21, Will was enlisted as a private in company F 108th Infantry for ships with their family and friends. a service of three years. ERNA IT’S YOUR LIFE, TAKE CHARGE! Ernst Meinhard Kabaker Diana S. Dodson 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $11.20 $13.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-5106-7 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1861-9 This book depicts the life of “Erna”, a German This book is innovative, pro-active, interactive, Woman (in the time 1898 to 1945), and her and acts as a guide or manual to help you figure struggle under Nazi persecution! out what you need to do to change your present situation. It will teach you how to prevent unhappiness for yourself, your spouse, and your children. This book helps you develop and understand your responsibility in the choices you make for yourself, and how to change.44
  • 45. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction THE PATH THROUGH THE DARKNESS James W. Allen, Command Sergeant Major, Eva Smith U.S. Army 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $10.99 | $18.99 $9.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-1533-3 | 978-1-4389-1532-6 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1850-3 This book immerses readers in the true story of From his first “episode” during the Vietnam a young man who discovers his noble, selfless war, to a near-breakdown following his father’s and spiritual calling in the wake of a horrific ac- death, this is the harrowing account of one cident that claims three family members. It follows Vander through theman’s struggles with Manic Depression. When he had his first bout, not darkest periods of his life and how his search for answers brings him tomuch was known about this disorder. Labeled with “battle fatigue”, he where he is today, sharing the message that out of darkness can comesigned up for three tours of duty just to prove himself and defeat his light.own sense of shame. GETTING A GRIP ON GRIEF HANDBOOK ON MULTICULTURAL CHILD DEVELOPMENT Margaret W. Bickford 6x9 Softcover Marcelett C Henry $11.20 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4208-8446-3 $21.49 | $29.95 ISBN: 978-1-4259-2332-7 | 978-1-4259-2333-4 This handbook spells out what widowers need to accomplish in living through the death of The purpose of this handbook is for the educa- their wives. The first section deals with the time tion of persons who have children, work with before death, such as during illness. The second children or provide services for infants throughpart deals with the details of death like the funeral, and afterwards. Later age five; to understand the development of a child and enable childchapters deal with what the grief process involves and how to rebuild a care providers to become more aware of conditions and behaviors thatlife without the lost spouse. surround the child; and to identify problems that require immediate attention. REWRITING CLASSROOM RULES & ESTRATEGIAS PARA ENSEÑAR CIEN- PROCEDURES: AN AFFECTIVE CIAS Y SOCIALES EN ESPAÑOL FRAMEWORK Gloria Patricia Mohammad Thelma Carr 8.25x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $10.75 $15.00 ISBN: 978-1-4208-6744-2 ISBN: 978-1-4343-7792-0 This is a formula that addresses impartingknowledge to students on the importance of expressing feeling andcaring words. This formula will help them develop the characterneeded to create a “peaceful classroom environment,” thereby creatingconditions and surroundings that are more conducive to learning. Tobe effective and gain positive results, the authority figure should prac-tice these procedures on a daily basis. 45
  • 46. nonfiction nonfiction SURVIVING & THRIVING SOLO THE THREE ASPECTS OF REALITY ON EARTH Frances Frommer 6x9 Softcover Saro Palmeri MD $10.90 6x9 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4490-2595-3 $11.95 0 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9639-0 This book is intended for people of all ages who live on their own, whether single, separated, di- This book of 15 essays guides the reader through vorced or widowed, and those who help them a probing journey about the nature of “time to survive and thrive, such as friends, relatives and reality on Earth”. Whereas the literature on and acquaintances. The book offers a wealth of suggestions for coping inanimate physics, biology and psychology is vast and specialized, this with the challenges like loneliness and chores plus tips for enjoying the essay exposes the common denominator of reality, namely space-time opportunities to pursue creative hobbies and build rewarding relation- that on Earth is manifested in three aspects, the inanimate, the biologic ships. and the psychological. HOW TO SURVIVE IN SUCH A TIME AS MAMMA & ME THIS Eloisa B. Lucas Marjorie Simon 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $15.00 $13.95 ISBN: 978-1-4208-7579-9 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5065-1 This book is a must for families with children Surviving is a book dedicated to every one who growing up in a difficult and stressful society. is struggling. It is a book that will inspire you, and This is the true story of a teenager growing up is designed to bring deliverance to everyone who reads it and follows in a war-torn community during World War II, yet still dealing with the the principles that are outlined in the book. It will set you free and teach normal trappings of a teen - follow her parents’ wishes, or find her own you how to let go of any situation. It will provide comfort and build your path? character. BREAKING THE CODE - S.O.S. GUIDELINES FOR LIVING Priscilla Torres Bradford H.T. SMITH 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $8.50 $11.60 ISBN: 978-1-4259-4333-2 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7317-3 Breaking the Code deals with our Secrets, Obses- Guidelines for Living motivates you to live a life sions and Silence. Being secret keepers and filled with inner peace, happiness and content- remaining silent when we should cry for help. ment no matter what your age or circumstances. This book is to give you hope, and let you know that you are not alone in There are a variety of emotional, physical and psychological uncertain- your pain. My desire is to empower men and women to make the right ties in life that can be answered if you know where to look. For those choices that will make them Productive and Purpose Driven. who are searching for the proper path to your future, this is the perfect guide for you.46
  • 47. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction IS THE BIBLE REALLY TRUE? IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD TO PLEASE A WOMAN Pastor C. Horace Kitson 5x8 Softcover Sue Harris $7.90 5x8 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4343-7212-3 $7.90 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1097-3 The title was thought up by a group of friends who were lamenting the fact of the poorly edu- cated male in the romance department. Even at 50+ most men are clueless in how to successfully court and woo a woman. The goal of this book is to make both sexes happy, and to enjoy sex as the frosting on the cake in a meaningful relationship. THE GIRL IN THE SWING MY YACAD Heath Fogelman with Linda Ailshie Joe Lantz 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $14.49 $14.95 | $15.60 ISBN: 978-1-4343-0299-1 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6315-6 | 978-1-4259-6316-3 From humble and inauspicious beginnings I believe that every person that desires, or claims comes the true story of a girl who could dream to be a “CHRISTIAN “ should take the time to con- beyond the horizon of her desolate world. duct a comprehensive study of the Scriptures.Hunger, poverty, drought, dust storms and tornadoes would slash The result will be that the man of God, might become thoroughlyacross childhood. The greatest loss imaginable would propel her into equipped, for every good works.” This study should then be documentedadulthood. But nothing would ever obscure her vision of an Eden all her in writing, which would then become their direction(s) on how they canown, and nothing would deny her a love that was Heaven-sent. improve their own lives. “GALS!” GIRLS AS LEADERS LIVING THROUGH THE WORST OF IT Christine “Kris” Brumfield Queen Habibah Bouie 8.5x8.5 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $14.50 $18.99 | $26.99 ISBN: 978-1-4259-2775-2 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6454-2 | 978-1-4259-6455-9 Character education’s role as an integral This book is on the early life of the author, and part of how young girls can thrive and the struggles she had to endure. Exposed to grow in their school, with friends, in abject poverty, laborious chores, and physicalcommunity involvement projects and with family is a key in helping to and sexual abuse, she was nonetheless involvedshape the world. This book constitutes a powerful approach to building in many aspects of church life. Because of her great love and trust incharacter and leadership skills to help girls to engage and embrace their God, she has grown to become a spiritual warrior, with the ability tochoices in life and to ultimately become dynamic citizens. help others with love and compassion. 47
  • 48. nonfiction nonfiction A BUTTERFLY’S METAMORPHOSIS COLLEGE BASKETBALL Libby Karns Larry R. Seidel 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $9.90 $16.75 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9697-0 ISBN: 978-1-4208-7295-8 I have Dystonia, a neuro-muscular motor, move- Fans that wager on college basketball can ment disease (involving the brain, the muscles, become consistent winners and still gain the and coordination). I am donating my brain to full entertainment value of both watching the the Brain and Tissue Bank (whose symbol is a games and wagering. By applying a little extra butterfly), so contemplated how my life could be compared to a butter- effort to handicap games and place wagers intelligently, the losses of fly’s metamorphosis. The book is divided into three parts, or phases of a the average fan can be turned into significant winnings. If you’re ready butterfly’s life-cycle. There are 16 chapters, two hymns, and two poems. to spend some time handicapping - maybe 20 minutes - you can win consistently. GOD’S KINGDOM ON EARTH THE BLACKMAN’S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING IT ALL… Charles Anderson Godby, Jr 8.25x11 Softcover Tobruk Dark $16.70 6x9 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4208-6448-9 $11.90 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8823-4 This book provides a deeper understanding of God’’s grand plan for mankind. It describes His This book is nothing more than proof The Lord creation, the selection and plan for the family exists... Actually, one can also consider this God chosen to represent Him here on earth, and book my personal observations as a result of following The Lord... But gives a description of the Holy land. It speaks of Jesus Christ, His reign on remember, just because you follow The Path of The Lord doesn’t mean earth, the second resurrection after the 1,000 year reign of The Lord, and you won’t trip over a stone sometimes... And when it comes to tripping final judgment by Him. over stones, either we stand or fall - but we still stumble... GHOST TRACKS FROM THE DARKNESS OF THE MIND Cheryl A. Wicks Tobruk Dark 5x8 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $16.00 $9.80 ISBN: 978-1-4184-6767-8 ISBN: 978-1-4208-9689-3 For more than fifty years, Lorraine Warren-a vali- Actually, this book is built around the concept dated clairvoyant-and her husband Ed Warren-a of The Spoken Word verses The Written… It is so respected demonologist-have been tracking dark that I wrote “it” in the Dark… And when it paranormal phenomena around the world. Ghost Tracks pulls together wasn’t Dark enough, I continued by writing with my eyes closed… But five decades of field experience, along with historic, scientific, and reli- remember, even closed eyes can see light…Meaning, the more I ex- gious perspectives to reveal that even the paranormal have predictable plored the Darkness (with my eyes closed), the more I was able to see… patterns of behavior. These patterns enable the Warrens to discern what is happening and why.48
  • 49. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction HOW TO BENEFIT FROM YOUR TIME- THEN MAN CREATED GOD SHARE D. G. McLeod Susan Johnson & Janice Taylor 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $10.45 | $16.45 $12.99 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7671-6 | 978-1-4389-7672-3 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5057-6 This book answers several questions that many Many of you may remember when owning a people are too afraid to voice. The author walks timeshare meant that you had to go to that through the interconnecting philosophical same location at the same time every year. pathways to turn the spotlight on the flaws and inconsistencies in manyNow you can use your timeshare to go just about anywhere in the popularly held controversial beliefs - politics, religion, abortion, homo-world, any time of the year. Where would your dream vacation take sexuality, and more. It points out the pitfalls of believing a lie and theyou? Is it Hawaii, New Zealand, Egypt, Wisconsin? Owning a timeshare various techniques that people use to mislead us and control our lives.opens up limitless opportunities. DENTAL HEALTH & TREATMENT WHAT A HOOT! Howard B. Marshall, D.D.S. Roberta Ludwig 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $26.00 $9.90 | $14.90 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5419-6 ISBN: 978-1-4490-2585-4 | 978-1-4490-2584-7 The first step you can take to prevent disease is Hoot is an uplifting, hilarious, feel-good look at learn what causes it. Realize that though dental life through a mother’s eyes, taken from letters, disease is occurring at a microscopic level, much notes and cards she left behind. of it can be prevented by taking only a few pre-cautions. I’m going to try to cover everything you’ve wanted to knowabout your mouth, smile, bad breath, cavities, gum disease, children’sdentistry, tooth movement, restorations, replacements, and more. ASPECTS OF THE QURA’N THE TIMES TO COME HAVE COME Syed Zahoor Ahmad David White 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $12.80 $10.99 | $15.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-8390-7 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1684-5 | 978-1-4490-1685-2 Islam today is a vastly misunderstood religion. The unfortunate events of 9/11 and subsequent events have cast Islam in a very negative lightresulting in a tremendous upsurge in anti Islam stances. This problemis compounded by relative lack of suitable response from the majorityof Muslims in defending Islam. This is one attempt to clear some of themisconceptions surrounding Islam. 49
  • 50. nonfiction nonfiction THE TRUTH COLLECTOR OUR MEMORIES OF HOME Ronald J. Yadusky, BS, MD, FACS Phil McClure 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $11.00 $13.80 | $19.70 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5389-2 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1265-5 | 978-1-4343-1264-8 The basic content of this book is transformation. There is more to life than joy or sorrow, health or sickness, consolation or desolation. There’s also a higher level of thinking and living called trans- formation. It explores the truth that life is not measured in moments of time, but in timeless moments. It also explores love as the loudest sound on the other side of silence. JUST SNAP YOUR FINGERS AND... THE GAMES OF WAR BINGO YOU’RE SOBER! John Bobek Maurice “Mo” Murray, B.A., M.Div., Cht. 8.25x11 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $27.95 $7.90 | $13.30 ISBN: 978-1-4343-3028-4 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2881-6 | 978-1-4343-5965-0 This book has it all, from gladiatorial combat Author Maurice Murray provides recovering to space warfare. Test your skills and luck as alcoholics with an extensive guide to overcom- you re-fight famous battles or explore the ing alcoholism by tapping into their thought world of “what ifs”. Here’s your chance to “be” processes and spirituality. It’s peppered with spiritual and philosophical Alexander, Napoleon, Lee, Patton, or any of the great military leaders of anecdotes intended to provide positive reinforcement and hope. Murray history. The rules are easy to learn, fast to play, and contain background draws on a lifetime of experience, presenting relevant stories in the form information for anyone who’s not a historian. of thoughtful and sometimes comical anecdotes meant to inspire recov- ering alcoholics to stay on the healing path. TITO PUENTE FROM A CHILD’S MIND; TO AN ADULT’S HEART Josephine Powell 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover Thop Brown $16.95 | $25.95 6x9 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4259-8157-0 | 978-1-4259-8158-7 $10.49 ISBN: 978-1-4343-3525-8 This is a tale about an impoverished Puerto Rican boy who grew up with the advent of radio and This is written about my life as a child and the American swing bands. At age ten he aspired to adults that made an impact on my life. I’m a liv- be a dancer. An ankle injury gave him the opportunity to explore his tal- ing witness that one must be careful in the way ent as a musician. Tito became a master percussionist, became involved we act or the things that we say around a child because children tend in Santeria, and eventually would lead the way into Salsa music. to mimic adults. Those conversations can come back to either honor or embarrass us when the child becomes an adult.50
  • 51. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction WHO WERE THE MINOANS? GRANDMA’S BUTTERFLY GARDEN Graham Campbell - Dunn Regina Nigro Heroux 5x8 Softcover 8.5x11 Softcover $9.31 $9.99 ISBN: 978-1-4259-2007-4 ISBN: 978-1-4490-3054-4 This book applies archaeology, anthropology, This book is about the beauty that can be comparative linguistics and genetics to the found in life, from a grandparent’s love and problem of Minoan origins. The evidence of all understanding to the mystical changing of a these disciplines leads to the same conclusion. catepillar into a butterfly. The book indirectlyThe Minoans of ancient Crete were red men, like the Fulani, and lived references different meanings of change in life that can serve as ain elaborate palaces with rain-courts, or impluvia, like the Yoruba. The discussion between parent and child in dealing with life, loss, and lettingMinoans worshipped the African fertility goddess Minona, from whom go; yet emphasizes the importance of valuing God’s special work.they take their name. THE AFRICAN ORIGINS OF CLASSICAL INNER PEACE IN A BUSY WORLD CIVILISATION Cliff Johnson GJK Campbell-Dunn 5x8 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $12.50 $21.95 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1193-1 ISBN: 978-1-4343-5080-0 This book offers preteens and teenagers an en- trance into a world that is generally neglected The author found that the syllabic sign system by our educational system. Written in a simple, used on prehistoric Crete was related to the direct style by a former monk who has practiced systems of pictographs found in the Sudan, but meditation for more than forty years, this book offers its readers insightsalso to Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Cretan customs and language turned gathered by the author over those years. Both techniques of meditationout also to have African parallels. In more remote regions vestiges were as well as important moral principles are covered.found of African influence. The conclusion that the Greek and RomanClassics came out of Africa, became incontrovertible. THE WEALTH OF ENTERPRISES WAKING THE SLEEPING MIND William T. Nolan John Eric Sparacio (Aadesh Amal) 8.5x11 Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $44.95 $15.75 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4618-6 ISBN: 978-1-4208-6426-7 The purpose of this book is to give the This is a form of consciousness inspired by my reader a definition of the Enterprise and a unfolding perceptions of the world around me. framework or method to analyze, manage Since each page is limited to a single thought or and govern the Enterprise. This book is statement, it is this simplicity of word that giveswritten for managers, directors and all those responsible for the stew- the reader a vast amount of thought to debate. It is a reflection of theardship of a Corporate Enterprise. It is written for students of manage- thought patterns I have experienced, which helped my mind awakenment, both theoretical and practical. It is written for anyone who wants and ignite my desire for create an Enterprise, especially the individual Entrepreneur. 51
  • 52. nonfiction nonfiction SONGS I HEARD MY MOTHER SING THIS IS IT (BY FAITH) Charlton Lyons Alvin J. Noel 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $15.70 $14.50 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4059-7 ISBN: 978-1-4208-3850-3 Although a Southerner born and bred, Charlton In this book you will find “it” (faith) a sense of Lyons has deep roots in the far north of Wiscon- solidness. A faith that enables a spiritual believer sin and a more than passing acquaintance with to obey God without faltering, even when that the East. Here you have a picture of the author’s obedience leads to that which is uncomfortable pool taken from the grave where he buried his black dog, Scout, to and disconcerting. Faith enables a believer to suffer graciously when whose memory this book is dedicated. It is just over there, at that pool persecuted, to persevere when the offender continues to offend. Faith house you see, that, in the process of reading this book, you will spend is a belief in action and it makes the character of the minister as a true some thirty or more very pleasant early evenings with the author, as he believer. Faith is the element that aligns life with belief. talks with you about the past before going in for his supper. THE WEALTH OF ENTERPRISES PEOPLE AND HEALTH CARE USA William T. Nolan Corwin McIntyre RPh. 8.5x11 Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $44.95 $15.00 | $20.00 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4618-6 ISBN: 978-1-4389-9926-5 | 9781438999258 The purpose of this book is to give the reader a definition of the Enterprise and a framework or method to analyze, manage and govern the Enterprise. This book is written for managers, directors and all those responsible for the stewardship of a Corporate Enterprise. It is written for students of management, both theoretical and practical. It is written for anyone who wants to create an Enterprise, especially the individual Entrepreneur. IN SEARCH OF THE GREEN SEE THE BEST. POOF THE REST. Patricia E.Edwards, Mary Ellen Pryor U. R. Moore 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $11.90 $11.00 ISBN: 978-1-4208-7347-4 ISBN: 978-1-4343-7892-7 In Search Of The Green provides the nuts and bolts This works in miraculous ways. Perhaps the best of the things you need to do to start and maintain part of it is just releasing all our own stuff and a successful investment club. We want to make focusing on the positive. No wasted energy on your journey as easy as possible. We think of forming a club very much the negative. BE AWARE TO ONLY WISH THE BEST, for as this little book in the same way as planting a garden which will bear fruit. Your story says, thoughts are like BOOMERANGS and ALL wishes come back to the begins when you form your club. sender big time. You will be very surprised and blessed by the results.52
  • 53. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction MINDING THE COMPASS A PRIVATE’S MEMORY OF WWII John W. Lee Vernon Elso Johnson 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $8.30 | $13.30 $12.30 | $18.30 ISBN: 978-1-4389-6945-9 | 978-1-4389-6946-6 ISBN: 978-1-4259-0374-9 | 978-1-4259-0373-2 This is a story of war and combat, told from the point of view of an enlisted man; specifically, a man who remained a private, served in five campaigns in Europe, and participated in the Liberation of Paris. This concentrates on the daily lives and actions of men prepared for combat and expecting combat, and meanwhile living comparatively free from constraint in a foreign culture. SEX AND CONSEQUENCES CREATION Edward O. Shakespeare Peggy Allen 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 8.25x11 Softcover $12.95 | $19.95 $9.99 ISBN: 978-1-4259-8464-9 | 978-1-4259-8463-2 ISBN: 978-1-4259-7858-7 This is a thoughtfully, caringly developed This is the story of creation the way it should bioethical guide to responsible sexual be- have been told in the beginning. Why anyone havior in the broader context of ethical social would keep this story hidden is explained in the behavior toward life fulfillment. Respectful of story itself. GOD is no secret, GOD is not a fairythe idealistic call for abstinence, it realistically examines other models. It tale, creation is real and it is not over intended as much for parents, guidance counselors, and teachers as itis for young readers age eleven into adulthood. BEYOND STAIRS WHY U DO THE THINGS U DO Professor Ouele Edward A. Patterson 8.25x11 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $12.00 $11.20 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4408-3 ISBN: 978-1-4259-0583-5 This book highlights the prejudices that society has regarding disabled persons. For some, a disabled person is a useless being; he or she should not go to school, work, orget married. In this jail-like universe, the disabled person must struggleto prove that he or she is equal, and perhaps even superior, to otherpeople. 53
  • 54. nonfiction nonfiction JUDGE LYNCH! ON BELAY James M. Redwine M.G. Anderson 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $24.00 | $29.00 $11.99 ISBN: 978-1-4343-9402-6 | 978-1-4343-9403-3 ISBN: 978-1-4389-5798-2 “Judge Lynch Holds Court!” was the headline in a This collection is a mix of fact and fiction, en- Posey County, Indiana newspaper after seven Af- compassing every mood from comic to tragic, a rican American men were murdered by a white veritable potpourri of mountaineering themes. mob during October, 1878. The paper described The venues and circumstances are varied from the lynch mob as two to three hundred of the county’s “best men.” Ancient Clan ghosts, free falling from Ben Nevis, man eating a sandwich Although it comes too late to help the victims and their families, perhaps spiced by the ashes of his true love, a caper near Cuzco, a bad hangover their story help prevent some contemporary or future injustice. at Hogmanay, and an attempted poisoning in the Andes. COUNTRY MILES ARE LONGER THAN THERE IS A CHURCH ON EVERY CITY MILES CORNER, SO WHY ISN’T EVERYONE SAVED? Craig Evan Royce 6x9 Softcover Felecia Dawson $10.99 5x8 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4259-4776-7 $10.00 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4194-5 Unplug the clock. Turn off the television. Put a stack of John Hartford albums on the stereo. This is my personal walk with Christ and the Sit back and take a trip to the hills of eastern Kentucky. Come meet other experiences that I encountered. Everyone’s walk is different and difficult. real people among the hills, but don’t expect to see any stereotypes of It comes with a commitment and accountability to God. It is a journey hillbillies or moonshine stills. that promises to lead to an exciting and fulfilling life, but I have to keep walking. LIVING OUT OF DARKNESS WAKE ISLAND: THE STORY OF A CIVILIAN POW AT NIIGATA, JAPAN George Denslow 1941-1945 5x8 Softcover $9.95 Calton Lewis ISBN: 978-1-4389-0870-0 6x9 Softcover $12.20 Denslow opens his heart and bares his soul. He’s ISBN: 978-1-4259-3850-5 truly on a mission to ignite a fire in our hearts for personal responsibility of mental health. His story As early as 1940 the Navy commenced con- and wisdom are a guiding light for all of us still struction of base facilities on the atoll known learning to dance with our shadows. Being bi-polar is an opportunity as Wake Island and in early 1941 the decision was made to establish a to practice the way we can serve others in the same capacity we serve Marine defending garrison. In the strategic context of 1940 and 1941, ourselves. the importance of this low-lying, waterless almost desert island, both to the United States and Japan, was considerable.54
  • 55. Buy these books at nonfiction nonfiction HOMEOWNER SURVIVAL GUIDE - MUSLIMS AND THE WEST: A MUSLIM THE HOUSING BUBBLE PERSPECTIVE Andrew C. Mungar Khan Hussan Zia 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $24.95 $12.25 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1721-7 ISBN: 978-1-4208-6770-1 The Homeowners Survival Guide is dedicated The Muslim perspective of world events is to helping homeowners understand and naturally quite different. It’s not always available resolve all the problems associated with the first hand in the West. The book attempts to devastating financial crisis and the housing bridge this gap. It examines the historical setting and background of thebubble. It is a complete one-stop manual that will walk you through inter-action with the West to explain how the Muslims think and feel,step-by-step every option that is available to you and teach you how to not only about the current situation but also about the West itself, itsget your lender’s approval motives and intentions. JOYFUL DANCING JAMES DEAN/THE LOST MEMOIRS Carol Smullens Patricia A. Leone 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $9.95 $13.50 | $22.00ISBN: 978-1-4208-7060-2 | 978- ISBN: 978-1-4343-3717-7 1-4208-7059-6 A perfect marriage and a perfect plan, then The author, in a remarkable series of channeled unexpected and tragic loss lead Carol Smul- sessions with Dean, was able to break through lens into a life she never would have imagined. to the other side and give Dean this opportunity She tells of her journey with God in a way that on the 50th anniversary of his death to shareinspires us and gives us courage to face whatever is coming our way in with us his own epilogue to his life. It is the real and intimate side ofthe future. --Ricky and Linda Ryan, Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara Jimmy Dean, one that has never been presented to the public before. DISCOVERY - A MEMOIR AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A BAREFOOT BUSINESSMAN Vernon L. Smith 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover Matteo Giuseppe Oliveri $13.99 | $18.99 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4343-8431-7 | 978-1-4343-8430-0 $9.50 | $17.75 ISBN: 978-1-4184-7401-0 | 978-1-4184-7402-7 Vernon Smith, born in Wichita before the Great Depression amidst entrepreneurs, saw them The reader will enjoy the author’s account of defy that Depression, converting Kansas wheat his rise from relative obscurity in one small fields into oil and aviation industries. Unem- Calabrian town to being a major factor in theployment would force his family into temporary farm life, where he Italian olive oil industry. His career spanned a period of much change inbegan public school in a rural one-room school house. The farm would Italian society which began at a time when nineteen century customsbe a crucible of learning that would generalize far beyond its constrain- and values were still dominant to the present day at the beginning ofing bounds. the twenty-first century. 55
  • 56. nonfiction nonfiction LESSONS ABOUT LIFE, LOVE, HATE TEENAGERS-AMERICA’S FUTURE AND HUMAN EXPERIENCE Neil D. Coe, Sr. Dr. Chebem Felix Ifeanyi Egerue Ph.D. 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $16.60 $9.20 | $14.80 ISBN: 978-1-4343-6794-5 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9874-5 | 978-1-4259-9875-2 This book contains great lessons about life, love, hate and human experience. This life can be very challenging and we need to be well in- formed to handle it. Life is full of surprises and mixed feelings. Sometimes we’re loved and at other times hated by those we call our own. Events in this life can be hurting and we are often depressed, confused and hated. IT’S A BUDDY’S WORLD DIAMOND-FLEX FOOTBALL OFFENSE Bud Gilham Domingo Capelo Illustrated by: Victoria B. Avila 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $8.70 | $13.70 $19.95 ISBN: 978-1-4343-7420-2 | 978-1-4343-7421-9 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1466-6 In this collection of essays, the author tried to include a broad selection of topics for the reader to enjoy and, in some cases, take to heart. Curl up, relax, and let them warm your heart and maybe bring a smile to your face, or stimulate feelings of empathy. As that old saying goes: “Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to”. poetry POLICE CHAPLAIN’S DIARY THOUGHTS FROM THE HEART Monsignor Ed Litot Mae Della Sapp 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $12.95 $15.00 ISBN: 978-1-4490-3258-6 ISBN: 978-1-4259-0502-6 Police Chaplain’s Diary is a workaholic’s review This book consists of various poems that I wrote of a life filled with unique experiences. It is a life to express my feeling about life, love, and God that has been challenging and fulfilling, in spite of love for us. Thoughts allows you to reflect on life Fibromyalgia. and God’s goodness, even though heartache and sorrow may come , God’s Love conquers all.56
  • 57. Buy these books at poetry poetry I WON’T BITE PHILOSOPHICAL NUGGETS OF POETRY Gretchen Mena CCC-SLP 8.5x8.5 Softcover Daniel Reisman $7.50 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4389-6449-2 $14.00 | $15.00 ISBN: 978-1-4490-1627-2 | 978-1-4490-1628-9 This poem shows alternative behaviors for toddlers and preschoolers who bite. A collection of poems written by Daniel Reis- man. A wide variety of subjects are covered, including (but not limited to) personality interactions, gardening, workplace thoughts and philosophies, the concept of aging and our life spans, the significance of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the moon, the uni- verse, dancing, reminiscing about the past, questioning of motivations, physical and psychological environments, nature and social interactions. THE DEMOS AT DAWN WEST OF BOSTON W. S. Walton Charles E. Mitchell Rentschler 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover $14.20 | $19.20 $7.90 ISBN: 978-1-4343-9524-5 | 978-1-4343-9525-2 ISBN: 978-1-4259-9951-3 Charles E. Mitchell (“Charlie”) Rentschler learned to write terse sentences in a timely manner at Princeton University. Forcing himself to do some creative writing, Charlie writes a poem for the hand-made Christmas card that his wife and he have sent out for the past 35 years (Suzie, an extraordinary cook, concocts a recipe to accom- pany the poetry). Ineluctably, Charlie’s verse is about “the land”. A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS MY NAKED SELF Penny Johnson Brigitte Cinq-Mars 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $11.50 $15.70 | $23.95 ISBN: 978-1-4184-2489-3 ISBN: 978-1-4389-7537-5 | 978-1-4389-7538-2 A Penny for your Thoughts, written by con- I am often told I wear my heart on my sleeve. In temporary American poet, Penny Johnson, this book of poetry, I wear my heart and soul on Lexington, KY, is sure to delight any poetry paper, warts and all as they say. Throughout my lover. Poems about nature, love, life, death, life’s greatest loves and losses poetry has beenphilosophy and religion are sure to please any reader. Each poem is writ- my voice and comfort. They are my testament of faith, struggles, and lifeten to capture your attention; after you have read it you will be hungry read more. Penny Johnson’s poetry has been published nationwideand worldwide. 57
  • 58. poetry poetry FEAR, TREMBLING, & RENEWAL ONE UNINTIMIDATED AMETHYST Norma Roth Sheri Louise Studdard 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $11.99 $12.99 ISBN: 978-1-4389-0460-3 ISBN: 978-1-4208-4053-7 Fear, Trembling & Renewal: Poems to Age With is a Are you listening? I am closing the door to collection of poems for the mature: those who yesterday. If I don’t, it’s nobody’s fault but mine. I are trying to face life as it is, feeling the fear of don’t know when. I don’t know how. I just know getting older. This book uses the metaphor of that “my Father’s” delay is not a denial. snow, the author comes to believe as “the snow begins to fall... little dots before our eyes can change vision” allowing one “to see the world anew.” AUTUMN LEAVES AT TWILIGHT WALKING TALL Dr. Allan Mohl Sean S. John 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover $10.99 | $17.99 $11.20 |$18.00 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2138-1 | 978-1-4343-2137-4 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0343-2 |978-1-4490-0342-5 The challenges we encounter each day are strong contenders for the best of what life of- fers. Their goal is to always win. And they often do, not because they are stronger but because we simply too often fail to adopt the winning attitude. Walking Tall: Poems For Life contains a selection of poems aimed at promoting inner strength by highlighting the powers we hold within. OF ORGANDY, SUNFLOWERS, AND MINGLING ABOUT GUITAR STRINGS Ellen Jo Myers Wanda Scribner Thibodeaux 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $8.75 $8.30 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6690-4 ISBN: 978-1-4490-0842-0 These poems were written while exploring my I did not become a Missionary, never been out emotions over a period of a few years, and the of the states, and only short, telling pieces of my world around me. At the same time I was search- life have ended up on paper as prose or poetry. These are not stories of ing for the organic but often invisible threads that give us a range of ex- Africa or anywhere far away, but right here, day to day life, personal, and periences of consciousness that are specific yet change like the weather. yet universal in so many ways.58
  • 59. Buy these books at poetry poetry FROM MY MOUTH TO YOUR EAR COLLECTION OF HOPE Michelle Fleming-Bendo Justinah McFadden 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $8.30 $16.75 ISBN: 978-1-4259-6692-8 ISBN: 978-1-4208-5895-2 When you read this poetry, I want feelings that Justinah McFadden has again painted struggle had been dormant to come alive. I want the as a stepping stone to faith, belief, and hope. reader to feel they have been touched in a way In this collection, readers will find hidden truth that no other poetry book has touched them. I in every word, bliss within every sentence, andwant the individual to feel I am reading the poems to them so they can life within each poem. Collection of Hope is an artistic feast ready to begrasp the meaning of each title and understand the words behind it. devoured. Since the time of Langston Hughes, I have not witnessed such passion in the work of a young poet. PROSE AND POETRY OF PRAISE DREAMING ON THE MOON Carolyn G. Keene Justinah McFadden 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $12.99 $7.81 ISBN: 978-1-4343-2789-5 ISBN: 978-1-4259-3216-9 Dreaming On The Moon is written with witti- ness, love and a heartfelt passion which keeps readers engulfed with admiration. Third time author Justinah McFadden delivers poetry in her own unique style. This element of poetry shows her continued maturity and encroachment in her inscription. Page after page delivers a realism, which the human race can both relate to and be astounded of. DEEP SONGS MY VOICE Dorothea J. Branica Samuel Singh 6x9 Softcover 5x8 Softcover $8.30 $8.30 ISBN: 978-1-4343-1701-8 ISBN: 978-1-4343-0795-8 Deep Songs is a timeless collection of poems This book is a collection of poems inspired by my capturing experiences, perspectives, thoughts, homeland; Guyana. For many years there were feelings and memories. These poems are about incidents and stories both good and bad thatdreams, goals, love, relationships, God, life and hope. attracted the attention of people the world over. This book happens to be ‘My Voice’ about those things. These are works I took time in crafting to show great beauty, thought and personal conviction. 59
  • 60. poetry poetry POETRY AS POETRY POETRY FROM THE HEART BY AN ALZHEIMER’S CAREGIVER John Sparacio 6x9 Softcover | Hardcover Carolyn A. Haynali $11.26 | $21.63 6x9 Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4259-5843-5 | 978-1-4259-5844-2 $14.50 ISBN: 978-1-4208-0203-0 This book is not so much a revolution in poetry, but more a flash of creative energy coupled Carolyn started this journey by keeping a daily with prophetic thought and contemplations on journal and from that her poetry started to contemporary society, brought forth through flow and now a book. The gift of writing these poetic verse, and displayed in a spiritually patterned form. The poems poems came out of the long, lonely journey with her husband Chuck are based on my deepest observations and life’s experiences, which who had Alzheimer’s. The poems speak of the love, the struggles and brought me to this critical state where I find myself and the world the heartaches that a caregiver has to go through, taking care of a loved around me. one. BITS AND PIECES FROM WITHIN Bessie Mae Moore Gail Mahome 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $14.50 $10.50 ISBN: 978-1-4259-0287-2 ISBN: 978-1-4343-4564-6 From Within is a book of inspirational poetry. It expresses the love and reverence that a believer has for God; it reaches deep into situations, trials and circumstances that we experience every- day. It has been written to lovingly inspire, encourage and offer hope to those who want to understand, know and have a relationship with the all-mighty. A POET FOR HIRE MY TOTE BAG OF RHYMES Tone One Bonnie Bollman 6x9 Softcover 6x9 Softcover $13.30 $10.25 ISBN: 978-1-4343-0621-0 ISBN: 978-1-4259-5122-1 Tone One has done it again. His words totally Bonnie’s ‘Tote Bag of Rhymes’ puts her collec- put you in tune to all of your emotions, even tion of poetry into three smaller totebags: Love, ones that you either forgot you had or didn’t Laughter, and Crumbs. The Love poems are in- know you possessed in the first place. There is spirational, but also include up-lifting moments. something here for everyone. So sit back, relax and just let Tone One’s Laughter is a necessary part of every person’s life, and a favorite past- words wash over you. time of Bonnie’s. After every feast, there are the crumbs. Sometimes that stolen bit is more delicious than the heavier portions of a feast.60
  • 61. Buy these books at poetry HUMOROUS POEMS FOR CHILDREN Daya Callan 8.5x8.5 Softcover $13.10 ISBN: 9781-4490-2111-5 The poems are written in a slapstick comedy style. Our thoughts and feelings are the film we project out into the world and they appear as the circumstances we encounter in life. Ifchildren could learn to see the humor in the situations they encounter,they will begin to drop the judgments against themselves and towardswhat they have created. At AuthorHouse, we’ve helped more authors self publish more titles than any other company. Over the years, we’ve assembled together all the tools you’ll need to reach your publishing goals, starting with a professional, trade-quality book. Find out more when you call our Publishing Consultants at 888-519-5121.
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