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HP-Oracle CRM

  1. 1. HP- ORACLE CRM CASE STUDY Rashi Upasana KaustubhiMBA | TERI University
  2. 2. HP-ORACLE CRM OFFERINGS Brief Overview MBA | TERI University
  3. 3. Why Enterprise CRM? • To accelerate the growth of HP’s Top line and Bottom line • To provide the company's global sales force with an automated—and standard— way to perform contact management and account planning – Have a totally customer centric view – Understand all customer interaction points – Have consistent, global customer information – Personalize segmentation by customer typeMBA | TERI University
  4. 4. • Integrates customer activity data in an Oracle "customer master" database • Provide remote salespersons with the ability to track a customer's activities across organizations • Provides dynamic personalization for Web visitors and automatic lead routing • Establishes an ongoing dialog with customers so that customers will gain greater control over their relationships with HP Oracle Enterprise CRM? MBA | TERI University
  5. 5. Customer Demand Creation Lead Generati on Lead Mgmt. Opportu nity Mgmt. Quoting Order Mgmt. Contracts Service Mgmt. Oracle HP CRM MBA | TERI University
  6. 6. C O M P E T I T O R S MBA | TERI University
  7. 7. CRM Vendors MBA | TERI University
  8. 8. Enterprise CRM Vendors MBA | TERI University
  9. 9. ORACLE VS. SAP MBA | TERI University
  10. 10. • Highlights: – Business intelligence and analytics; rich interactive reports and dashboards – In-built integration to Oracle E- Business Suite, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards – One of the largest application software companies in the world – Offering virtually everything needed to run a business • Customer Focus: – Enterprise, Mid-Size, Small • Business Model: – Hosted, On-Premise • Highlights: – Offers integrated suite of CRM, ERP, Supply Chain, HR, Financial and other enterprise applications – “SAP is CRM Leader” –Forrester – Leader in CRM Magazine’s 2009 CRM Market awards – One of the largest software companies the world • Customer Focus: – Enterprise and Mid-Size • Business Model: – Hosted and On-Premise MBA | TERI University
  11. 11. • CRM Products: – Oracle CRM On Demand – Siebel CRM – Oracle E-Business Suite CRM – PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CRM • Built on Siebel’s award-winning CRM application with more than 12 years of experience, Oracle CRM On Demand offers the most strategic, comprehensive, and cost-effective hosted CRM solution on the market • CRM Products: – SAP CRM – SAP Business All-in-One – SAP Business by Design – SAP Business One • SAP CRM was developed to address the unique, end-to-end requirements for major industries including: Auto, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Retail, Telecommunications, Industrial Machinery & Components, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Wholesale DistributionMBA | TERI University
  12. 12. • HP’s focus on “ Total Customer Experience” • Multiple separate CRM systems • Obtain global forecast • 360o customer view • Leverage the internet: Web everything, internet computing • Comprehensive, fully integrated suite of solutions – Oracle Sales Online combines interactions over Web, phone and email Why Oracle? MBA | TERI University
  13. 13. Mark Barrenechea, Senior Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle Oracle Sales Online allows HP to consolidate all of its data in one place, thus allowing sales representatives and sales management access to the most current data and helping ensure large-scale participation by HP employees Mike Overly, Worldwide CRM Project Manager, HP Business Customer Organization Oracle’s CRM solution has allowed us to pursue sales opportunities and view consistent forecasts from a global perspective, rather than a regional one MBA | TERI University
  14. 14. Challenges and Issues • Phasing out legacy systems • Merge data, business processes and technology with current CRM program • Independent business units • Speed and agility requirements to anticipate customer needs • Adaptability to new business models MBA | TERI University
  15. 15. • Revenue and profit growth • Individual ways of working- salespeople – Habits and assumptions entrenched organizationally and culturally • As painless as possible- busy executives Challenges and Issues MBA | TERI University
  16. 16. Success • Standardize-and-Customize – Leverages Oracle’s portal technology – Customize interfaces for client information, contact activities, etc. • Web-based CRM training to educate on “how to use-and- apply” – Localized web courses in some native languages • Change Managers – Measure CRM performance – Develop and track project communications – Guide “busy executives” in communicating customer-focused policies • Vertical silos: Enterprise wide solution, NOT a point product • The Power of One: - Sticking to one system rather than adopting 10 diff solutions- thereby avoiding integration issues. - Ensures that CRM business processes, technologies, data, and implementation methods are consistent across the company. MBA | TERI University
  17. 17. Stakeholder Approach Vision: Today and Tomorrow Success Metrics Change Leadership Success MBA | TERI University
  18. 18. THANK YOU! Any Questions? MBA | TERI University