DIWE - Introduction to Web Technologies


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ESOFT Computer Studies - Diploma in Web Engineering - (Module I) Introduction to Web Technologies

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DIWE - Introduction to Web Technologies

  1. 1. Diploma in Web Engineering Module I: Introduction to Web Technologies Rasan Samarasinghe ESOFT Computer Studies (pvt) Ltd. No 68/1, Main Street, Pallegama, Embilipitiya.
  2. 2. Content 1. What is “Web” ? 2. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) 3. Web Developers Knowledge Areas 4. Nature of the Web 5. Current Trends in Web Development 6. Tools and Technologies 7. Web Design Concepts 8. Color usage on the Web
  3. 3. What is “Web” ? Web
  4. 4. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) HTML is the main markup language for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser.
  5. 5. HTML Versions Version Year HTML 1991 HTML+ 1993 HTML 2.0 1995 HTML 3.2 1997 HTML 4.01 1999 XHTML 1.0 2000 HTML5 2012 XHTML5 2013
  6. 6. Web Developers Knowledge Areas You gotta learn… HTML CSS Client Side Scripting Server Side Scripting
  7. 7. Nature of the Web… The internet is transactional, that means user requests and server responds.
  8. 8. Nature of the Web… Websites are either static or dynamic in content.
  9. 9. Nature of the Web… It’s not a broadcast medium. Thus concepts of mass media is not valid for the internet. Vs
  10. 10. Current Trends in Web Development Some popular websites then…
  11. 11. Current Trends in Web Development Data driven content has become more popular
  12. 12. Current Trends in Web Development Rich content on web pages
  13. 13. Current Trends in Web Development E-Commerce Development Intranet Development
  14. 14. Tools and Technologies WYSIWYG Editors for Web Designing Microsoft FrontPage Adobe Dreamweaver
  15. 15. Web Design Concepts Remember… • The primary objective of good design is giving user a satisfying experience. • But dazzling user is not our main goal. • It’s all about giving users what they want. • Well planned design, quality content and proper use of media can achieve this goal.
  16. 16. Web Design Concepts
  17. 17. Color usage on the Web Colors are displayed combining RED, GREEN, and BLUE light.
  18. 18. Color usage on the Web There are two main color numbering formats… • RGB Color Format • Hexadecimal Color Format
  19. 19. Color Names Supported by All Browsers
  20. 20. Tips for Color Usage on the Web  Make sure website text is readable.  Limit the color choices.  Make to consider brand guidelines.  Use richer colors for prominent items.  Keep cultural color meanings in mind.  Does it fit with the theme?
  21. 21. The End http://twitter.com/rasansmn