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Oscar wilde

  1. 1. rasayanagems Just another WordPress.com siteOscar Wilde Search Home GK Chesterton Kahlil Gibran Marcus Aurelius Mark Tw ain Ogden Nash Oscar W ilde Somerset Maugham Subscribe rasayanagems syndicates its w eblog posts and Comments using a technology called RSS (Real Simple Syndication). You can use a service like Bloglines to get notified w hen there are new posts to this w eblog. Archives February 2011 Categories Uncategorized (1) Blogroll Discuss Get Inspired Get Polling Get Support Learn WordPress.com WordPress Planet WordPress.com New s Meta Registerhttp://www.oscarwildecollection.com/ Log in Valid XHTML…..each of the arts has a critic ,as it were ,assigned to it.The XFNactor is the critic of the drama. ( The critic as an artist) WordPress.com*…the result of the vulgar specialisation of criticism is anelaborate scientific knowledge of the stage – almost aselaborate as that of the stage carpenter and quite on a par withthat of the call-boy-combined with an entire incapacity torealize that a play is a work of art or to receive any artisticimpressions at all….( in an interview)*It is only an auctioneer who can equally and impartiallyadmire all schools of art….The critic as an artist*The critic is he who can translate into another manner of anew material his impression of beautiful things. The highest ,as the lowest ,form of criticism is a mode of autobiography….(The picture of Dorian Gray)*The moment criticism exercises any influence, it ceases to becriticism .The aim of a true critic is to try to chronicle his ownmoods ,not to try to correct the masterpieces of others….(Inan interview) converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. *Why should the artist be troubled by the shrill clamour ofcriticism ?Why should those who cannot create taken uponthemselves to estimate the value of creative work ? If a manswork is easy to understand an explanation is unnecessary*It is exactly because a man cannot do a thing that he is theproper judge of it….(The critic as an artist)*Real critics ? Ah ! How perfectly charming they would be !I amalways waiting for their arrival. An inaudible school would benice…..(In an interview)*Criticism demands infinitely far more cultivation thancreation does….(The critic as an artist)*….The first step in aesthetic criticism is to realize one’s ownimpressions….(Pen, Pencil and Poison)*The fine spirit of choice and delicate instinct of selection bywhich the artist realizes life for us ,and gives to it a momentaryperfection….that spirit of choice ,the subtle tact of omission, isreally the critical faculty in one of its most characteristicmoods, and one who does not possess this faculty cannotcreate anything at all in art.(The critic as an artist)*The originality which we ask from the artist is originality oftreatment, not of subject. It is only the unimaginative whoever invent. The true artist is know by the use he makes ofwhat he annexes. As a reviewer*A temperament capable of receiving ,through an imaginativemedium ,and under imaginative conditions ,new and beautifulimpressions ,is the only temperament that can be a work ofArt….The Soul of man under Socialism*I hate vulgar realism in literature. The man who could call aspade a spade, should be compelled to use one. It is the onlything he is fit for….The Picture of Dorian Gray.*Only mediocrities progress .An artist revolves in a cycle ofmasterpieces, the first of which is no less perfect than the last…in a newspaper article*Life imitates Art more than Art imitates Life. This results notmerely from life’s imitative instinct ,but from the fact that theself-conscious aim of life is to find expression ,and that Artoffers certain beautiful forms through which it may realizethat energy.*A Philosophy may teach us to bear with equanimity themisfortunes, and science may resolve the moral sense into asecretion of sugar.But art is what makes the Life aSacrament….A lecture in America*Do not talk to me about the hardships of the poor. They areborne out of necessities; But talk to me about the hardships ofthe men of genius,and I could weep tears of blood….InConversation*There is no such thing as a moral book or an immoralbook.Books are well written or badly written.That is all.*Art finds her own perfection within and not outside of,herself.. She is not to be judged by any external standards ofresemblance. She is a veil, rather than a mirror. She hasflowers that no forests know of, birds that no woodlandpossesses. She makes and unmakes many worlds, and candraw the moon from heaven with a scarlet thread……From The Decay of Lying converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. *The one characteristic of a beautiful form is that one can putinto it whatever one wishes ,and see in it whatever onechooses to see ; and the Beauty ,that gives to creation itsuniversal and aesthetic element ,makes the critic a creator inhis turn ,and whispers of a thousand different things whichwere not present in the mind of him who carved the statue orpainted the panel ,or graved the gem….( the critic as an artist)*The more we study Art, the less we care for nature .What Artreveals to us is Nature’s lack of design ,her curious crudities,her extraordinary monotony, her absolutely unfinishedcondition. Nature has good intentions ,of course, but asAristotle once pointed out, she cannot carry them out.*Misfortunes, one can endure. They come from outside.Theyare accidents. But to suffer for one’s own faults. !! Ah! There isthe sting of life….Lady Windmere’s Fan*To Live is the rarest thing in the World. Most people exist, thatis all….(From The soul of Man under socialism)*Yes. I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can find his wayby moonlight.And his punishment is that he sees the dawnbefore the rest of the world….The Critic as an artist*In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not gettingwhat one wants and the other is getting it.Lady Windmere’s Fan*The Soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy ofLife. The Body is born young and grows old. That is theTragedy of Life….A Woman of no importance*Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to rememberfrom time to time that nothing that is worth knowing ,can betaught.*In the Treasury house of your soul, there are infinitelyprecious things that may not be taken from you.The Soul of Man under Socialism*To become a spectator of one’s own life is to escape thesuffering of Life….The Picture of Dorian Gray*The reason we all like to think so well of others is that we areall afraid for ourselves. The basis of optimism is sheer terror.We think that we are generous because we credit ourneighbour with the possession of those virtues that are likelyto be a benefit to us. We praise the banker that we mayoverdraw our account, and find good qualities in the highwayrobber in the hope that he may spare our pockets….ThePicture of Dorian Gray*We can have in Life but one great experience at best, and thesecret of Life is to reproduce that experience as often aspossible…The Picture of Dorian Gray.*The more one analyses people ,the more all reasons foranalysis disappear.Sooner or later one comes to that dreadfuluniversal thing called human nature….The Decay of Lying*To believe is very dull. To doubt is engrossing To be on thealert is to live ;to be lulled into security is to die.In Conversation*People who count their chickens before they are hatched , actwisely, because chickens run about so absurdly that it isimpossible to count them accurately. Letter from Paris converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  4. 4. *There is one thing infinitely more pathetic than to have lostthe woman one is in love with, and that is to have won her andfound out how shallow she is. ….in conversation.*Everyone is born a king. And most people die in exile.Likemost kings. ……… A woman of no importance“A politician ” said Oscar Wilde,” is a man who approachesevery question with an open mouth “.*Questions are never indiscreet. Answers sometimes are…..AnIdeal husband*Ordinary riches can be stolen from a man. Real riches cannot..*Women give to men the very gold of their lives.But they wantit back in small change.Bad artists always admire each others work. They call it beinglarge minded and free from prejudice. But a truly great artistcannot conceive of life being shown , or beauty fashioned,under any conditions than those he has selected.The critic as an artistWhat is the good of friendship if one cannot say exactly whatone thinks? The Devoted FriendDo not talk to me about the hardships of the poor. They areborne out of necessities; But talk to me about the hardships ofthe men of genius,and I could weep tears of blood. InConversationEducation is an admirable thing, but it is well to rememberfrom time to time that nothing that is worth knowing ,can betaught. The Critic as an artistThere is nothing more precious than a human soul , nor anyearthly thing that can be weighed with it.The Model MillionaireA temperament capable of receiving ,through an imaginativemedium ,and under imaginative conditions ,new and beautifulimpressions ,is the only temperament that can be a work ofArt. The Soul of man under SocialismIf you pretend to be good the world takes you very seriously. Ifyou pretend to be bad , it doesn’t.Such is the astoundingstupidity of optimism. Lady Windmere’s FanAnybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend. But itrequires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’ssuccess. The Soul of Man under socialismI Choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances fortheir good characters and my enemies for their goodintellects. I have not got one who is a fool.They are all men ofsome intellectual power , and consequently they allappreciate me. The Picture of Dorian GrayOne Comment on “Oscar Wilde” mjcache Says: February 1, 2011 at 9:09 am Great stuff. Love O scar W ilde. ReplyLeave a Reply converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  5. 5. Your em ail address will not be published. Name Email Website Post Comment Notify m e of follow-up com m ents via em ail. Send m e site updates Blog at WordPress.com . Them e: Sapphire by Michael Martine. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com