Decision making Process


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How to make correct decision in logical manner when there are so many alternatives.

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Decision making Process

  1. 1. Secrets ofThe Success
  2. 2. Decision Making
  3. 3. What is Decision Making???“It is the process of Selecting The Best Solution Among Alternatives in order to solve a problem.”
  4. 4. Process of Decision Making EvaluatingIdentification Analyzing alternatives Implementation causes Developing of alternative & & for situations Problem problem Selecting the Feed back best method
  5. 5. 1 ST S t e p
  6. 6. Identification of ProblemWhich sort of a food corner should be opened in thefood court in Bambalapitiya
  7. 7. 2 nd S t e p
  8. 8. Analyzing Causes for the Problem The large number of food outlets that provide different kinds of foods, already established in the food court.
  9. 9. 3 rd S t e p
  10. 10. Developing Alternatives A Pizza Shop Ice Cream Stall Halal Food Corner Coffee Shop
  11. 11. 4 th S t e p
  12. 12. Evaluative Alternatives 01. Pizza ShopPros: Cons: At present there is a good  Formidable competition demand.  Have to create our own High profit per unit. image which is not second to Pizza hut  Have to bear high promotional cost
  13. 13. 02. Ice-cream StallPros: Cons: High demand among  High competition every range of age E.g. Roots Can be provided under  Decreasing of demand an affordable price due to some seasonal changes Can provide various kinds of ice creamE.g. Ice-cream Flavors such as, Chocolate & VanillaAdditionally providing sweetness like trickle & chocolate syrups
  14. 14. 03. Halal Food CornerPros: Cons: High demand  Limited into a specific market segment Low extended availability  High cost Have a good trend  Enclosed with Relatively low competition sophisticated procedure
  15. 15. 04. Coffee HousePros: Cons: High demand  Requires a certain amount of advertising & promotions Popular among every range of age in any country  Threads from other organizations. E.g. Coffee Beans & Barista Low production cost High sales from customized products that suit any customer need.E.g. Diabetics, young & working crowd
  16. 16. 5 th S t e p
  17. 17. Selecting the Best Method Coffee House
  18. 18. 6 th S t e p
  19. 19. Implementation & Feedback
  20. 20. GREEN MOUNTAINCOFFEE HOUSE “My Blood type is coffee”
  21. 21. Our Products  Kids Oriented Products  Lovers Oriented Products Exclusive Market Segment Oriented
  22. 22. Kids Oriented Products
  23. 23. Lovers Oriented Products
  24. 24. Exclusive Market Segment Oriented
  25. 25. Our Working Environment