Grupo tayná 2°a mississippi


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Grupo tayná 2°a mississippi

  1. 1. State of Mississippi
  2. 2. General Data • • • • • • Capital: Jackson; Largest city: Jackson; Counties: 82; Governor: Phil Bryant; Official language: None. English is indeed; Limits: Tennessee (north), Gulf of Mexico (south), Alabama (east), Arkansas (northwest) and Louisiana (sudoeeste); • Area: 437.721 km ² 125 (32nd largest); • Population (2010): 2967 2971 (31 th most populous).
  3. 3. Map of the United States of America: Mississippi State
  4. 4. Capital: Jackson Jackson is the capital and largest city of the state of Mississippi, in the United States. It is also a seat of Hinds County, along with Raymond. According to the national census of 2011, the city's population is 173,514 inhabitants and its metropolitan area (comprised of five counties) has a population of 539 057 inhabitants. The city has 74,537 households, resulting in a density of residences 259,15 / km ². The current mayor is Harvey Johnson. The city hosted the World Games' who eat more burger ", and the city itself 5 times won the title in thrilling final against the city of Salt Lake City. The name Jackson is a tribute to the seventh U.S. president, Andrew Jackson. The Federal Building in Jackson . (Photo Credit: Kevin Burke/Corbis) Climate: Hot in summer and cold in winter. No more rainy and the dry season, it rains moderately in all months. The average rainfall per month is 118.4 mm and the total is 1421 mm.
  5. 5. Flower: Magnolia The magnolia tree is the official tree of the State of Mississippi, where it can be found in large numbers. The flower is also the official flower of the State of Mississippi and Louisiana as well. Magnolias have had their expanded because of their appeal and beauty, with various species now found all over the United States range. In 1900 the Mississippi legislature held an election among school children to choose a flower of the State, with the magnolia winning in a landslide victory. Impressed with what the magnolia stood, the state eventually designated it the official flower of the State.
  6. 6. Flag of the State of Mississippi Flag of Mississippi, revives the first Confederate flag and the flag of the Confederate War. Was adopted in 1894. It is the only current state flag of the United States that incorporates the Confederate battle flag.
  7. 7. Mississippi's State Bird Mockingbird Mississippi's state bird is the mockingbird. (Photo Credit: Natural Selection Klaus Fischel/Design Pics/Corbis)
  8. 8. Landmarks of the State The Mississippi Territory was a historic organized territory of the United States of America since April 7, 1798, and expanded twice (in 1804 and 1812), extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the southern border of Tennessee. Georgia left the northern part in 1802, and the Gulf Coast region was acquired by Spain. At first the Mississippi Territory included what is today in Alabama, and 9 months before Mississippi was admitted to the Union (in 1817), the Alabama Territory east separate the 3 março.1 On 10 December 1817, Mississippi was admitted to the Union as the 20th state. Farm Monmouth in Natchez, Mississippi.
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  10. 10. Bibliografia • • sissippi • • T0g