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Picturesque speech

Picturesque speech






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    Picturesque speech Picturesque speech Document Transcript

    • rasayanareadersdigest Just another WordPress.com sitePicturesque Speech Search Home 01- Log of updates – of New additions Laughter – The Best Medicine Picturesque Speech Points to Ponder Quotable Quotes Subscribe rasayanareadersdigest syndicates its w eblog posts and Comments using a technology called RSS (Real Simple Syndication). You can use a service like Bloglines to get notified w hen there are new posts to this w eblog. ArchivesA waiters tipical smile. February 2011He flung himself on his horse and rode off in all directions CategoriesShe brailled through her handbag. Uncategorized (1)Fields of corn,nodding promises to the farmer. BlogrollThe butler entered the room. A single procession of one. Discuss Get InspiredThe mountains had drawn handkerchiefs of clouds over their faces for Get Pollingthe afternoon doze. Get Support Learn WordPress.comTwo beautiful deer came sauntering across the grounds and stopped and WordPress Planetlooked me over, as if they thought of buying me. WordPress.com New sThe Sunset gift wrapped the day. Meta Register Log inThe following article is by Prof Valid XHTMLChristopher Martin-Jenkins (or XFNanother guy with a similar sounding WordPress.comname of The Department ofLinguistics, Queens’s College, OxfordUniversity.Let’s face it – English is a crazylanguage. There is no egg in eggplantnor ham in hamburger; neither applenorpine in pineapple. English muffinsweren’t invented in England orFrench fries in France. Sweetmeatsare candies while sweetbreads, whicharen’t sweet, are meat. We takeEnglish for granted. But if we exploreits paradoxes, we find that quicksandcan work slowly, boxing rings aresquare and a guinea pig is neitherfrom Guinea nor is it a pig. And why isit that writers write but fingers don’tfing, grocers don’t groce andhammers don’tham? converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
    • ham?If the plural of tooth is teeth, whyisn’t the plural of booth, beeth? Onegoose, 2 geese. So one moose, 2meese? One index, 2 indices? Doesn’tit seem crazy that you can makeamends but not one amend? If youhave a bunch of odds and ends andget rid of all but one of them, what doyou call it? If teachers taught, whydidn’t preachers praught? If avegetarian eats vegetables, whatdoes a humanitarianeat?In what language do people recite ata play and play at a recital? Ship bytruck and send cargo by ship? Havenoses that run and feet that smell?How can a slim chance and a fatchance be the same, while a wiseman and a wise guy areopposites?You have to marvel at the uniquelunacy of a language in which yourhouse can burn up as it burns down,in which you fill in a form by filling itout and in which an alarm goes off bygoingon.English was invented by people, notcomputers, and it reflects thecreativity of the human race (which,of course, isn’t a race at all). That iswhy, when the stars are out, they arevisible, but when the lights are out,they are invisible.Leave a ReplyYour em ail address will not be published. Required fields are m ark ed * Name * Email * Website Post Comment Notify m e of follow-up com m ents via em ail. Notify m e of new posts via em ail. Blog at WordPress.com . Them e: Sapphire by Michael Martine. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com