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How to use Pinterest in your Business Strategy

How to use Pinterest in your Business Strategy



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Why use Pinterest for Business? Why use a Pinterest account versus a Personal one? These questions are answered here. Learn tricks and tips about how to optimize your Pinterest efforts and become an Influencer on Pinterest. Learn how easy it is to research and measure your performance. Plus, cool FREE tools available to help you create awesome Pins. All this to ultimately lead to more followers, more traffic to your site yada, yada, yada, more potential for profits.
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    How to use Pinterest in your Business Strategy How to use Pinterest in your Business Strategy Document Transcript

    • How to use Pinterest in your Business strategy Wednesday, September 4, 13
    • What you will learn today • Easy strategies to start using today in your Pinterest marketing • Difference between a Personal and Business Pinterest account • What 2 awesome tools are essential to increase your Pinterest online visibility and maximize potential profits. • Bonus: Freebies! Free tools to use in your business Wednesday, September 4, 13
    • What is Pinterest? A virtual online pin board My smoking party look Wednesday, September 4, 13
    • Its shareability makes it a social medium Social engagement is possible. Its simple visual nature makes it easy for people to click through to sites more. This equals excellent traffic referral. Wednesday, September 4, 13 Therefore, like with other social mediums one is able to comment, like, and tag. Social engagement is possible so take advantage of it to increase your know, like, and trust factor.
    • Why you should be using it 70 million users! Most pins are links 80% of pins are repins Wednesday, September 4, 13 Therefore if 80% of same content is repinned, this means only 20% are taking advantage of their content being seen over and over along with their logo and picture. And if those pins have links, then that creates even more potential to generate traffic to a given location (source).
    • Personal vs. Business Profile aIs there a difference?Yes. aIs it difficult to set up a Business account? No. a Are there benefits to a Business account?Yes. Wednesday, September 4, 13 How many of you have a Personal Pinterest account? How many of you have a Business Account? How many of you have visited Pinterest’s business section? Let me show you why having a Business account is a must.
    • Create or Convert Wednesday, September 4, 13 You have the option to Create a new Business account separate from a Personal. Why would one opt to do this? 1.You only want to share personal pins with friends and family 2. Content is not relevant to your brand/product/service. If these don’t apply then go ahead and convert your account to business. Make sure you complete this and use precise keywords that are relevant to your product/service to help rank you higher in search engines. Username. Make sure your username is one the correlates to your company (tip: try to stay with your company name or use your name to help people find you). Upload a great profile photo. If it has words ensure they are legible or do without. Picture should convey your company (logo, company name, or photo of you if you are the brand yourself).
    • Set up your business account in 3 quick steps Wednesday, September 4, 13 Business.pinterest.com 1. Create a business account 2. Verify your website. If you have difficulty with this, contact your web designer (I did). The check doesn’t just convey your site is trustworthy, but it is a sure way to have someone visit your website with one click of a button. 3. Add the “Pin it button” to your website. ...More on this next
    • 2 Awesome Tools 1. Pin it Button Sends traffic your way You will be able to track resultsa a Wednesday, September 4, 13 Here are two reasons why I highly recommend to have a Pinterest business account. You are able to add a “Pin it” button to your site that allows your audience to pin directly from your website to Pinterest. This makes you the 20% creating content and getting repinned over and over again. When people are excited about something, they want to share it with others immediately so having a “Pin it” button right on your hot content/product will allow them to do so. Awesome sauce.
    • 2. “Follow Me on Pinterest” button By increasing your following you are increasing your influence Wednesday, September 4, 13 The other reason for having a Pinterest business account is the ability to become an influencer in your industry. By adding a “Follow me on Pinterest” button, you help increase your following therefore increasing your influence. Of course, you must back it all up with great hot content (pins) to be a strong influencer so people consistently see your pins and repin them. Side note: When others follow you, you can opt to follow them right back and follow all their boards or individual boards that are relevant to your company/service.
    • Pinterest Analytics Once you find out what content pinners love, keep creating more of that a Wednesday, September 4, 13 Here is yet another reason for having a Business account on Pinterest, analytics. Now that your content is pinnable from your website you are able to access analytics on them. You can check out what people are pinning from your site and what is being reppined on Pinterest. Hint hint: create more of what is being repinned or is creating high engagement.
    • Install Pinterest Tab on your Facebook Page www.woobox.com/pinterest Wednesday, September 4, 13 Here is another way to push audience to your Pinterest account. Install a Pinterest tab on your Facebook Fan Page. There are several apps to consider that can get the job done. For example: www.woobox.com/pinterest How to Add a Pinterest Tab via Iframe Host 1. To add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page using an iFrame host, first go to https://apps.facebook.com/iframehost and locate the “Install Page Tab” button. 2. After you locate the button, chose the Facebook fan page(s) on which you’d like your Pinterest Tab to appear. 3. Once the tab is downloaded, you can go to the top right of the welcome bar and click “allow,” which will fully authorize the application and let you edit your Pinterest Tab. 4. Next, You can change the name of your tab (if you wish) and customize the graphic, and the basic installation will be complete. (Source: Tiffany Black About.com) http://bit.ly/InstallPinterestTab
    • This is what your fans see when they click tab Wednesday, September 4, 13 Tada! Not happy with all your boards? No problem. NOTE: if you only want to show one or two boards, you have to separate the links from the link to the entire Pinterest account. If you don’t adjust the height of the pixels, you will have a scroll bar to the right and it won’t display all of your Pinboards at first glance. (Source: Tiffany Black About.com) http://bit.ly/InstallPinterestTab
    • Driver of traffic Get more Likes Convert into sales Share more about yourself Wednesday, September 4, 13 You can direct traffic from Pinterest to basically anywhere in the Internet so long as you enter the “URL” in the “source” section of pin. Why direct traffic out of Pinterest? 1. Get more “Likes” on Facebook Fan page 2. Get people on your website to convert to prospects or clients :) 3. Get people to get to know more about you on LinkedIn (also great place to send them if you don’t have a website).
    • From Pinterest to Facebook You can link Pins to Facebook photos by simply editing the photo and adding your link in “source” area or description. Wednesday, September 4, 13 Here is the “Source” section I mentioned. Here is where you enter the “URL” of destination. Also, note that you can add this link in your “Description” section. Don’t forget to hit “Save Changes” :)
    • Analytics & Research 3 methods Enter competitor’s website to see what people are pinning from your their website and get an idea of what kind of content to create. 1. Pinterest Analytics 2. Pinterest source link http://pinterest.com/source/YourWebsite.com 3. Pin League Wednesday, September 4, 13 Analytics may sound boring but they are sure to help guide you on the right choices to make. Analytics will reveal what your followers are interested in (by what they are pinning/ repinning). It is a great tool for conducting market research. For example, take a look at what your competitors are doing by viewing their analytics (type in pinterest.com/source/ competitorwebsite). Pinterest provides their own analytics, but check out this other FREE tool PinLeague. Their basic package is free and allows you to do plenty of research on your own pins. You can also opt to view your competitor’s analytics by subscribing to a pay package. Either way, do your homework and conduct research to pin smarter.
    • 80/20 Content Ratio 80% of pins are repins Be the 20% that produces original content so other can repin and your logo picture and link will be attached to it. Wednesday, September 4, 13 If only 20% is originating content then YOU be that 20% that takes advantage of repin exposure. Remember every repin will carry with it your name, logo, and info. Yay! Free advertising for you.
    • What should you pin? Let’s explore Wednesday, September 4, 13
    • Some ideas • YouTube videos • Blog posts • Before & After • Checklists • Call to Action • Infographics • Your product/service • Quotes • Pictures with Text • Tutorial/How to’s Be strategic with your content/pins Wednesday, September 4, 13 Check out some of your competitors or your favorite pinners and see what they are pinning, then measure what your followers like, and keep going from there. Note: Not many people are posting videos so liken to the 80/20 rule, YOU be that small percent that does so to stand out and have more visibility. By the way, YouTube helps you a boat load with SEO to rank higher on Google. So having videos to pin provides a plethora of reasons to create and pin, plus they convey your best hidden weapon, YOU! Don’t want to be on camera, no problem. Showcase your service with only your voiceover. Feel free to contact me for more info and details about this at: Raquel@RMRsocialmedia.com
    • infographics Call To Action Video Tutorial Before&After Winning Pins Wednesday, September 4, 13 Here are some great examples of what to pin. Awesome right?
    • Freebies to help you create content www.infogr.am Wednesday, September 4, 13 I promised you Freebies and here we go! First off is the latest craze inforgraphics. Not an artist or designer? No prob. Infogr.am is a great tool to help you create instant cool and informative inforgraphics. Try it out!
    • www.picmonkey.com Wednesday, September 4, 13 Another Free and super efficient and effective tool is Picmonkey. This photo editor tool helps you create awesome visual marketing pieces, edit your photos, and create cool collages. The best part? It’s super easy to use. There is a paid version, but the basic alone is awesome sauce.
    • www.morguefile.com free photos No attributions Must edit Wednesday, September 4, 13 Need pictures? Yes, who doesn’t and the paid-to-use are getting expensive right? Well, if you promise to alter and use these pictures in a creative way, these pictures are all yours for FREE. No need to state attribution either. Only caveat is picture must be altered and not used in its original form. Simple right? Yay!
    • 2 Pinterest Bookmarks ShotPin only works on Chrome and allows you to take screenshot of a page i.e) Facebook Pin it reveals pins available to pin on a given page Wednesday, September 4, 13 You have seen and are probably more familiar with Pinterest’s own Bookmark “Pin it” where you click on it at any given web page and images available to pin show up. Very cool tool. Another great tool out there is “ShotPin”. This bookmark allows you to take a screen shot of a page and cut it to your liking before pining it to Pinterest. Only caveat, its only available with Chrome browser (you can simply download Chrome browser and go to town).
    • Optimize Captions • Link (i.e. website) • CTA • Keywords (SEO & search) • Hashtags (i.e #summer) • Tag (for others to see) • Price Wednesday, September 4, 13 Use your Captions (descriptions) on pins wisely. Utilize them to to maximize SEO. For example, place links, Call to Actions, keywords, hashtags, or tag others. Don’t ever let that piece of real estate go to waste. Pinterest promise me ok? FYI: Pinterest no longer has price ribbons, but if you add a price in your description your pin automatically will be added to the “gifts” category and when people search under “gifts” your image will be included there.
    • Ninja Tricks aFind Pinterest influencers who are already following you and use their audience. aCreate boards for others to add content to. aFind something that someone pinned a year ago, then repin it on your account and watch it spread again. aEngage with others in comments (linkbacks). aUse hashtags with hot (and relevant) keywords to show up in the search aUse your real estate wisely (description, length) aApply links to source and description. Wednesday, September 4, 13 Ok let’s go a little deeper. After you cover all your basic steps, start diving deeper into your Pinterest tasks. Engage, engage, engage.
    • Recap aCreate or convert to Business account aAdd “Pin it” Button to your website aAdd a “Follow Me on Pinterest” on your website. aInstall Pinterest tab on your Facebook Fan Page. aDrive traffic to your sites to convert. aDo your research (analytics). aBe the 20%, create great content using free tools. aBe strategic with your content, description, links. aOptimize your description area. aDive deeper with Ninja tricks! Rock Pinterest! Wednesday, September 4, 13 Ok let’s recap today’s presentation. I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with all there is to Pinterest. I hope you are now more excited and prepared to master Pinterest.
    • www.RMRSocialMedia.com Start-Up & Social Media 101 Bundled Consulting Services Done For You Service a a a Wednesday, September 4, 13 Liked what you saw and now want to learn more about another social media platform? Are you ready to dive into social media but need help starting up? Do you feel you need more training? Do you value social media but feel you don’t have time to create, monitor, and manage accounts? I have a solution for you...ME! Come see my services at www.RMRSocialMedia.com or shoot me an e-mail at Raquel@RMRSocialmedia.com. Want more juicy tips, tricks, and tools to help pump up your business? Head on over to www.RMRSocialMedia.com and sign up for my FREE Newsletter.