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Transformers Wars Storyline

Transformers Wars Storyline



You can watch this with out seeing all my episodes

You can watch this with out seeing all my episodes



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    Transformers Wars Storyline Transformers Wars Storyline Presentation Transcript

    • Transformers Wars Storyline
    • Episode 1: Meet the Transformers
      • All the Autobots land on Earth in Search for the AllSpark. Only on boy knows were it is. Jazz is sent to protect him.
    • Episode 2: Wheeljack and Ironhide
      • This Episode is when Iron Hide and Wheel Jack Land .
    • Episode 3 Know your Enemy
      • This episode is where Optimus announces the main Priorities of The Great War. Tensions break loose
    • Episode 4: Prowl Flashback
      • After Prowl gets hit in the head he has a flashback of when he lost his battle against his brother Barricade On Cybertron
    • Episode 5: Elite Guard
      • A new group of Autobots called the Autobot Elite Guard land on earth to help Optimus. What they don't now was that 2 Decepticons landed using there Code
    • Episode 6: Bumblebee to the rescue
      • A past scene When Ryan First got Jazz. Bumble bee has to save them
    • Episode 7: Cornered
      • On Patrol, Jazz gets attacked by a police car. Unknowing that it is a deception. Later he is attacked by Bonecrusher, too. Will Jazz be saved before its to late? After this episode 10 takes two days after this event On a rescue mission to save them
    • Episode 8: Saving Private Sideswipe
      • As Sideswipe lands he is attacked by decepticons
    • Episode 9: capturing the Scorpian
      • This is the first opportunity to Capture and dissect the Mini Decepticons Optimus, Arcee and Sideswipe, with some help from NEST will Catch him.
    • Episode 10: Rescue mission
      • When Sentinel, Scavenger, Preceptor and Blurr go to save Hotshot and Jazz from and ambush. When they get there and tell NEST to stay back. They are ambushed by all the Decepticons
    • Episode 11: Death of a Leader
      • Megatron lands on earth. Him Starscream and Brawl kill Optimus
    • Episode 12: Revenge
      • were Magnus takes revenge on the Decepticons. All the living transformers are on this.