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  • Thanks Ann and Nick.I just wanted to spend a couple of minutes introducing who Oakton is and the expertise we have before moving on to showcasing some of the client work we have done and the learnings we have taken from that.Oakton are one of Australia’s largest system integrators listed on the Australian Stock exchange.We are a gold certified partner and focus entirely at the Enterprise Business application layer.We are certified across a number of competencies in this space and have a track record of really extending Microsoft applications to their full potential and delivering fully integrated business platforms.
  • Our client base includes large Australian and international companies and this slide shows a sample of companies we have worked with recently on Sharepoint related projects. Whilst most of our work takes place in Australia, we have supported our customers in many parts of the world as they design and deploy solutions for their various regions.Our case study today is going to focus on the Department of Education and Training in Queensland and specifically how they have deployed a Social Platform on Microsoft SharePoint across their very large business and geography.
  • How do we satisfy user experience without compromising the rich functionality of SAP?User experience is deeper than “looks”It also means ease of use – Simple, Intuitive, Consistent, Accessible, Familiar, Reliable, Agile, Cost EffectiveCan we confidently say this about any of the traditional set of SAP user interfaces?
  • Share point and the collaborative intranet workshop a

    1. 1. Consulting Technology How you about a think problem is more important than the problem itself SharePoint 2010 for Internal Collaboration & the Social Collaborative Intranet – A New Way of Working
    2. 2. Consulting Technology Agenda 9.30- 10.45 am Collaboration with SharePoint 2010 Live Demonstration of Ozone Case-Study Department of Education QLD 10.45- 11.00 Break 11.00 – 12.300 Building your own collaborative Intranet The Technology Options Mobile Apps and Cloud SharePoint 2010 -2013 Collaboration Features2
    3. 3. Consulting Technology Collaboration — Better Collaboration and Networking - The tools for building a modern organisation — Improved Document Management personalised and manageable3
    4. 4. Consulting Technology Search — The ability to have one place for everything and be able to search and find what they are looking for4
    5. 5. Consulting Technology Visibility Increase Organizational Visibility with: — Business Intelligence — Like Key Performance Indicators — Sales Dashboards — Customer Service Dashboards etc5
    6. 6. Consulting Technology Setting the Scene Oakton Technology Consulting Industry: Technology What we do: A consulting and technology firm founded in 1988, bringing together industry experience, business insight and specialist technology Employees:1100 Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Hyderabad6
    7. 7. Consulting Technology Social Computing Teamwork “Existing Platform not intuitive and “Limited ability to hold online limited remote access. Staff wanted a discussions, share issues, work 2.0 feel similar to together within and between teams” Knowledge Management Connectivity “Disparate and dated knowledge “Siloed and insular communities repositories limit the ability to prevent exchange of ideas and reduce respond to opportunities and solve the ability to find and leverage diverse customer problems” skills and experience” Communication “Disparate and dated knowledge. Communication not prioritised or targeted, resulting in information overload & inability to know what is important
    8. 8. Consulting Technology Knowledge Management Journey8
    9. 9. Consulting Technology The Heart Beat of Oakton Integrated into the way individuals work — Creating Networks, Sharing and Collaboration — Allowing staff in different teams to be constantly connected and communicating across functional and location boundaries to solve the more complex problems — New way of working drives great engagement, participation and social interaction9
    10. 10. Consulting Technology What is Online Collaboration? Online Collaboration technologies allow employees, partners and customers enhanced capabilities to work better together and share information in both co-located and distributed enterprise environments. It can be defined as the work that takes place among people when a business process is not pre- determining how the work should take place.10
    11. 11. Consulting Technology Ozone – Our Online Collaboration Platform on SP2010
    12. 12. Consulting Technology Personalised Version of Ozone
    13. 13. Consulting Technology Ozone - Activity feed Facebook style status update capability, including attached links and images Hash tags and mentions incorporated in a post Replies and interaction13
    14. 14. Consulting Technology Search in Ozone Integrated people search Search facets14
    15. 15. Consulting Technology Collaboration sites Bid, Project, Team and Community sites available on self service basis User tags Specific site types Activity stats15
    16. 16. Consulting Technology Self service site creation CRM system integration Abstracted security model16
    17. 17. Consulting Technology Data mining Ozone
    18. 18. Consulting Technology EvidenceImproved Organisation Performance Comments included— Quality of Proposals — Ozone is fantastic great initiative— Through ease of access of IP — Improved Communications from Ozone— Easily find and leverage IP — Good Offering from OzoneImproved Employee Satisfaction — Significantly Improved— Employee rated the improved in Corporate Communications from 28% to 68% where the single biggest change was Ozone— Employee felt better about corporate communications— Improved Communications brings better business alignment
    19. 19. Consulting Technology More on ROI Employee Retention — Reduced Voluntary turnover by 5% — Quality Relationship with Managers Continuous Improvement — Oakton recognised that the previous portal where it was useful for documents and finding information, did not provide, networking or collaborative features or Search.
    20. 20. Consulting TechnologyOzone just afterLaunch20
    21. 21. Consulting Technology Ozone a year on Networking location based but people are more connected now. Isolated Clusters have emerged showing a group of people that work closely together. The single nodes show a new employee or someone with no activity21
    22. 22. Consulting Technology Ozone Details Oakton - Intranet and collaboration platform — SharePoint 2010 is used for Oakton’s internal collaboration and Document Management platform — Focus is on search, and collaborating around client deliverables and developing internal IP — Integration with CRM platform via BCS — Aggressive time frames under 6 months, minimal budget — Supported by our Hyderabad team 22
    23. 23. Consulting Technology Defining Collaboration Goals — Dynamic – adjusting rapidly to business conditions — Collaborative – bringing together resources, both internal and external, to share insights and solve problems —Connected – enabling access to information regardless of time, distance or organisational silo’s Only 44% of corporate users can find the (internal) file they’re looking for compared to 86% of similar internet users23
    24. 24. Consulting Technology People Seek Information Differently People have different preferences for connecting, obtaining information and communicating. This diagram expresses how different Myers-Briggs preferences would likely prefer to access social networking and collaboration features. Extravert Blog “Following” (Like variety, active) Status Update Join Community Send or Team Site Link Look for Methods Look for & Corporate Introvert Policies Info (Intense, Reflective) Sensing Intuition (Practical, accurate with 5 senses) (Creative, looking for meaning)24
    25. 25. Consulting Technologyenterprise social maturity model Level 3 (rich social enterprise) In addition to SharePoint: • Expertise Discovery Level 2 • Gamification, Rewards and Badging (basic social platform) • Ideation & Innovation Management • Mobile Apps • Microblogging • Collaborate with External Parties • Site & Activity Feeds Level 1 • Social Learning and Video Streaming • Community Forums • Social Knowledge Base (point solution) • Reputation • Social Analytics • Microblogging • Lync and Outlook Integration • Cloud based • Dynamics CRM and connector • Yammer integration / migration • Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS, Aggregation • Records management compliance • eDiscovery and legal audit
    26. 26. Consulting Technology What is the Target State for a Social Networking Collaboration Platform? 1. Personalised profile, workspace and content 2. Create a connected network 3. Distribute/enable creation of content 4. Identify and Embed high value business objects 5. Find, harvest, measure and promote valuable information26
    27. 27. Consulting Technology Social and Mobile — Oakton has developed a range of mobile tools to make Ozone easier to access on the road — This is for the Android and allows users to geospatial locate their collegues27
    28. 28. Consulting Technology Ozone on iPad28
    29. 29. Consulting Technology AIIM June 2012: social lacking in SharePoint
    30. 30. Consulting TechnologyAIIM– social is #1fastest growthinvestment areafor SharePoint
    31. 31. Consulting Technology Enterprise social options Organisation Product Integration Chatter Microsoft Glassboard Ozone31
    32. 32. Consulting Technology Yammer32
    33. 33. Consulting Technology newsgator social sites – the model
    34. 34. Consulting Technology NewsGator - Glassboard - Demo34
    35. 35. Consulting Technology How Salesforce Sees the Social35
    36. 36. Consulting Technology Salesforce Chatter36
    37. 37. Consulting Technology Oakton’s Ozone37
    38. 38. Consulting Technology Oakton’s Social Collaboration Business Platform Delivering Business Outcome Sales Marketing Field Force Customer Product Human Enablement Service Development Resources Business Enablers Innovation Employee Acquisition Customer Marketing Customer Customer & Retention Acquisition Effectiveness Service Feedback New Product Up/Cross Sell Trends Development Collaboration Operational Systems Social and Cloud External Systems Social Tools Social Intranets Social Analytics Monitoring Personalised Insight to Action Social Collaboration Listening Offers Social Business Components38
    39. 39. Consulting Technology A Dachis View39
    40. 40. Consulting Technology Social and ECM Social Networking and Collaboration Traditional Content Management
    41. 41. Consulting Technology Range of Metadata Options41
    42. 42. Consulting Technology Enterprise Social Networking with SharePoint 2010 • Expertise Search- User Profiles • Easier to extend and customise • Organisation Chart42
    43. 43. Consulting Technology SharePoint 2010 Collaboration Enhancements in Ozone My Sites Not Flexible • Unable to surface activity streams on the homepage Ability to Like, Comment or Use Micro-blog with Hash tags • Not available Suggestions and Recommendations • Entry level Blog, Wiki’s and discussion board • Difficult to use Team Sites Structured • Lack of informal community Needs to look more like • LinkedIn or Facebook
    44. 44. Consulting Technology Social in SharePoint 201344
    45. 45. Consulting Technology A snapshot of Oakton ₋ We’re an Australian Consulting and Technology firm founded in 1988 ₋ Listed on the ASX in 2000 ₋ 1000+ consultants and technologists, with deep industry expertise, intimate domain knowledge and specialist technology skills ₋ Leading System Integrator extending Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM business applications ₋ Leader in developing Enterprise Portals and Social platforms.45
    46. 46. Consulting Technology Oakton’s Social & Collaboration Clients Since 2010 we have delivered a large number of engagements using Microsoft SharePoint technologies to organisations such as: QLD Dept. of Education Retravision Queensland Rail Reliance Petroleum Wesfarmers Prime Minister & Cabinet QLD Environment & Resource Mgt Peabody Energy Australia Post Infigen Energy Stockland Department of Defence GPT Civil Aviation Safety Authority Virgin Mobile Australian Unity United Energy AMP UGL Services Virgin Mobile News Limited46
    47. 47. Consulting Technology EdTube allows teachers and students to easily upload, create albums, share and collaborate around videos and images; and EdStudio which provides a rich environment where staff and students can collaboratively construct learning experiences by mashing together content from diverse sources (edTube, Learning Objects, Office documents, HTML and Rich Text etc.) and combining the content with interactive tools (discussion forums, drop boxes, activity streams etc.47
    48. 48. Consulting Technology DEECD VIC - Skills Navigator Oakton is currently rebuilding the Skills Navigator on SharePoint 2010. It will be a single portal for information on training providers and courses that is easily searchable and available on a range of devices. It will include a database containing course, provider, location and occupation information with an easy to use search and geospatial enabled interface to enable consumers to easily find the course they are looking for within the a specific location.48
    49. 49. Consulting Technology News Limited — New Limited needs a new way to communicate to staff to provide Targeted News, Corporate Communication and other tools — The tools included employee search, leave, corporate calendar and a range of forms and templates — The SharePoint 2010 Intranet also provides access to Performance System and Learning Management.49
    50. 50. Consulting Technology News The Results50
    51. 51. Consulting Technology SP AusNet Proof of Concept SP AusNet wants to deliver a Enterprise Content Management System for Network Solutions A POC was delivered to allow the business to see what was possible with SharePoint 2010 The POC included document automation, project sites, search and the ability to interface to current drawing management solution Objective. Oakton provided consulting and delivery services in order to design and implement the POC.51
    52. 52. Consulting Technology Metadata Deployment Managing document for review and collaboration with workspace and co- authoring
    53. 53. Consulting Technology Site automation and creation with linked content types InfoPath Forms for Forms Based Access Authentication for External collaboration
    54. 54. Consulting Technology • Asset Management View Details about particular asset in form, map or photo view. • Integration into back end systems
    55. 55. Consulting Technology What problem do you want defined? Melbourne Strategic partners Sydney Microsoft Canberra Oracle Brisbane SAP Hyderabad IBM 23 years Thank you and Q&A 9 key industry sectors 800 plus clients 10,000 plus projects